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Feb 08

Read American Girls: Discover How Your Daughter Is Being Sexually Bullied Online!


AMERICAN GIRLS BY NANCY JO SALES—-Your daughter knows more about sex than you do! Sex, pornography, nude pics, it’s disgusting what is happening to our daughters online. Parents need to know what is going on online with teen girls being sexualized in a slut shamed and bullied society by boys and girls until they commit …

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Dec 12

Road Trip To Heaven or Hell? Find Out in Road To Paradise


ROAD TO PARADISE–WRITTEN BY PAULLINA SIMONS— Road to Paradise is the trip of a lifetime; enthralling, all encompassing, storytelling to the extreme. Paullina Simons writes like she has so many numerous stories to tell, letting them out in a smart, fashionable, inventive way. Simons does not let the cat out of the bag until she …

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Nov 14

GLITTER: Ghastly Glittering, But Something is Missing!

GLITTER BY APRILYNNE PIKE— Glitter is a dystopian novel set in the later 2,000’s as in 2056, but inside the castle in Sonoma France, the wealthy people live as if it is the 18th century. Okay this is a completely different kind of premise for a book for teens and young adults. I found the …

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Oct 27


THINKING THURSDAY—-ASHTON KUTCHER HELPS FUND ORGANIZATION STOPPING HUMAN TRAFFICKING! REAL MEN DON’T BUY WOMEN!! In an appearance promoting his latest Netflix series, The Ranch, actor Ashton Kutcher shared details about how Thorn, an organization founded by himself and ex-wife Demi Moore, has been working to combat human trafficking — and the unique challenge the internet …

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Oct 26


THE LESSER BOEHEMIANS BY Eimear McBride— LESSER BOHEMIANS is one messed up book which makes for a great book! . I thoroughly enjoyed when the author truly got into telling stories inside the main story of an 18 year old Irish girl living on her own, going to school for acting and going out and …

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Aug 31

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: What’s More Important Getting Laid or Taking Care of Your Child?

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—COMMON SENSE AND MORAL COMPASS ARE GONE FROM SOCIETY TODAY— Becoming a mother means giving up your previous life. Becoming a mother means you give up a lot of things like boyfriends living with you, and you as a mother taking care of your child! You take responsibility for your child or else …

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Aug 15

Can’t Believe The Wolf Road is Beth Lewis’s First Book: Should Be Made Into a Movie!

beth lewis

THE WOLF ROAD WRITTEN BY BETH LEWIS—LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED! The Wolf Road is a first person narrative with Elka telling a dramatic, pulling on your heartstrings story of how she grew up living with a madman in the Gold Rush days of yore. Beth Lewis weaves a tale so fantastic and fantastically well …

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Aug 03

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:Father Drowns 3 Month Old Baby, Says God Will Forgive Him

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—SICK BEYOND BELIEF— For reasons unknown at this time, except to the parents of a 3 month old baby, Sean Flowers grabbed his baby son from his home, walked into a nearby pond and drowned his child. And no I’m not saying allegedly drowned his son. Witnesses from the apartment building saw Flowers …

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Jun 28

Brilliantly Written Story of Rape, Child Abuse and Terror: Those Girls!

Those Girls delivers a brilliant ride of a story through three tortured sister’s lives. Chevy Stevens does what most writers of novels can’t even come close to doing—she moves you not just by rendering emotions in your mind, but she moves you along with her words. You see, the way in which Stevens writes glides …

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May 18

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Extremist Much? Sterilize This Woman!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY–STERILIZE WOMAN WHO TRIED TO KILL HER NEWBORN BABY! At the risk of sounding like Donald Trump, a politically incorrect person, I say sterilize, have her tubes tied , don’t even allow her to go to jail, take away her right to have children! Am I an Extremist, or what? WHY? READ the …

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