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Dec 01

Gold Medalist, Simone Biles Tells Her Inspiring Life Story.


COURAGE TO SOAR BY SIMONE BILES—-Thank you, Simone for writing an inspirational book everyone should read. Courage to Soar is an inside look into a gold medalist’s world. Simone Biles has a great attitude where nothing stands in her way. I’m not saying she will harm people to get what she wants, nope she is …

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Oct 25

TACO TUESDAY: THE DUDE DIET: Not Just For Guys, A Healthy Eating Bible For Everyone!

THE DUDE DIET BY SERNA WOLF—-The Bible of Healthy Eating and It’s Funny!! The Dude Diet is not a typical cookbook. the Dude Diet exudes personality, good times and great food, and also healthy food for dudes. You know what I mean this is a cookbook for guys who slam chicken wings and pizza in …

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Oct 07

Can A Book Be Your Best Friend? You’ve Found Her in The Bitch is Back.


THE BITCH IS BACK WRITTEN BY CATHI HANAUER— The Bitch is Back is similar to talking to your best friend or in this case a bunch of besties who tell you all the secrets women will not divulge on social media. Simply put—it’s awesome to know that women out there in the world are going …

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Aug 29


I LIKED MY LIFE WRITTEN BY ABBY FABIASCHI—How to raise a decent, moral human being I Liked My Life comes out in January of 2017. I was sent the uncorrected proof so I thought I’d do a review in August for a book that comes out in January. I have to say without reservation that …

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Jul 05



MODERN LOVERS BY EMMA STRAUB—-Wild Thing I Think I love You! Modern Lovers starts out as a dull story, but turns into a fascinating read. When I started reading Modern Lovers, I have to admit I was bored with the different stories that were not developing. But Straub does this sneaky thing of suddenly kicking …

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Jun 17

OVERLOAD: Over Simplified Look at Giving God the Wheel


OVERLOAD BY JOYCE MEYER—– Feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, irritated, angry, agitated? Joyce Meyer’s newest religiously inspired book may be the answer to your woes. Overload is filled with helpful suggestions of leading a faith based life. Basically Meyer is saying we need to let God take the wheel as Carrie Underwood sang about in her …

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Mar 08


Justin Timberlake performs at the MasterCard Priceless Premieres concert on Sunday, May 5, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

MANSLICE MONDAY—-JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE— Seriously talented, Justin Timberlake seemingly effortlessly sings songs, writes songs, performs on stage, stars in movies and dances in funny costumes on SNL. Timberlake reeks with talent. After seeing him star in several movies; The Social Network, Bad Teacher and on SNL performing numerous skits, I realized Justin Timberlake is one of …

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Feb 11

Opening Belle: A Bestseller Waiting to Happen!


OPENING BELLE BY MAUREEN SHERRY— Opening Belle by Maureen Sherry is a woman’s much needed book telling exactly what goes on behind Wall Street; where men act like little boys, have no ethics, morals or values and treat women like sexual playthings. I had to read Opening Belle as soon as possible and as fast …

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Jan 13

When to Rob A Bank: Funny Economic Advice!

When to Rob a Bank by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner comes to you from the authors of Freakanomics, which I never read but by reading Rob a Bank I can tell right away it’s got to be funny. This is the book you should read moms—it is funny, you can read what you want …

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Oct 28

Brave Enough: A Little Green Book Filled With Inspirational Life Affirming Truthisms!

brave enuff

BRAVE ENOUGH— Best Inspirational Book of the YEAR!!— Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed—A small book with a lot of seriously well intentioned, well meaning, well written life quotes. Brave Enough contains over 100 inspirational quotes that will get you through the worst of times, and quite possibly create even better times. Believe it, this little …

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