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Feb 14

The Undisputed King Of Fiction Scores Big With The Black Book!

blk bk

THE BLACK BOOK BY JAMES PATTERSON AND DAVID ELLIS—-One of James Patterson’s best books in A Long Time! James Patterson has a record to keep going. According to his publisher, “He has written more bestsellers and created more enduring fictional characters than any other novelist writing today.” I guess that makes James Patterson the undisputed …

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Jan 12


THINKING THURSDAY—New Year, New You! It’s a New Year, and you are thinking how can I save money this year and pay off my debts? Save more money and pay your debts off to have a better life. Gone are the days of putting money in the bank watching it accrue great interest money making …

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Nov 15


TACO TUESDAY—HEALTHY, TASTY SALMON PATTIES— A different take on salmon for dinner for your family? Try salmon patties. I remember having tuna puff patties when I was a kid. My parents would make them on a roll or a piece of bread for a different, inexpensive meal. When I found this on Food Network, online, …

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Oct 25

TACO TUESDAY: THE DUDE DIET: Not Just For Guys, A Healthy Eating Bible For Everyone!

THE DUDE DIET BY SERNA WOLF—-The Bible of Healthy Eating and It’s Funny!! The Dude Diet is not a typical cookbook. the Dude Diet exudes personality, good times and great food, and also healthy food for dudes. You know what I mean this is a cookbook for guys who slam chicken wings and pizza in …

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Oct 18


TACO TUESDAY: CELEBRATIONS— Celebrations is a completely different cookbook devised by Danielle Walker. Beautiful book, highlighting numerous pages of gorgeous pictures so beautiful, I was seriously considering ripping out the pages and eating the paper imagining I was eating a Thanksgiving turkey, light, delicious looking game day chicken wings, sumptuous looking Easter dinner ham, heavenly …

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Oct 07

The Secret to a Strong Marriage!


–SUCCESSFUL MARRIAGE MEANS STAYING MARRIED—- Numerous people are wondering today—how do I have a successful marriage? With famous millionaire celebrities getting married and then divorced in two months, who are we to look up to? We need to make our marriages work. Research shows good, solid marriages create happy, healthy, functional children. I’ve been married …

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Sep 15

TACO TUESDAY: Delicious, Garlic Potatoes Anyone?

4_2_Mug Meals TP Mech.indd

TACO TUESDAY—DELCIOUS MUG OF GARLIC POATOES—- Arming myself by eating lunch first, before looking through MUG MEALS for another Taco Tuesday delicious recipe, I became very hungry just leafing through Leslie Bilderback’s beautiful book filled with over 100 creative, smart, satisfying creations. If only Bilderback delivered these yummy meals to our front doors—she’d become an …

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Sep 09

Real Life or Made Up Untruths Find Out in How to be a Grownup.

grown up

HOW TO BE A GROWN UP— Rory has a problem. Actually she has three problems. Her husband is selfish and immature, and the other(s) are her bosses who look and act like spoiled brats, getting whatever they want, speaking in made up work language , having no ethics, or reasoning abilities. But Rory needs the …

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Aug 13

Do It Your Way and Be Successful—The Sweet Life Proves It!!


Dulce Candy Ruiz is living proof that anyone, yes I mean anyone living in America today can become a successful business owner. Hard work, self belief, research, working long hours, determination and anyone can become a success story. I love how Ruiz is a petite passion-filled powerhouse dynamo that literally does what most people could …

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Aug 03

MOMZINGA’S MANSLICE MONDAY: Hot Box Office Draw—Tom Cruise


With another fast moving, action packed Mission Impossible movie coming to movie theaters, Rogue Nation, how can I not include Tom Cruise as a Manslice Monday guy? Tom Cruise is a complete wild, way over the top kind of guy. Cruise can act—that he has proven many times over. Tom Cruise is a healthy, muscular, …

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