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Jun 25

THINKING THURSDAY:10 Things 1960’s and 1970’s Kids Did, Kids Today Don’t!

fam din

THINKING THURSDAY— Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s we kids had to look outside to see what temperature it was. We had to ride in cars without seat belts on, and we had to roll down the windows ourselves. We had to walk to school, ride public buses—alone—and we had to get jobs in order …

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May 11

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed: Nothing to See Here!

jon ron

Jon Ronson literally overthinks social media shamings to the umpteenth degree in So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed. He gives tons of examples of people acting stupidly, but he doesn’t offer resolutions as to not being publicly shamed. This is not a how to use social media to your advantage, to become successful book. Ronson over analyzes social …

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Apr 23

Thinking Thursday: ASHLEY’S WAR: Are We Empowering Women Sending Them Into Combat?

ashley's war

THINKING THURSDAY—EMPOWERING WOMEN AND ASHLEY’S WAR– Recently having read the book, Ashley’s War, I started thinking about women going onto the battlefield with men, on the ground. Women have not been allowed to go into on the ground combat situations with men until an elite group of women took this first step into an unknown …

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Apr 02

THINKING THURSDAY:What Will Set Your World On Fire?

1 better life

THINKING THURSDAY— WHAT SET YOUR WORLD ON FIRE? Many people ask themselves why their lives suck every day. I used to ask myself this question every day when I got up every morning, working at various jobs I hated. My days off were spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, shuttling my kids around and visiting …

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Jan 22

Cheap Cable TV Bills, and How You Can Get Them:MOMZINGA.COM


THINKING THURSDAY—— Have you done what my hubby and I have done?We switched numerous times to lower paying cable, satellite for a few months, gotten hooked on those premium channel shows and then switched to other alternatives. WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS—THE OWNER OF THIS WEBSITE! What are the alternatives to paying a 200 dollar a …

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Jan 16

MOMZINGA’S FINALLY FRIDAY: Don’t Bogart MY 1960’s Words, Dude!


FINALLY FRIDAY—-1960’s words Let’s do something different and let’s name all the words we know, remember, from the 1960’s. Creative people you will have a great time trying to think of all the cool words from the 1960’s. It’s funny because my older siblings knew all of these words in a heartbeat, and I only …

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Dec 31

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Whose Panties are These?


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—–Whose panties are these? MOMZINGA.COM When my dad was still alive, and when I still lived with my parents, before I got married, my Dad did the laundry. He washed everything in cold water, refused to spend any money drying the laundry and my clothes came out smelling and looking worse after he …

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Oct 23

Empowering Women: 5 Ways To Make Life Better. Right Now!


THINKING THURSDAY— Empowering Women; that’s what is about. Thinking positively will guide you into naturally developing new more meaningful plans and you will invent a better life. FIVE WAYS TO MAKE LIFE BETTER: 1. Stay away from unhappy people online. I’ve noticed a lot of empowering moments in the five years I’ve been writing …

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Oct 02

THINKING THURSDAY:Seven Smart Ways To Talk to Your Man!

THINKING THURSDAY—CONCEPT DESIGNED BY MOMZINGA.COM How can you make your husband,life partner listen to you? Men and women are wired differently. Men will talk by doing something. Women like to talk face to face. You see the differences from the time kids are little, in how little girls sit facing each other. (This is why …

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Aug 14

Thinking Thursday: How Does Jerry Hall Stay So Young Looking?


THINKING THURSDAY—- If you answered—by marrying billionaires and getting face lifts, I’d have to say you are right. Jerry Hall and her newly minted fiancé will be getting married soon. Hall is marrying Rupert Murdock who is what almost 90 and she is 59. Kind of grossed out yet? Former Supermodel Jerry Hall has the …

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