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Oct 25

TACO TUESDAY: THE DUDE DIET: Not Just For Guys, A Healthy Eating Bible For Everyone!

THE DUDE DIET BY SERNA WOLF—-The Bible of Healthy Eating and It’s Funny!! The Dude Diet is not a typical cookbook. the Dude Diet exudes personality, good times and great food, and also healthy food for dudes. You know what I mean this is a cookbook for guys who slam chicken wings and pizza in …

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Oct 18


TACO TUESDAY: CELEBRATIONS— Celebrations is a completely different cookbook devised by Danielle Walker. Beautiful book, highlighting numerous pages of gorgeous pictures so beautiful, I was seriously considering ripping out the pages and eating the paper imagining I was eating a Thanksgiving turkey, light, delicious looking game day chicken wings, sumptuous looking Easter dinner ham, heavenly …

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Status update

save $ rest.

Eating out is rare these days with food costs rising, utility costs soaring and buying one soda costing as much as one beer used to cost. While going out to eat is usually a relaxing experience, you need to to keep eating out costs down. There are ways to cut down on your average restaurant bill.


1. Do not order any alcohol. When in a group, drinking one drink usually adds up to drinking two or three drinks, which really adds up to an excessively large restaurant tab.

2. Ask for water. With drink prices going up; at least 3 dollars for one glass of soda, or iced tea is ridiculous. Bars and restaurants fill the glass with ice first, and then pour in a drink—which is only about half of the actual glass, you are paying three bucks for sugar water.

3. Eat the bread and salad offered. Then eat a small amount of your entrée. Tomorrow’s dinner is already made for you!

4. Do not order any appetizers, or dessert. While the price of appetizers or dessert may seem relatively small, when added onto the bill, the total suddenly skyrockets.

5. Stay away from expensive restaurants. You are paying for great service, and many times not better food than you can make at home.

6. Try that corner bar or restaurant. Many times the food is incredibly good at corner bars, or local eateries. Usually they offer specials, as in Buffalo, New York which is well known for their world famous chicken wings and fish fries!

7. Use coupons and pay with cash!

8. Skip chain restaurants. Chains like Applebees, Ruby Tuesdays serve pre-prepared, overly salted, overly spicy foods that really do not taste like much of anything.

9. Do not eat at fast food places. Trust me, when I say this—the food is junk!!You will be famished a few hours later. The food prices are currently UNREAL at McDonald’s and Burger King.

10. Eat out once a week. While it’s awesome to have someone else do all of the work for you, it adds up fast. Make more meals at home. You will be healthier, happier, and more satisfied. And you will have more money in your pocket!

Oct 27

100 Deadly Skills: Learn How To Defend Yourself, and Teach Your Kids Life Skills

100 deadly skills

HOW TO SURVIVE AND BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING!! I was thinking 100 Deadly Skills was not a book for a Mom to read. I admit I was completely wrong. Deadly Skills is promoted as a MAN’S Book, but can obviously be used as a woman’s book. Moms, can get their kids and themselves out of …

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Jan 23

Accidental Farmer: DIRTY CHICK


FINALLY FRIDAY FEATURE—-WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS I’ve been writing weekly book reviews to get people to read again. Reading is so important, fun and awesome for everybody to do especially us moms who need to put more time into reading more than just kids books to our kids before tucking them in at night. And …

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Oct 15

TACO TUESDAY: Chicken Wing Snobbery


TACO TUESDAY— The other night we ordered chicken wings from an Italian restaurant. When I opened the box of chicken wings, I discovered 15 wings literally swimming in hot sauce. This is a deal breaker for me. You could say I am a chicken wing snob. I was born in the city (Buffalo) where chicken …

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Aug 12

Buffalo Beef on Weck: TACO TUESDAY


TACO TUESDAY—BUFFALO BEEF ON WECK Beef on weck is another Buffalo, New York speciality food, made the best and tastes the absolute best only in Buffalo. I will talk about other Buffalo-only foods, such as Buffalo pizza, Mighty Tacos, and the best fish fry ever! INGREDIENTS— 3 cups au jus sauce. 2 pounds thinly sliced …

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Jun 03

Momzinga’s Taco Tuesdsay: Grilled Summer Squash


Summer is coming up, and you know what that means don’t you? No more messy kitchen. All summer we grill our food outside and eat outside. Once warmer weather comes, I plan meals that have to be grilled to taste their best. Just about every food, except maybe lettuce, should be grilled to get that …

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Mar 11

Momzinga’s TACO TUESDAY:How to Make Authentic Buffalo Chicken Wings


BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGS What city did the original chicken wings come from? If you answered Buffalo, New York, you are good. You’re ready to go on Jeopardy and answer the puzzling questions. Chicken wings originated from a local restaurant called the Anchor Bar in the city of Buffalo, New York. Legend has it that the …

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