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Jan 18

Is The Chalk Man The New Stephen King It Horror Novel?


What do enlightened readers of Stephen King books think? After reading The Chalk Man, does it remind you of anything? Like The Stephen King movie, It? With the Stand By Me element in it, The Chalk Man definitely seems like a cleverly written Stephen King novel. The Chalk Man is seemingly several genres compiled into one, …

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Jan 16

My Pillow Keeps Moving—Cutest Kids’ Book Ever


What can I say I fell in love with My Pillow Keeps Moving written by Laura Gehl. (My Pillow was illustrated by cartoonist Christopher Weyant). I have never reviewed any kids’ books before, because I was trying to keep more of an adult website—don’t get your mind in the gutter.I am wholeheartily recommending every …

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Nov 27



JONATHAN DEE’S THE LOCALS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MOST DESPICABLE BOOK OF 2017! Greed is not good. The main theme of The Locals is about people wanting more: more money, bigger houses, more sex, more power, more of everything. But the way it is written is in a manner so dull, it is a turnoff. …

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Nov 16

HOW THE RIGHT LOST ITS MIND:A Liberal Bunch of Spooey


Charles J. Sykes wrote a book called How The Right Lost Its Mind, making me think Liberals are people who are mindless wandering zombies who wander America walking in the middle of the road, uttering unexplainable moans, complete with outstretched arms. As soon as I started reading Charles J. Sykes How the Right Lost Its …

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Nov 15

The Youngest Member of The Manson Family Finally Tells Her Intriguing Story: Member of The Family.

Member of The Family is a well written, intriguing look at the youngest member of Charles Manson’s family. It’s interesting, thought provoking, telling and disgusting at the same time. Dianne Lake who was only 14 when she was taken in by the Manson family, witnessed and lived with the people who became some of the …

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Nov 10



SLEEPING BEAUTIES BY STEPHEN AND OWEN KING— Stephen King and his son Owen King wrote a book so big it could be a heavy doorstop. It’s 720 pages long. For me, that’s too long, because I am a busy Mom who doesn’t have time to spend hours and hours devouring a book so lengthy it …

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Nov 02

CRAIG AND FRED: How A Stray Dog And A Marine Rescued Each Other


Craig and Fred is a simply written book of a Marine who comes home from Afghanistan crediting a warm hearted, affectionate dog for saving his life. Simply an amazing book. Written by Craig Grossi in an action oriented method much like James Patterson’s books, Craig and Fred is not a deep thinking kind of book, …

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Oct 31

Taco Tuesday: Love Rocco DiSpirito’s Healthy and Delicious


I love Rocco Di Spirito’s sense of adventure, love of REAL FOOD, and the over 200 healthy recipes he created in his new recipe book—-Rocco’s Healthy and Delicious. By the way, this is not simply a cookbook it is more of a change of lifestyle, but accomplished  in a comfortable way. Rocco starts out by telling …

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Oct 17

TACO TUESDAY: COOKING WITH ZAC: Most beautiful Cookbook of 2017!!


COOKING WITH ZAC HAS TO BE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COOKBOOK OF THE 2017!! I decided to make Cooking With Zac, a cookbook , a Taco Tuesday feature. After simply opening clothing, accessory, handbag designer Zac Posen’s cookbook, I discovered a truly unique look at food. Cooking With Zac is the most beautiful cookbook of 2017! Zac Posen …

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Sep 29

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life: Sorta, Kinda Funny!

Okay at first I kind of found  Samantha Irby’s We  Are Never Meeting In Real Life, sorta, kinda funny, then the middle dropped out and this book became anything but funny. It became annoying! We are Never Meeting in Real Life is true, because her humor was not funny. Okay, great she makes fun of herself, …

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