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Feb 19

THE PLEA: Felt Like a Country Song: Too Much Talking, Not Enough Action!


The Plea written by Steve Cavanagh is a legal thriller that is all man-muster. What I’m saying is The Plea is most definitely a book for men to read. But yes, women can read it too, if you are into male dominated action thrillers.I couldn’t get into it at all. The writing seemed off to me. …

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Feb 15

DEAD PEOPLE SUCK: Laugh About the Touchy Subject of Death


She’s rude, crude, cynical and funny as hell. An Emmy nominated writer for CONAN, Laurie Kilmartin is funny as hell. Dead People Suck is so hilarious , she deadpans every joke talking about death with one joke after another. In fact, I’d say Dead People Suck doesn’t talk about death  as if it is a horrible thing, …

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Feb 13

Carnegie’s Maid:Too Much History, Not Enough Intrigue, Romance, Fun!

CARNEGIE’S MAID could have been a GREAT book if Marie Benedict simply kept the action going. How about a romp in the sack? How about Clara getting a REAL night off of fun and romance? Benedict needed to actually name the two bickering Carnegie brothers instead of saying the elder Carnegie, and the younger Carnegie. It was confusing!! …

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Jan 22

Is The Woman in the Window the Best Psychological Thriller of 2018?

It may be early in the year, but I’m thinking we have already discovered the best psychological thriller, perhaps the best book of 2018, already! The Woman in the Window is a captivating creation so well written, it is beyond brilliant. A. J. Finn rips up the pages  in an incredible way. Each word is placed …

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Jan 18

Is The Chalk Man The New Stephen King It Horror Novel?


What do enlightened readers of Stephen King books think? After reading The Chalk Man, does it remind you of anything? Like The Stephen King movie, It? With the Stand By Me element in it, The Chalk Man definitely seems like a cleverly written Stephen King novel. The Chalk Man is seemingly several genres compiled into one, …

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Jan 16

My Pillow Keeps Moving—Cutest Kids’ Book Ever


What can I say I fell in love with My Pillow Keeps Moving written by Laura Gehl. (My Pillow was illustrated by cartoonist Christopher Weyant). I have never reviewed any kids’ books before, because I was trying to keep more of an adult website—don’t get your mind in the gutter.I am wholeheartily recommending every …

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Jan 13

Horrific Abuse of The Only Girl in the World, Seems Unbelievable!


Did the horrific things in The Only Girl in The World really happen? It seems unbelievable that two people would treat their only child so horribly in attempts to make her a superhuman being.It was almost too much to read. But I had to find out how Julien gets away from her tormentors! After reading about …

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Jan 09

This Might Get a Little Heavy: Both Funny and Depressing At The Same Time(How does that happen?)

take it

(PSSSSTTT—-This Might Get a Little Heavy, should have been named— This May Get a Little Heavy, not might, you know what I mean, right, name the book after Ralphie May.) Comedian Ralphie May was a hardworking comedian,( 250 shows a year), but like so many of his hilarious peers, he passed his funny quips onto another world. Without …

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Jan 08

BRUNCH IS HELL:Hilarious Look AT WHY We HAVE TO Bring Back Dinner Parties!! Absolutely!

she's crabby

 I started singing Hell is for Children while perusing Brunch is Hell. You remember the song from Pat Benatar that is so sad, and meaningful that she sang way back in the 1980’s? Brunch is Hell is smart, sophisticated, funny, creative, awesome, and just what we need. We all have to start getting together for dinner parties once …

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Jan 04

THE LAST BLACK UNICORN: Should I Cry Or Should I Laugh, Now?

I literally didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while reading The Last Black Unicorn written by Tiffany Haddish. Haddish is a seriously funny comedian who talks about her real life issues, and makes them sound funny. I found myself thinking what she says really had to happen because nobody could have made this shit …

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