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Oct 30

What Does It Show Kids When NFL Players Take a Knee During the National Anthem?

gee whiz

When millionaire, large contract making football players kneel for the National Anthem this shows our kids it is okay to do whatever we want whenever we want. Considering the NFL won’t stand up to their players, enforcing their own rules of players must stand during the playing of the National Anthem, this says it is …

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May 23


FAKE PLASTIC LOVE BY KIMBERLEY TAIT—NO WAY IS THIS A FIRST BOOK— Shocked that Fake Plastic Love is Kimberley Tait’s first novel. It certainly didn’t seem like a first book, it was written so well, I was shocked that it is a first venture into adventure. I found it delightful, hilarious, well written, fantastic and …

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Jul 19

Sons of Daughters of Ease and Plenty: Could This Be a Really Bad Lifetime Movie?

sons and daugters

SONS OF DAUGHTERS OF EASE AND PLENTY BY RAMONA AUSUBEL— Fern and Edgar have a problem. Their lawyer calls to tell them they have no more money. Fern and Edgar do not have jobs. They have been living off Fern’s inheritance for years. Fern and Edgar do not get jobs or suddenly become responsible human …

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Dec 11

Thinking Thursday: Dress Casually Or Dress To Impress?

dress to imp

THINKING THURSDAY—-DRESS TO IMPRESS– I noticed this entire culture change in the past 20 years. People are going out to eat dressed beyond casual. It shows a lack of respect when people come to funerals wearing hot pink shorts, or their pajamas. When I was a kid, when we went out to eat, we dressed …

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Jul 09



THINKING THURSDAY—-GET MORE WORK DONE— Moms make more time to work at home. I was thinking of writing this topic before Jeb Bush showed how out of touch he is when he said Americans should work more. What I’m saying is Moms can find more time to work at home while taking care¬†of the kids: …

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May 07

THINKING THURSDAY: You Have Been Warned, Teach Your Kids How To Use Their Brains, Not Rely on Computers!!


THINKING THURSDAY— Public schools are getting worse by the year. Teachers at schools are literally being told to not teach kids how to spell words properly. They are forcing kids to learn how to do math with common core, which doesn’t work. And teachers are not allowed to teach kids how to think for themselves, …

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Apr 20

Taking Shortcuts To Success: See Where It Gets You


COPY AND PASTE YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS—- Have you ever done this–copied and pasted essays, paragraphs, sentences, from the Internet and used it as your own to pass a class? Have you ever used your cellphone at school to cheat on a test and not gotten caught? Why not do what everyone else has been …

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Mar 20

Has Cheating Become The New Normal?


IS CHEATING BECOMING NEW NORMAL?— Since the early 1990’s I’ve noticed this entirely new concept come into society—it’s okay to cheat. It’s slowly becoming the new normal. I’ve noticed kids think it is okay to cheat in school, in video games, on tests, in real life. President Clinton showed a certain level of disrespect for …

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Jan 26

Warning: The Same Sky is a Tearjerker, Definetely Worth the Read!

same sky

REVIEW WRITTEN BY WRITER KATE JOHNS At first I thought The Same Sky was a real story, that it wasn’t fiction. I had to look at the book cover, and binding to figure out if it was real or not. The Same Sky written by Amanda Eyre Ward seems like two real life stories that …

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Jan 09



¬†FINALLY FRIDAY–FREE DRUGS FOR EVERYONE!! Obama is giving, from the kindness in his heart of hearts a free college education. UMMM–community college that is. But it’s all good. You can get two free years in college, and then finish up that Bachelor of Science or a Master at a more pricey college specializing in your …

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