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Jan 30

TACO TUESDAY: The Brain Warrior’s Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure! Hint: Walking on Sunshine

I’m Walking on Sunshine! Oh yea, It’s time to feel good! Doctor Daniel G. Amen wrote a seriously helpful series of books, one of which is The Brain Warrior’s Way. In it he and his wife Tana, intelligently and yes ever so gently guide readers into taking care of their brains, thus also taking care …

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Jan 10


Did you ever notice the less sleep you get the more food you want to eat? A new study says when you sleep 90 minutes more a night, you will crave less sugar during the day. Scientists from King’s College London have discovered that people who sleep for longer are less likely to pick sugary …

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Jan 09

This Might Get a Little Heavy: Both Funny and Depressing At The Same Time(How does that happen?)

take it

(PSSSSTTT—-This Might Get a Little Heavy, should have been named— This May Get a Little Heavy, not might, you know what I mean, right, name the book after Ralphie May.) Comedian Ralphie May was a hardworking comedian,( 250 shows a year), but like so many of his hilarious peers, he passed his funny quips onto another world. Without …

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Aug 18

Master Your World Using Food Like The Six Women in What She Ate


Pour in a cup of rich history, add a dash of the back stories of six very different women, combine with a strong writer’s voice and readers have one of the best books of the year—2017. What She Ate written by Laura Shapiro has a certain flavorful voice all its own, making for intriguing, interesting prose, propelling …

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Mar 16

THINKING THURSDAY: Lose Weight With The New President Trump Diet!


THINKING THURSDAY—LOSE WEIGHT WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP—Or How To Get Media Attention— 30 year old The Girls, or whatever her supposedly funny/feminist TV show was called, star Lena Dunham has said she lost weight due to Donald Trump becoming president. She says “Donald Trump became president, and I stopped being able to eat food.” Looks like …

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Nov 21



THE GRAIN BRAIN WHOLE LIFE PLAN BY DAVID PERLMUTTER—BEST GRAIN BRAIN BOOK YET!! OOPS Doctor Perlmutter did it again! If only he could sing and look as good as Britney Spears, he’d have a bazillion dollar industry going on! He has written an easy to read, understand and implement health book, The Grain Brain Whole …

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Dec 29

TACO TUESDAY: 7 Ways to Drink Water to Lose Weight


TACO TUESDAY—-DRINK WATER TO LOSE WEIGHT—- You do not have to join an expensive gym, or pay for any expensive weight loss program. You can lose weight by simply drinking more water. Drink ice water and lose even more calories. You may not think about what you drink as making you overweight, but many times …

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Sep 01

The Woman Who Stole My Life: Not What You Think it Really Is—-It’s Better!

women who stole

THE WOMAN WHO STOLE MY LIFE—- I thought The Woman Who Stole My Life was going to be a get back at that bitch kind of book for stealing my house, my husband and my kids. I thought it was going to be a movie-like kind of thriller, but it is not this kind of …

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May 21

Bob Harper Changes Lives With Skinny Habits!

skinny habits

Bob Harper will change your life. For the better. All you have to do is buy his book, Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People. Skinny Habits by Bob Harper teaches you how to change your bad habits, your bad behavior by replacing them with good lifelong habits. The good habits you recondition your …

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May 19


berry nut salad

TACO TUESDAY–BERRY NUTTY SALAD—– This is a recipe that has me thinking summer all the way!! A healthy salad you can serve your family that offers delicious walnuts, yummy goat’s cheese, and summery delights to satisfy your summer hunger cravings. This recipe comes to you from the Suja Juice Solution Book. SUJA JUICE BERRY NUTTY …

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