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Oct 17

When Are Liberal Women Protesting Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment of Women?


WHEN IS THE NEXT PROTEST RALLY FOR WOMEN AGAINST SEXUAL HARASSMENT? When are protesters going to start parading around in pink hats protesting mistreatment of women in Hollywood? Where are these women? Are they organizing a protest on a large scale in New York City where Harvey Weinstein was born, raised and started his career? …

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Oct 09

SNL’s Lorne Michaels is a Hypocrite!

  Getty Images Producer Harvey Weinstein currently embroiled in sex scandal.   Why is there a major double standard with Liberals saying everything Donald Trump does is wrong? Why is the Liberal media not talking about Harvey Weinstein and how he is embroiled in a sex scandal? Why is it okay for every Liberal media source …

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Feb 09

THINKING THURSDAY:Are Feminists Bullying Women or Empowering Them?

fem bully

THINKING THURSDAY: Do Feminists Empower Women or Bully Them? It’s time Feminists stop bullying other women like the yarn shop owner in Tennessee. It’s time Feminists stop acting like they were personally attacked by what President Trump said 30 years ago, and take action against the boys and men who are bullying our girls online. …

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Apr 13


lilac girls

LILAC GIRLS BY MARTHA HALL KELLY— Lilac Girls, written by Martha Hall Kelly, is the most riveting, intense, brilliant, wonderful, tragic, stunning, irresistible, magical, beautiful book I’ve read in 2016! Lilac Girls covers so much ground about three women that I don’t know where to start. Lilac Girls is so involving, I read it in …

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Mar 17

Thinking Thursday: TEENS: Eat Your Veggies and Fruits: Fight off Breast Cancer!

eat fruit

A Harvard study suggests that eating high fiber foods can reduce the risk of breast cancer. And it starts in the teen years! Women who chow down on more high-fiber foods during adolescence and young adulthood—especially fruits and veggies—have a lower risk of developing breast cancer, according to a new large-scale study from Harvard. Researchers …

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Jan 13

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: New York Jets Football Star Has 10 Kids With 7 Women

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—Football Star Has 10 Kids With 7 Women! New York Jets football star Antonio Cromartie will soon be adding to his family’s lineup—he and his wife are having twins. This will make 10, count it on two hands people , 10 kids that Cromartie will have. Antonio and his wife, Terricka are having twins—despite …

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Sep 30

WNW: Muslim Father Murders Americanized Daughter

khan daughter

WEIRD NEWS WEDNSDAY—If you have any doubt about how sick some people, (Muslims) truly are, here is a story from Breitbart—-because we at keep an eye on all the news, to stay informed, intelligent and to keep you informed. Asadullah Khan, 52, and his wife Shazia, 41, both Ahmadiyya Muslims originally from Pakistan, are …

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Jul 16

Contrary to Popular Opinion Ripped From The Pages Isn’t a Cozy Mystery, It’s Something Else!

I did not find Ripped From The Pages to be a cozy mystery. I found the characters to be immature, odd, strange and the town of Dharma to be a site where a cult lives. All the residents of Dharma, a wine growing community nestled in California were all written by the author Kate Carlisle …

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May 06

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: SEX ON A Public Beach during the Day?


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY–COUPLE HAS SEX ON BEACH Do you think it is okay to have sex on a beach in public? Do you think it is okay to have sex in full view of little kids? A woman called 911,on Cortez Beach in Bradenton Florida last July telling the 911 operator how a couple put …

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Apr 23

Thinking Thursday: ASHLEY’S WAR: Are We Empowering Women Sending Them Into Combat?

ashley's war

THINKING THURSDAY—EMPOWERING WOMEN AND ASHLEY’S WAR– Recently having read the book, Ashley’s War, I started thinking about women going onto the battlefield with men, on the ground. Women have not been allowed to go into on the ground combat situations with men until an elite group of women took this first step into an unknown …

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