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Apr 27

SHATTERED: An Inside Look Into Why Hillary Clinton Lost the 2016 Presidential Election

SHATTERED:INSIDE HILLARY CLINTON’S DOOMED CAMPAIGN BY JONATHAN ALLEN AND AMIE PARNES— Shattered literally takes readers into Hillary Clinton’s behind the scenes world of plotting, planning an unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2016. It truly seems as if the two writers were in the middle of the campaign working alongside Aberdin and many other …

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Apr 05


THE LOVING HUSBAND WRITTEN BY CHRISTOBEL KENT—Thrilling right from the start! WOW! I couldn’t put The Loving Husband down. I have to say, Loving Husband started out very odd, (Fran is outside in the rain, lifting up her now icy cold, dead husband), and went on from there being weird, and telling the story of …

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Mar 29

Put Down The Remote and Read The Entertaining, Fun, FAST Vinegar Girl!!

VINEGAR GIRL WRITTEN BY ANNE TYLER—fast, fun entertaining read! Anne Tyler wrote a passionate, meaningful story based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Vinegar Girl is absolutely delightful, funny, passionate, interesting, intriguing, and everything readers want and need in a well written book that holds reader’s interest right from the get go. I read about …

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Feb 14

The Undisputed King Of Fiction Scores Big With The Black Book!

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THE BLACK BOOK BY JAMES PATTERSON AND DAVID ELLIS—-One of James Patterson’s best books in A Long Time! James Patterson has a record to keep going. According to his publisher, “He has written more bestsellers and created more enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today.” I guess that makes James Patterson the undisputed …

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Jan 26

The Fifth Letter: Let Me Entertain You!

THE FIFTH LETTER BY NICOLA MORIARTY— For the first sixty pages of The Fifth Letter not much happens, then all of a sudden the story kicks into high gear becoming a major interesting page turner. The four Australian friends since high school write letters telling a major secret about themselves. This makes for a fast …

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Jan 24

Become Happier and Healthier Doing Chair Yoga!

CHAIR YOGA WRITTEN BY KRISTIN MCGEE—EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO FEEL AND LOOK BETTER— Sounds kind of silly doesn’t it, to do yoga poses from a chair? Aren’t we supposed to do yoga on a mat, in a hot room, surrounded by strangers who are making funny faces? Not anymore. CHAIR YOGA— Kristin McGee …

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Jan 07

F Is For Fascinating: A Is For Arsenic, A Must Read For the New Year!

A IS FOR ARSENIC” THE POISONS OF AGATHA CHRISTIE BY KATHRYN HARKUP—The Bible of Agatha Christie Poisons! Amazingly well written book of the poisons Agatha Christie used in her books, which her villainous murderers, her characters, used to kill off other characters. I found A Is For Arsenic very interesting, informative, and written in such …

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Jan 03

Watch Out! DYING FOR CHRISTMAS Is Plot-Twist City!


DYING FOR CHRISTMAS BY TAMMY COHEN—To throw in a plot twist or to be twisted? That is the question. WARNING!! Dying For Christmas is such an intense book, you will need several hours in a row to speed through this psychological thriller. The word intense does not do Dying For Christmas justice, no the words …

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Dec 22

Put The Dressmaker’s Dowry on Your To Read List For 2017:Truly Moving!


THE DRESSMAKER’S DOWRY BY MEREDITH JAEGER– The title of The Dressmaker’s Dowry sounds like a dull Lifetime movie, but believe me when I say this, it is not. This book moves at a quick, enticing pace. Two young women are involved in a rich, past history linking them, that we find out as Dowry quickly …

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Dec 19

Can’t Wait For The New PBS Queen Victoria Series? Wait No Longer! Read Victoria Now!

VICTORIA WRITTEN BY DAISY GOODWIN—- SHOCKING!! A female teen takes the British throne at 18— Imagine growing up in the limelight with every discerning, nosey person seeing you growing up, but imagine this happening in the 1830’s in England. Expected to take the throne becoming the Queen of England in a few short months at …

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