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Mar 22

Everything You Ever Wanted in One Book, The Roanoke Girls Has It All!


THE ROANOKE GIRLS WRITTEN BY AMY ENGEL—Great, fast moving, heart pounding, compelling—-Everything you ever wanted in one book!! I knew what was going on right away, in The Roanoke Girls, who was doing the disgusting deeds, but I had to find out how this was going on and why it was allowed to go on …

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Mar 20



MANSLICE MONDAY—-KEANU REEVES—- Believe it or not actor Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon. His father was arrested when he was just a kid, thrown in jail for selling drugs in Hawaii. He grew up and currently resides in Canada. Reeves is currently 52 years old and was born in 1964. He is most …

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Mar 06

The Men In My Life Should Be A Netflix or Amazon Series

men in my life

THE MEN IN MY LIFE BY PATRICIA BOSWORTH—Fast moving, gripping biography of a woman who dared to do it all!! The Men in My Life is more of a biographical story of Patricia Bosworth’s life, than of the men in her life. She does entwine her life story with the men who were major players …

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Feb 22

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: PARTDEUX: Liberal Students Cut Off Balls To Protest Trump’s Wall


ANOTHER WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-LIBERALS CUTTING OFF BALLS TO PROTEST TRUMP BUILDING WALL IS A FAKE STORY MADE UP BY BOGUS NEWS SITES. ACCORDING TO SNOPES.COM: In January 2017, an article appeared on an obscure (and dubious) web site called, which purported to describe a graphic planned protest of Donald Trump’s plan to build a …

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Feb 22


SICK NEWS WEDNESDAY—– THIS IS BEYOND DISGUSTING, THIS IS INHUMANE! A Mississippi woman was arrested recently for having sex with a dog and videotaping it online. Isn’t that two crimes? YUCK!!How could someone have sex with an animal? And could that lead to the woman getting pregnant with puppies? 43-year-old, Amy Graves, from Mississippi, has …

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Feb 22

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY: Mysteriously Awesome, NEW Netflix Series


THIRTEEN REASONS WHY WRITTEN BY JAY ASHER–You won’t be able to put this book down! Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that sounds like it was written about kids in the 1960’s. It is a timeless piece. It is beyond good. Thirteen Reasons Why is passionately written, beautifully telling, is dark, deep and a book …

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Feb 17



THE RIVER AT NIGHT WRITTEN BY ERICA FERENCIK–A Winner, You have to read! I told myself when I started writing book reviews this year, I wasn’t going to name any books the best of 2017. I figured I’d possibly do a creative awards kind of ceremony at the end of the year. but I couldn’t …

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Feb 16

THINKING THURSDAY:Should Adele Apologize To Beyoncé For Getting Album of the Year?

adele bey

THINKING THURSDAY–ADELE SHOULD NOT HAVE APOLOGIZED TO BEYONCE FOR WINNING ALBUM OF THE YEAR AND CARLOS SANTANA WAS RIGHT! At the 59th Grammy Awards show Adele apologized to Beyoncé in an emotional speech of how she should not have gotten the album of the year. Adele told the audience and Beyoncé who was sitting in …

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Feb 09

THINKING THURSDAY:Are Feminists Bullying Women or Empowering Them?

fem bully

THINKING THURSDAY: Do Feminists Empower Women or Bully Them? It’s time Feminists stop bullying other women like the yarn shop owner in Tennessee. It’s time Feminists stop acting like they were personally attacked by what President Trump said 30 years ago, and take action against the boys and men who are bullying our girls online. …

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Feb 08

Read American Girls: Discover How Your Daughter Is Being Sexually Bullied Online!


AMERICAN GIRLS BY NANCY JO SALES—-Your daughter knows more about sex than you do! Sex, pornography, nude pics, it’s disgusting what is happening to our daughters online. Parents need to know what is going on online with teen girls being sexualized in a slut shamed and bullied society by boys and girls until they commit …

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