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May 18

THINKING THURSDAY:Are Women Manipulated By The Media?

THINKING THURSDAY—WHY DOES THE MEDIA WANT TO MANIPULATE WOMEN? In 1913 5,000 women marched into Washington to get their message heard. This was around the time when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as America’s new president. Women did not have the right to vote until 1918. Women fought hard to get their message heard and to …

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May 04


THINKING THURSDAY—–WHAT DOES 13TH LETTER OF ALPHABET HAVE TO DO WITH THE PRESIDENT? The Liberal media has gotten so out of hand desperately trying to make something out of nothing. CNN, MSNBC,YAHOO, HUFF PO, THE NEW YORK TIMES, etc all are making stuff up remotely related to Trump. Considering that Trump is holding to his …

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Mar 02



THINKING THURSDAY: Washington Democrats Obstructing Everything President Trump and His Cabinet Do Democrats are telling each other how to think, what to say, and what to do. Democratic leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and many others are telling fellow Democrats/Liberals to resist and persist. I saw the message Hillary told people …

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Nov 03

Naughtier Than Nice; Talk, Have Sex, Talk, Have Sex, Throw in Political Message

eric jerome dickme

One Night was a truly well written, decent read about two people meeting at a gas station. A woman down on her luck, I felt for the heroine in One Night. I can’t say the same for the characters in Erie Jerome Dickey’s newest book, Naughtier Than Nice. Nice may seem like a decent takeoff …

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Aug 24



MANSLICE MONDAY–AARON TVEIT—- Watching Graceland is not a trip into thinking-land, where you have to really pay attention to the show’s six main characters figuring out what they need to do next, take action, essentially putting themselves in danger. Aaron Tveit who stars as Mike Warren in Graceland, is no doubt a good looking guy, …

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Jun 25

THINKING THURSDAY:10 Things 1960’s and 1970’s Kids Did, Kids Today Don’t!

fam din

THINKING THURSDAY— Back in the 1960’s and 1970’s we kids had to look outside to see what temperature it was. We had to ride in cars without seat belts on, and we had to roll down the windows ourselves. We had to walk to school, ride public buses—alone—and we had to get jobs in order …

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May 11

So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed: Nothing to See Here!

jon ron

Jon Ronson literally overthinks social media shamings to the umpteenth degree in So You’ve Been Publicly¬†Shamed.¬†He gives tons of examples of people acting stupidly, but he doesn’t offer resolutions as to not being publicly shamed. This is not a how to use social media to your advantage, to become successful book. Ronson over analyzes social …

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Apr 23

Thinking Thursday: ASHLEY’S WAR: Are We Empowering Women Sending Them Into Combat?

ashley's war

THINKING THURSDAY—EMPOWERING WOMEN AND ASHLEY’S WAR– Recently having read the book, Ashley’s War, I started thinking about women going onto the battlefield with men, on the ground. Women have not been allowed to go into on the ground combat situations with men until an elite group of women took this first step into an unknown …

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Apr 02

THINKING THURSDAY:What Will Set Your World On Fire?

1 better life

THINKING THURSDAY— WHAT SET YOUR WORLD ON FIRE? Many people ask themselves why their lives suck every day. I used to ask myself this question every day when I got up every morning, working at various jobs I hated. My days off were spent grocery shopping, cleaning the house, shuttling my kids around and visiting …

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Jan 22

Cheap Cable TV Bills, and How You Can Get Them:MOMZINGA.COM


THINKING THURSDAY—— Have you done what my hubby and I have done?We switched numerous times to lower paying cable, satellite for a few months, gotten hooked on those premium channel shows and then switched to other alternatives. WRITTEN BY KATE JOHNS—THE OWNER OF THIS WEBSITE! What are the alternatives to paying a 200 dollar a …

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