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Feb 05

Molly’s Game: Exactly Who Gets Played in Molly’s Game?

MOLLY’S GAME WRITTEN BY MOLLY BLOOM, a former star on the U. S. Ski Team, at the top of her game was known as the poker princess. At 26, she was running underground poker games, raking in the dough, and was arrested with the government taking her money away. After reading Molly’s Game, I felt like I was the one who …

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Feb 02

Styling For Instagram: Create Art For the Internet

Styling for Instagram

Bold, beautiful and a breath of fresh air. Aspiring to the three B’s, Styling For Instagram professional photographer  Leela Cyd,created a beautifully inspirational book to create art for the Internet. Cyd will make you  more Instagram savvy by writing a book on how to take, bold, beautiful, breath of fresh air pictures. I could almost smell the roses pictured …

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Feb 01

THINKING THURSDAY: Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears Together at Superbowl 52 Halftime Show?

timberlake and spears

Wouldn’t it be great if Justin Timberlake and his old flame, Britney Spears who just finished her 5 year singing stint in Vegas, perform at Super Bowl 52? Now that would be a show worth watching, because last I heard, years ago, they hated each other. They lived together for a few years, then he broke …

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Jan 30

TACO TUESDAY: The Brain Warrior’s Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure! Hint: Walking on Sunshine

I’m Walking on Sunshine! Oh yea, It’s time to feel good! Doctor Daniel G. Amen wrote a seriously helpful series of books, one of which is The Brain Warrior’s Way. In it he and his wife Tana, intelligently and yes ever so gently guide readers into taking care of their brains, thus also taking care …

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Jan 29


ew bing

Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham was propelled into major fame and stardom as the lead guitar player for Fleetwood Mac way back in the time machine of life, when He could sing, he could play guitar and he looked great doing it. I literally played  Fleetwood Mac and Rumours through to the other side as I listened …

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Jan 29

Lolita Look Out Because the Girl Unknown Is 100 Percent Psycho!


Girl Unknown is an intense thriller of emotionally charged situations and adult lives explored. It all starts with a bang and then ends with a surprise ending that never really ends. David’s daughter from a previous relationship suddenly shows up where he works as a college professor in Ireland. She surprises him with showing up because David never …

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Jan 26

BENEATH THE SUGAR SKY: Is Death A Beautiful Thing?


 I love reading all kinds of books, but fantasy YA fiction is not my thing. Beneath The Sugar Sky written by Seanan McGuire is an adventure set in the ‘real world’. But not really. It is a made up world of complete fantasy, written with preteens and teens in mind. It’s a YA book, but …

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Jan 24


You’ve got to read how Matthew McConaughey’s older brother, Rooster, came up with the names for his kids. It’s probably similar to how so many people have taken wine or car names like ‘Mercedes’ to name their kids. Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Mike “Rooster” McConaughey has teamed up with his longtime partner and friend Wayne “Butch” Gilliam for …

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Jan 23



While looking over the Brain Warrior’s Way, I was amazed at all of the information Doctor Daniel Amen and Tana Amen who is a nurse poured into their  book. Brain Warrior’s Way was so packed with helpful, healthy info that I found myself reading as much as I could gleam from it in one hour. When …

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Jan 22

Is The Woman in the Window the Best Psychological Thriller of 2018?

It may be early in the year, but I’m thinking we have already discovered the best psychological thriller, perhaps the best book of 2018, already! The Woman in the Window is a captivating creation so well written, it is beyond brilliant. A. J. Finn rips up the pages  in an incredible way. Each word is placed …

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