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Nov 14

RIDICULOUS:Do Stores Start Christmas Too Early?


Did you start seeing Christmas decorations in stores  months before Christmas this year? I was not shocked when I saw Christmas trees in the front lobby of our local Wal-mart way back in October. Lowe’s had Christmas everything in their front lobby at the end of September. It was 80 degrees outside, and here in local …

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Nov 08

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:Schools Enforcing Stricter Rules. But Are They Making Matters Worse or Better?

HUDSON (FOX 13) – A controversial new program at a Pasco County high school segregates students, during lunch time, based on their grades. Not all parents and students are on board. In fact many students and parents think the program is making things worse, not better. According to school officials, the program was rolled out …

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Nov 07

RAISING TRUMP: Despite Preconceived Notions, Actually One of the Best Books of 2017!


RAISING TRUMP— I did not want to like the newest book written by Ivana Trump, Raising Trump. After Ivana publicly stated that she was the first lady, attempting and being successful in gaining a lot of media attention with her statement, I felt kind of pissed off. But I have to say after reading Raising Trump, …

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Nov 06


MARK WAHLBERG—MANSLICE MONDAY—- Didn’t Mark Wahlberg besides starting his own band, getting in trouble in his teen years and being an A-lister actor, pose for a Calvin Klein underwear ad a few years ago? Totally awesome! I’m all for good looking, muscular guys appearing in  underwear ads. Mark Wahlberg started out as a rough and …

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Nov 03

THE CROWN: Marvelously Written Book Interspersed With Dramatic Behind The Scenes Pictures


The Crown written by Robert Lacey contains numerous pictures of the REAL Queen Elizabeth and the actress who portrays her on the Netflix drama—-which is beautifully done. I wanted to watch three shows an evening, but my husband continually interrupted my viewing the Netflix marvelously created TV show that runs like a movie for each …

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Nov 02

CRAIG AND FRED: How A Stray Dog And A Marine Rescued Each Other


Craig and Fred is a simply written book of a Marine who comes home from Afghanistan crediting a warm hearted, affectionate dog for saving his life. Simply an amazing book. Written by Craig Grossi in an action oriented method much like James Patterson’s books, Craig and Fred is not a deep thinking kind of book, …

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Nov 01



When thinking about it, the dog wins our love every time over our love for a real person, because they are more loving, don’t cheat on us and won’t leave us stranded in a park alone. Face it, people, we love our dogs more than we love people . It’s actually easy to conceptualize. Dogs …

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Oct 31

Taco Tuesday: Love Rocco DiSpirito’s Healthy and Delicious


I love Rocco Di Spirito’s sense of adventure, love of REAL FOOD, and the over 200 healthy recipes he created in his new recipe book—-Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious. By the way, this is not simply a cookbook it is more of a change of lifestyle, but accomplished  in a comfortable way. Rocco starts out by telling …

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Oct 31

Why The Sexual Assault Double Standard For Rock Stars And Not Okay For Hollywood Elites To Assault Women?


Now that we are hearing the stories from Hollywood nobodies saying major players, and A-listers tried to have sex with them, grabbed their butts, their boobs including Bush 41 who is 93, grabbed an unheard of Turn actress’s butt during a picture promo,YIKES! When is it going to stop? So far, over 30 actresses have come …

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Oct 31

Fear Mongers Gone Too Far? Taking Halloween Away From Kids


The last two years my daughter was in high school the Principal took Halloween away. He announced that  the kids, teachers, staff could not wear Halloween costumes to school. No distribution of candy would be allowed, No pranks or Halloween decorations would be allowed at the school because Halloween was deemed to be too disruptive. …

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