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Jan 09

This Might Get a Little Heavy: Both Funny and Depressing At The Same Time(How does that happen?)

take it

(PSSSSTTT—-This Might Get a Little Heavy, should have been named— This May Get a Little Heavy, not might, you know what I mean, right, name the book after Ralphie May.) Comedian Ralphie May was a hardworking comedian,( 250 shows a year), but like so many of his hilarious peers, he passed his funny quips onto another world. Without …

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Jan 14

Shred Power Cleanse: Powerhouse of Nutritional Information: Lose Weight and Get Healthy!

THE SHRED POWER CLEANSE—SUPER EASY TO FOLLOW– The Shred Power Cleanse by Ian K. Smith M.D. is a seriously easy book to read AND TO follow, gives step by step instructions on how to follow the 2 week cleanse plan, contains over 50 smoothie, salad and healthy meals recipes, includes a weekend cleansing plan and includes …

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Dec 11

How Can You Get a Better Life? Change Your ‘Tude!


ATTITUDE DOES IT— Shift for Good, by Tory Johnson is not just a continuation of her first book The Shift; detailing her weight lose experience, but is a life experience book. Johnson talks about business, gives life advice and tells readers how to make life better by doing something different. What really, truly drew me …

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Jun 10

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: College Students Required to Show up Naked For Final Exam!


Momzinga’s WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY— Finals week is bad enough, but when a ‘professor’ told his class they had to show up for their final naked—one mother took him to task. I’m betting if any college student showed up naked he had to be drunk or stoned. Who could show up all uptight to take a …

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May 27

Not Just Recipes – The Plantpower Way: How to Live Your Dream Life!

plant power way

After reading The Plantpower Way I noticed six people who are truly living the dream. Yes, they have a beautiful home, a beautiful backyard swimming pool. Rich Roll his wife Julie Piatt and their four kids all look healthy, fit, relaxed and happy. They are living the dream they set out to live. Rich was …

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May 21

Bob Harper Changes Lives With Skinny Habits!

skinny habits

Bob Harper will change your life. For the better. All you have to do is buy his book, Skinny Habits: The 6 Secrets of Thin People. Skinny Habits by Bob Harper teaches you how to change your bad habits, your bad behavior by replacing them with good lifelong habits. The good habits you recondition your …

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May 14

The Food We Eat Makes Us Fatter: The Dorito Effect


The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker will have you devouring this book as fast as possible, running into your kitchen throwing out almost every food you bought. You will switch to buying whole foods. Schatzker tells how our food is scientifically and chemically engineered to grow as fast and as cheaply as possible. Most of …

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Apr 28

TACO TUESDSAY: Green Tea, Lime Juice Weight Loss Drink

lime juice

Moms are busy. We work jobs, do a lot of housework, make meals and usually do not have time for ourselves. That’s why you have to take care of yourself. It’s easy to gain weight while raising your kids. You may gain more weight after having your kids because you don’t have time to lose …

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