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Sep 28

THE BIG LIE: Discover How The Alt-Left is Taking Over America

The Big Lie explains how the Alt-Left is desperately trying to take over America by slandering, bullying and educating our populace on what they feel is the way America should be—a Fascist country. Progressives, Dinesh D’Souza explains are doing everything they can to control Americans, including having the media lie to us, having Progessives bully and …

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Sep 25

Fierce Kingdom: Taken From Today’s Headlines, Written by a Master Storyteller

Gin Phillips knows exactly what she is doing. Her latest thriller, Fierce Kingdom is a thriller of a different kind. Fierce Kingdom is so well written to propel readers along at hyper-speed that I felt compelled to hold the book in my hands all night reading at what I can only call warp speed. There …

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Sep 07

Thinking Thursday: Take The No Complaining Challenge For Thirty Days


Taken from Success magazine– Mark Twain once said that “habit is habit and not to be flung out of the window by any man, but coaxed downstairs a step at a time.” I have lived by these words, coaxing change in my life by giving up 12 indulgences and conveniences (chocolate, shopping and cellphones among …

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Aug 28

IMPATIENT FOODIE: Create Healthy, Delicious Meals Faster Than A Speeding Bullet


Elettra  Wiedemann discovered that she wanted to do more than model, but use sustainable foods to create good, healthy meals to make in short amount of time. Impatient Foodie,written by former model, Elettra Wiedemann whose mom is Isabella Rossellini, a former model and actress and whose grandmother is actress Ingrid Bergman. Elettra has a great can do attitude, …

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Aug 24



USA Today announced recently  that Sears is closing 28 more stores—which was a deceiving title.  After reading the story, I discovered Sears Holding Company was closing 28 more Kmart stores, not more Sears stores. The title of the story was deceiving yes, but not entirely incorrect. After reading the entire USA Today story I realized how …

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Aug 18

Master Your World Using Food Like The Six Women in What She Ate


Pour in a cup of rich history, add a dash of the back stories of six very different women, combine with a strong writer’s voice and readers have one of the best books of the year—2017. What She Ate written by Laura Shapiro has a certain flavorful voice all its own, making for intriguing, interesting prose, propelling …

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Aug 02

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Lose Weight The Easy Way—Go To Bed!


LOSE WEIGHT WHILE YOU SLEEP— I tried this experiment the other night. I weighed myself before I went to bed. I weighed133.5 pounds. The next morning at 5 a.m. when my body was telling me it was time to get up—which it was way off. Let’s face it, I am not a morning person, and …

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Jul 31

MOMSLICE MONDAY: America’s First Lady: Why We Should Adore Melania Trump


MOMSLICE MONDAY: MELANIA TRUMP— Melania Trump has graced the covers of the most prestigious fashion industry magazines. But like many Americans today, Melania’s success was the result of a courageous work ethic and humble beginnings. Melanija Knavs was born on April 26, 1970 in the small Slovenian railroad town of Sevnica — long before she …

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Jul 31

Mrs. Fletcher Not The Hot MILF You Thought She Would Be!


Mrs Fletcher started out as a promising book brimming with major possibilities. I was more than happy to pick up this book written by Tom Perrotta who has written eight critically acclaimed books one of which was adapted into an HBO series. Mrs. Fletcher starts out at a romp, then suddenly slows down to a mere …

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Jul 26


I found this affordability retirement article on AOL. I didn’t know AOL was still a thing, but loved the information, giving SmartAsset full credit for writing this. It is their second annual(2017) study on where retirees are moving and why.      Florida leads the way once again as the premier destination for retirees. With …

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