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Oct 20

EMMA IN THE NIGHT: A Frightful Story of Child Abuse

When I first started reading Emma In The Night, I did not like the book. I was going to give it a snarky review. But once I  hit page 100, it hit me what was going on, and exactly why Wendy Walker over explains narcissism, and writes Emma in such a simple way. She writes …

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Oct 17

TACO TUESDAY: COOKING WITH ZAC: Most beautiful Cookbook of 2017!!


COOKING WITH ZAC HAS TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOK OF THE 2017!! I decided to make Cooking With Zac, a cookbook that is so much more my than a Taco Tuesday, could ever be Which by the way, I have not been inspired to do for a few months now. But, after simply opening clothing …

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Oct 16

In The Mood For A Party-Like Game of Clue? Read the Cleverly Written Whodunit The Party.


The Party written by Elizabeth Day is an almost impossible to figure out whodunit and to whom until the very end.Day cleverly leads readers on a chase, giving clues along the way, backtracking, telling what happens at the party. It’s an old fashioned whodunit. I found it entrancing and irritating at the same time. Irritating because …

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Oct 10

THE NINTH HOUR: Literary Genius, But Not My Cup of Tea


Beautifully written, The Ninth Hour is an inspiring piece of fiction. Alice Mc Dermont writes beautiful books, that are literary masterpieces. The Ninth Hour starts out as a promising storyline develops, then in walks Sister St. Saviour and the plot does not thicken, it slows down to a trickle. Alice McDermott  writes in a method …

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Oct 06


Philip Jeff has an academy award winning book on his hands, that of The Death of An Heir. I read 150 pages in one sitting the other evening as Death of An heir literally sails away at such a fast pace, it is almost impossible to keep up. The Death of An Heir, If it isn’t …

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Oct 02

Haunted: New James Patterson Book: SIMPLY WRITTEN BUT STILL REALLY GOOD!


Haunted written by James Patterson and James O. Born is two simple things—simple and good. Patterson and Born wrote Haunted as simply as possible. It was too easy to read, and was written to a seventh grade level. Haunted is not written for scholarly scholars, who quote poets .Patterson’s books are written to be read …

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Sep 25

Fierce Kingdom: Taken From Today’s Headlines, Written by a Master Storyteller

Gin Phillips knows exactly what she is doing. Her latest thriller, Fierce Kingdom is a thriller of a different kind. Fierce Kingdom is so well written to propel readers along at hyper-speed that I felt compelled to hold the book in my hands all night reading at what I can only call warp speed. There …

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Sep 20

Delightfully Sinful: The Riviera Set Is Decadent Without All of the Calories!


Ooh lal la la! The Riviera Set written by Mary Lovell who has been writing biographies for over 30 glorious years  has written a book not only worthy of reading, but devouring in one sitting. It’s like eating decadent dessert, but without gaining any weight,! The Riviera Set is just that good! The Riviera Set is,  …

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Aug 28

IMPATIENT FOODIE: Create Healthy, Delicious Meals Faster Than A Speeding Bullet


Elettra  Wiedemann discovered that she wanted to do more than model, but use sustainable foods to create good, healthy meals to make in short amount of time. Impatient Foodie,written by former model, Elettra Wiedemann whose mom is Isabella Rossellini, a former model and actress and whose grandmother is actress Ingrid Bergman. Elettra has a great can do attitude, …

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Aug 15

Get Your House Clean in Ten Minutes A Day? Simply Clean Shows You How.


Becky Rapinchuk runs a successful business concentrating on cleaning your home. Which by the way is a never ending job of ill repute that never seems to get completely done. Simply Clean made me feel like Becky is my personal cleaning cheerleader. She is so over the top happy about cleaning that it pushed me …

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