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Dec 06



 WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—CUT DOWN ON SUGAR AND USE VIRGIN OLIVE OIL TO LIVE LONGER— British Cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra – who describes himself as a former sugar addict – has spent years studying the reasons behind rocketing rates of heart disease and obesity in Britain. Key to his research were residents of the village of …

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Nov 20

UNSHAKEABLE: Faith Driven Book Guides You Through Each Day of the Year!

Unshakeable written by Christine Caine is simply bible verses taken from obviously different Bibles , and put in a book , right? Okay, well ummm—- Caine put Bible verses into a 365 day kind of calendar configuration that is better than a verse a day kind of thing. It’s inspiring! Christine Caine lovingly placed 365 …

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Nov 13

Did Prince Harry Ask Megan Markle To Marry Him? Momzinga’s Manslice Monday

MANSLICE MONDAY—-YOU HEARD IT ON MOMZINGA.COM FIRST! Prince Harry is completely different from his older brother, Prince William. Prince Harry has red hair, seems to not have a care in the world. He is the joke-maker in the royal family , whereas his older bro William is the more serious one. But more importantly, did …

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Nov 02

CRAIG AND FRED: How A Stray Dog And A Marine Rescued Each Other


Craig and Fred is a simply written book of a Marine who comes home from Afghanistan crediting a warm hearted, affectionate dog for saving his life. Simply an amazing book. Written by Craig Grossi in an action oriented method much like James Patterson’s books, Craig and Fred is not a deep thinking kind of book, …

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Nov 01



When thinking about it, the dog wins our love every time over our love for a real person, because they are more loving, don’t cheat on us and won’t leave us stranded in a park alone. Face it, people, we love our dogs more than we love people . It’s actually easy to conceptualize. Dogs …

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Oct 31

Taco Tuesday: Love Rocco DiSpirito’s Healthy and Delicious


I love Rocco Di Spirito’s sense of adventure, love of REAL FOOD, and the over 200 healthy recipes he created in his new recipe book—-Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious. By the way, this is not simply a cookbook it is more of a change of lifestyle, but accomplished  in a comfortable way. Rocco starts out by telling …

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Oct 30

What Does It Show Kids When NFL Players Take a Knee During the National Anthem?

gee whiz

When millionaire, large contract making football players kneel for the National Anthem this shows our kids it is okay to do whatever we want whenever we want. Considering the NFL won’t stand up to their players, enforcing their own rules of players must stand during the playing of the National Anthem, this says it is …

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Oct 27

Insomnia Keeping You Up at Night? Dr. Oz Has A Fix for That With Food Can Fix It


Dr, Oz is not only a doctor but a successful TV host who has high ratings, and who sells millions of books. Oz has written seven best sellers so far, and this his eighth book, Food Can Fix It seems to be heading for the bestseller’s list again. I have to admit after dropping in …

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Oct 17

TACO TUESDAY: COOKING WITH ZAC: Most beautiful Cookbook of 2017!!


COOKING WITH ZAC HAS TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOK OF THE 2017!! I decided to make Cooking With Zac, a cookbook , a Taco Tuesday feature. After simply opening clothing, accessory, handbag designer Zac Posen’s cookbook, I discovered a truly unique look at food. Cooking With Zac is the most beautiful cookbook of 2017! Zac Posen …

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Oct 02


but why tho

CREEK STEWART—SURVIVAL EXPERT–MOMZINGA’S MANSLICE MONDAY— After looking Creek Stewart up online on four websites, I have not discovered his age, his date of birth or where he hails from. So, I can’t tell you exactly how old he is, but after guessing, I’m thinking he’s in his mid-40’s. Currently, though, I do know the Weather …

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