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Feb 02

Three More of the BEST of 2014, Hottest Manslice Monday Men!!


MANSLICE MONDAY— All of the Manslice Monday men I picked were cute, hot, good looking guys who all deserved to be a Manslice Monday man. Included in this week’s Manslice Monday best of the best for 2014, sadly to say does not include Super Bowl four time champion, Tom Brady—he was a Manslice Monday guy …

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Oct 17

Burning Desire, or Feeling Burned?


James Pattersons’ newest book, Burn, co-written by Michael Ledwidge left me feeling burned; Burned, spurned, confused and irritated. BURN is the seventh installment in NYPD’s Michael Bennett’s New York City action adventure, detective series. Burn starts out very slowly, at an achingly, burningly slow pace. The first 20 chapters are dull. When the action kicks …

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Aug 18

Hot, Dead Actors; Paul Walker: MANSLICE MONDAY


MANSLICE MONDAY— I’ve got to tell you I was never into action adventure movies where a good-looking guy drives a car performing unreal stunts that can’t possibly happen in real life. That is until I saw Paul Walker and Vin Diesel in The Fast and The Furious movies. Watching movies my husband loves, actually does …

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May 29

Reading With Your Kids Brings Families Together;THINKING THURSDAY


THINKING THURSDAY! What can you do with your kids besides watching TV, spending tons of money on expensive trips and playing video games with your kids? Read with your kids—-even your older kids. Create a night of reading. My husband and I started reading to our kids as soon as they were born. I have …

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Mar 10

Hunger Games HOTTIE: LIAM HEMSWORTH, Manslice Monday


MANSLICE MONDAY—CONCEPT DERIVED BY MOMZINGA.COM. WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS Nothing like being born into a family of good looking, hot guys. This week’s Manslice Monday, is Liam Hemsworth. Last week, his older brother Chris Hemsworth was Momzinga’s Manslice Monday. The youngest sibling in this good looking family of three male actors(imagine the sibling rivarly here), …

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