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Aug 15

Can’t Believe The Wolf Road is Beth Lewis’s First Book: Should Be Made Into a Movie!

beth lewis

THE WOLF ROAD WRITTEN BY BETH LEWIS—LOVE IS WHAT WE NEED! The Wolf Road is a first person narrative with Elka telling a dramatic, pulling on your heartstrings story of how she grew up living with a madman in the Gold Rush days of yore. Beth Lewis weaves a tale so fantastic and fantastically well …

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Dec 24

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Cops Pull Over Red Cars the Most!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-CONCEPT DERIVED BY MOMZINGA.COM, aka KATE JOHNS With bazillions of people hitting the roads for the holidays, I started thinking which cars are the highest profile cars. Which cars get noticed zooming past the cop cars hidden between trees on America’s Interstates? COPS LIKE RED CARS! The answer is red cars. Red cars …

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Aug 27

THE RUSH: Fascinating Look at Gold Rush of 1848


Remember reading history books, when you were in school? It was difficult, boring reading, we had to do to get decent grades.I was a geek and read my assigned nightly history reading—every night after dinner. Edward Dolnick may seem like a history geek, but that’s what makes The Rush so awesome. You can tell by …

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