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Sep 24

Orange is the New Blackish? See What You Think!

mr. smith

I was with you Brother—up until the middle of the book when I had to put the book down because I started not believing any of what I was reading anymore. It seemed too contrived. And I also found Mr. Smith Goes to Jail very much the male version of the Netflix TV show Orange …

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Aug 24



MANSLICE MONDAY–AARON TVEIT—- Watching Graceland is not a trip into thinking-land, where you have to really pay attention to the show’s six main characters figuring out what they need to do next, take action, essentially putting themselves in danger. Aaron Tveit who stars as Mike Warren in Graceland, is no doubt a good looking guy, …

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Jun 23



TACO TUESDAY—-DON DRAPER’S BOOZY BREAKFAST— My husband and I watched all but the last season of Mad Men in one month. We literally watched two shows a night, in between working, cleaning, grocery shopping—you know doing all the boring stuff you have to do everyday so you can do the good stuff. Like watching TV …

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Jun 01

MANSLICE MONDAY: Mad Men’s Don Draper, Jon Hamm

hamm 3

MANSLICE MONDAY—- Jon Hamm as he is so famously known as Don Draper in the long running TV series, Mad Men, about cigarette, wielding, alcohol slinging advertising men who are known for their insanity, brutality, outrageous behavior all while looking good, and developing major corporations’ business into the stratosphere. Hamm, actor, director, and producer, known …

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Apr 21

Manslice Monday: John Stamos


JOHN STAMOS—MANSLICE MONDAY— John Stamos became a rich, successful guy playing Jesse (brother of the father) on the 1980’s–1990’s TV show Full House. Or was he the live in friend? Stamos announced that Full House will be back—on Netflix—with Candace Cameron Bure(D.J. Tanner) now a single pregnant mom. What makes this so awesome is Full …

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Apr 08

GREAT Parents Raise Great Kids By Monitoring Cable TV


THINKING THURSDAY—- PARENTS RAISE GREAT KIDS WITH CABLE TV I am disgusted at how LOW cable TV shows have gone in an effort to gain more viewers. I usually do not watch much if any cable TV at night. I watch Netflix shows, and movies. But, and this is a big but–kind of like Kim …

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Feb 18

Momzinga’s Torrid Love Affair With Netflix :50 Shades of Netflix!!


50 SHADES OF NETFLIX—-Written by otherwise known as Kate Johns I’m in love with you Netflix, and I don’t care who knows! I have to watch you perform your magic-man wonders every night. I can’t resist your stellar programming choices like Breaking Bad, Californication, Orange is the New Black and Altered States of Tara. …

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Feb 04

Before I Go: Touches on Touchy Subjects With Ease and Skill.


BEFORE I GO BY COLLEEN OAKLEY I didn’t want Before I Go, by Colleen Oakley to end. It was so well written, so well done, so funny, so true to life, I wanted the book to go on. I wanted Before I Go to be a series where Daisy’s sense of humor just keeps going. …

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Jan 22

Cheap Cable TV Bills, and How You Can Get Them:MOMZINGA.COM


THINKING THURSDAY—— Have you done what my hubby and I have done?We switched numerous times to lower paying cable, satellite for a few months, gotten hooked on those premium channel shows and then switched to other alternatives. WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS—THE OWNER OF THIS WEBSITE! What are the alternatives to paying a 200 dollar a …

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Dec 22

Momzinga’s Manslice Monday: James Franco

BMW i3 global reveal party

MANSLICE MONDAY—JAMES FRANCO— James Franco stars in The Interview, and this may well be a movie that doesn’t hit the big screen. TOO BAD!! I’m all ready to run out and buy it or rent it as soon as possible just to see what all the major crapola is about. COULD IT BE A MAJOR …

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