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Oct 02

Haunted: New James Patterson Book: SIMPLY WRITTEN BUT STILL REALLY GOOD!


Haunted written by James Patterson and James O. Born is two simple things—simple and good. Patterson and Born wrote Haunted as simply as possible. It was too easy to read, and was written to a seventh grade level. Haunted is not written for scholarly scholars, who quote poets .Patterson’s books are written to be read …

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Oct 12

A Killing in Zion Combines Old World Values With Today’s Action Heroes!


A Killing in Zion came out in June, and is still a great book to read. I enjoyed reading Killing in Zion, because Andrew Hunt combines old world values—sorely missing in today’s society—with history, emotions, humor, nasty criminal types using religion as their source of all consuming goodness—all wrapped up in a package worth opening, …

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Oct 17

Burning Desire, or Feeling Burned?


James Pattersons’ newest book, Burn, co-written by Michael Ledwidge left me feeling burned; Burned, spurned, confused and irritated. BURN is the seventh installment in NYPD’s Michael Bennett’s New York City action adventure, detective series. Burn starts out very slowly, at an achingly, burningly slow pace. The first 20 chapters are dull. When the action kicks …

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Sep 05

What It Is Like to Be a Teenager? Homeroom Diaries.

hmrm dia

Homeroom Diaries written by James PattersoN and Lisa Papademetriou.(may I suggest a name change Lisa?) Cuckoo is a 16-year-old girl whose parents left her which is never fully explained. It’s kind of like the story picks up without enough explanation. Unless there was a book before this one, and I missed it. Cuckoo’s mom leaves …

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