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Feb 22

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: PARTDEUX: Liberal Students Cut Off Balls To Protest Trump’s Wall


ANOTHER WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-LIBERALS CUTTING OFF BALLS TO PROTEST TRUMP BUILDING WALL IS A FAKE STORY MADE UP BY BOGUS NEWS SITES. ACCORDING TO SNOPES.COM: In January 2017, an article appeared on an obscure (and dubious) web site called, which purported to describe a graphic planned protest of Donald Trump’s plan to build a …

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Feb 22

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY: Mysteriously Awesome, NEW Netflix Series


THIRTEEN REASONS WHY WRITTEN BY JAY ASHER–You won’t be able to put this book down! Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that sounds like it was written about kids in the 1960’s. It is a timeless piece. It is beyond good. Thirteen Reasons Why is passionately written, beautifully telling, is dark, deep and a book …

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Feb 16

THINKING THURSDAY:Should Adele Apologize To Beyoncé For Getting Album of the Year?

adele bey

THINKING THURSDAY–ADELE SHOULD NOT HAVE APOLOGIZED TO BEYONCE FOR WINNING ALBUM OF THE YEAR AND CARLOS SANTANA WAS RIGHT! At the 59th Grammy Awards show Adele apologized to Beyoncé in an emotional speech of how she should not have gotten the album of the year. Adele told the audience and Beyoncé who was sitting in …

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Feb 08

Read American Girls: Discover How Your Daughter Is Being Sexually Bullied Online!


AMERICAN GIRLS BY NANCY JO SALES—-Your daughter knows more about sex than you do! Sex, pornography, nude pics, it’s disgusting what is happening to our daughters online. Parents need to know what is going on online with teen girls being sexualized in a slut shamed and bullied society by boys and girls until they commit …

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Mar 16

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: California Middle School Students Given Condoms!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—IS MIDDLE SCHOOL TOO EARLY TO GIVE KIDS CONDOMS? A big controversy is brewing in San Francisco after the city’s school board unanimously approved a proposal to give middle school students – ages 11 to 14 – access to condoms without parental approval. The decision has divided parents, some of whom say that …

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Sep 02

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Get Free Publicity By Changing Your Sex


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—- Before reading this story I’d like you to think about something—why are transgender people making a big deal out of changing their sex? Why are teenagers publicly telling everyone they changed their sex from male to female or female to male? Why does it seem almost everyone wants their private information to …

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Jun 02

Caitlyn Jenner Messed Up Our Kids’ Minds!

jenner 2

May 21

THINKING THURSDAY:Teacher Allows Middle School Kids To Have Sex in Classroom


THINKING THURSDAY—- Still think public schools are doing all they can do to give your kids a great education? Well, this school in Georgia was offering the middle school kids great sex education. The teacher, 25-year-old, Quentin Wright, allegedly allowed the middle school kids to use his classroom after school to have sex in the …

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Dec 01


harry 3

MANSLICE MONDAY—-YOU HEARD IT ON MOMZINGA.COM FIRST! Prince Harry is completely different from his older brother, Prince William. Prince Harry has red hair, seems to not have a care in the world, and doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. Either that or the royals are keeping under wraps any steady relationship Harry has to keep him …

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Nov 13

THINKING THURSDAY: Moms Would You Pose Completely Naked on A Magazine Cover For Money?


THINKING THURSDAY—- WRITTEN BY MOMZINGA.COM Would you as a mom pose on the front of a well-known magazine for millions of dollars? If a well-known magazine like Vogue or Forbes asked you to pose completely naked for let’s say 5 million dollars would you do it? KIM KARDASHIAN’S NAKED BUTT—– After seeing Kim Kardashian’s naked …

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