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Apr 25

THE PERFECT COMEBACK: Don’t Let the Past Ruin Your Tomorrows!

THE PERFECT COMEBACK BY MATTHEW DICKS—Caroline goes on a trip to tell off a past bully. Caroline loses it at a PTA meeting, screaming, “F#@K You!” to the PTA president in front of a crowded cafeteria filled with concerned high school parents. Unable to talk to her goth/punk 15 year old teenager, and unable to …

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Mar 23


Considering a 14 year old female freshman was brutally raped by one, possibly two illegal immigrants at a Maryland school. I am calling to boycott the State of Maryland, and their schools. This is what I mean–do not buy anything in Maryland. Do not visit Maryland. Do not add any tourism dollars to the State …

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Mar 13


confessions of hs

CONFESSIONS OF A HIGH SCHOOL DISASTER BY EMMA CHASTAIN—Not your average deep thinking teen drama— Confessions is a teen book obviously aimed at a certain age group; young teens. Every so often I love to read teen books because they are either very dark and insightful or they are fun and entertaining. It’s like getting …

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Apr 06

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Sex Survey Given to Kids in Spanish Class

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—RACY SURVERY GIVEN TO MIDDLE SCHOOLERS– A racy survey was given to Florida middle school students to fill out during Spanish class. A Tampa, Florida principal launched an investigation into a survey handed out to middle school students in Spanish class. Some parents complained after their children were asked to complete a form …

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Mar 16

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: California Middle School Students Given Condoms!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—IS MIDDLE SCHOOL TOO EARLY TO GIVE KIDS CONDOMS? A big controversy is brewing in San Francisco after the city’s school board unanimously approved a proposal to give middle school students – ages 11 to 14 – access to condoms without parental approval. The decision has divided parents, some of whom say that …

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Mar 02


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—Terribly Troubled Teen Shoots Family SHOCKING!! A 16 year old Tennessee teen shot his family members when his mother tried to get him out of bed for school in the morning. I’ve heard of getting mad about going to school, but this is beyond asinine. It’s time for kids to accept responsibility, stop …

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Jan 21

Thinking Thursday: Think It’s Okay For a Sexual Predator to Have Sex with Your Child?

THINKING THURSDAY—-GROSS SEXUAL PREDATORS!! Mary Kay Letourneau was a married teacher who had several kids with her husband. She threw it all away to be a predator enticing a decades younger middle schooler to have sex with her. She admitted to falling in love with him when he was in elementary school. Pretty sick huh? …

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Dec 02

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: 9 Year Old Boy Does The Right Thing!

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: 9 Year Old Rescues Lost 6 Year Old Girl! 9 year old South Carolina boy, Stevie Watts, found a six year old girl wandering around the streets near their local elementary school and asked her what was wrong. When she answered with, “I want to go home.” Watts asked her where home …

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Sep 02

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Get Free Publicity By Changing Your Sex


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—- Before reading this story I’d like you to think about something—why are transgender people making a big deal out of changing their sex? Why are teenagers publicly telling everyone they changed their sex from male to female or female to male? Why does it seem almost everyone wants their private information to …

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May 21

THINKING THURSDAY:Teacher Allows Middle School Kids To Have Sex in Classroom


THINKING THURSDAY—- Still think public schools are doing all they can do to give your kids a great education? Well, this school in Georgia was offering the middle school kids great sex education. The teacher, 25-year-old, Quentin Wright, allegedly allowed the middle school kids to use his classroom after school to have sex in the …

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