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Oct 27

Insomnia Keeping You Up at Night? Dr. Oz Has A Fix for That With Food Can Fix It


Dr, Oz is not only a doctor but a successful TV host who has high ratings, and who sells millions of books. Oz has written seven best sellers so far, and this his eighth book, Food Can Fix It seems to be heading for the bestseller’s list again. I have to admit after dropping in …

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Oct 25



ENOUGH ALREADY!! Really!  An actress that really no one has ever heard of or from until this week claims HW Bush grabbed her butt while taking a picture with his elderly wife by his side. H.W. Bush was 89 at the time, now is 93, and apologized for the butt grabbing. He said it was a …

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Oct 17

TACO TUESDAY: COOKING WITH ZAC: Most beautiful Cookbook of 2017!!


COOKING WITH ZAC HAS TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOK OF THE 2017!! I decided to make Cooking With Zac, a cookbook , a Taco Tuesday feature. After simply opening clothing, accessory, handbag designer Zac Posen’s cookbook, I discovered a truly unique look at food. Cooking With Zac is the most beautiful cookbook of 2017! Zac Posen …

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Oct 17

When Are Liberal Women Protesting Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment of Women?


WHEN IS THE NEXT PROTEST RALLY FOR WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL HARASSMENT? When are protesters going to start parading around in pink hats protesting mistreatment of women in Hollywood? Where are these women? Are they organizing a protest on a large scale in New York City where Harvey Weinstein was born, raised and started his career? …

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Oct 16

In The Mood For A Party-Like Game of Clue? Read the Cleverly Written Whodunit:The Party.


The Party written by Elizabeth Day is an almost impossible to figure out whodunit until the very end.Day cleverly leads readers on a chase, giving clues along the way, backtracking, telling what happens at the party. It’s an old fashioned whodunit. I found it entrancing and irritating at the same time. Irritating because Day doesn’t give …

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Oct 11

Once A Mom, Always A Mom: Respect Women, Harvey Weinstein!

Being a Mom doesn’t end when our kids become adults, because they still need our love, help and our guidance to continue on the pathway to becoming and staying decent, law abiding, respectful  human beings. I am against what Harvey Weinstein did to young women who were breaking into acting. I am against the heinous, …

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Oct 09

SNL’s Lorne Michaels is a Hypocrite!

  Getty Images Producer Harvey Weinstein currently embroiled in sex scandal.   Why is there a major double standard with Liberals saying everything Donald Trump does is wrong? Why is the Liberal media not talking about Harvey Weinstein and how he is embroiled in a sex scandal? Why is it okay for every Liberal media source …

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Oct 03


The  Puerto Rican, San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz has been bitching in the media for a week now of how President Donald Trump has not done anything for Puerto Rico, since hurricane Maria devastated the island. Well, turns out  Cruz,who voted for Hillary Clinton is lying. Even Geraldo, currently a Fox contributor, has called her on …

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Oct 02

Haunted: New James Patterson Book: SIMPLY WRITTEN BUT STILL REALLY GOOD!


Haunted written by James Patterson and James O. Born is two simple things—simple and good. Patterson and Born wrote Haunted as simply as possible. It was too easy to read, and was written to a seventh grade level. Haunted is not written for scholarly scholars, who quote poets .Patterson’s books are written to be read …

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Sep 28

THE BIG LIE: Discover How The Alt-Left is Taking Over America

The Big Lie explains how the Alt-Left is desperately trying to take over America by slandering, bullying and educating our populace on what they feel is the way America should be—a Fascist country. Progressives, Dinesh D’Souza explains are doing everything they can to control Americans, including having the media lie to us, having Progessives bully and …

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