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Aug 03

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:Father Drowns 3 Month Old Baby, Says God Will Forgive Him

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—SICK BEYOND BELIEF— For reasons unknown at this time, except to the parents of a 3 month old baby, Sean Flowers grabbed his baby son from his home, walked into a nearby pond and drowned his child. And no I’m not saying allegedly drowned his son. Witnesses from the apartment building saw Flowers …

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Jun 28

Brilliantly Written Story of Rape, Child Abuse and Terror: Those Girls!

Those Girls delivers a brilliant ride of a story through three tortured sister’s lives. Chevy Stevens does what most writers of novels can’t even come close to doing—she moves you not just by rendering emotions in your mind, but she moves you along with her words. You see, the way in which Stevens writes glides …

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May 18

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Extremist Much? Sterilize This Woman!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY–STERILIZE WOMAN WHO TRIED TO KILL HER NEWBORN BABY! At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, a politically incorrect person, I say sterilize, have her tubes tied , don’t even allow her to go to jail, take away her right to have children! Am I an Extremist, or what? WHY? READ the …

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Mar 15

Breaking Wild: A Masterpiece Waiting to be Devoured.

breaking wild

BREAKIMG WILD BY DIANE LES BECOUETS— Breaking Wild a story written by Diane Les Becquets, is not just another tale of someone fighting for survival in the woods. It is so much more than that. Breaking Wild is a beautifully written masterpiece intertwining two women’s stories in such a remarkably talented way that I found …

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Mar 09


dumb asses

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—HOW SICK IS THIS? Two Canadian Mormon parents who own a nutritional supplement company are accused of letting their toddler son die from meningitis because they tried to treat him with home remedies instead of medicine. They let their son die because they refused to get medical help for their child. Do you …

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Feb 18

Remembrance: The Best Book of 2016? Find Out!


REMEMBRANCE BY MEG CABOT— Meg Cabot is a seasoned, entertaining, successful author who manages to write books from a very easygoing, lighthearted prospective. In other words Cabot is really good at what she does. She takes what can be complex subjects making them actually fun to read such as a teenager living with a broken …

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May 21

THINKING THURSDAY:Teacher Allows Middle School Kids To Have Sex in Classroom


THINKING THURSDAY—- Still think public schools are doing all they can do to give your kids a great education? Well, this school in Georgia was offering the middle school kids great sex education. The teacher, 25-year-old, Quentin Wright, allegedly allowed the middle school kids to use his classroom after school to have sex in the …

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Apr 20

The Fire Sermon: Hunger Games, Divergent-Like But Darker!

fire sermon

The Fire Sermon, by Francesca Haig is a fascinating read, of sci-fi interest. The Fire Sermon actually combines Hunger Games, Divergent, and the Planet of the Apes. The first 50 pages were kind of depressing. But I had to find out what happens to Cass and her one armed boyfriend Kip. Cass is born into …

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Mar 21

Food Porn, And So Much More: It Was Me All Along

it was me

IT WAS ME ALL ALONG—–REVIEW BY MOMZINGA.COM WARNING!!It Was Me all along should come with a WARNING LABEL attached saying: ‘WARNING do not read late at night because you will become incredibly hungry!’ You may wake up the next morning a dishelved mess, with chocolate frosting all over your face—and no memory of how it …

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Jan 29

HER: Is Sly as a Fox!


Review written by Kate Johns If you are looking for a book about two women bonding, becoming best friends, and going on a wild ride of self discovery, HER is not that kind of book. Harriet Lane manages to write a book that is so compelling , you feel you have to read HER to …

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