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Mar 16

THINKING THURSDAY: Lose Weight With The New President Trump Diet!


THINKING THURSDAY—LOSE WEIGHT WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP—Or How To Get Media Attention— 30 year old The Girls, or whatever her supposedly funny/feminist TV show was called, star Lena Dunham has said she lost weight due to Donald Trump becoming president. She says “Donald Trump became president, and I stopped being able to eat food.” Looks like …

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Feb 23

THINKING THURSDAY: 10 Things I’ve Been Thinking About, But Was Too Afraid To Say!

THINKING THURSDAY—10 Things That I’ve Been Thinking About For Months, But Was Too Afraid to Say—- 1. Feminism does NOT mean getting an abortion. 2. Swearing does not make you a Feminist! 3. Respect is earned not given. So quit whining about how you should be given a free education or be given free healthcare …

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Feb 22

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: PARTDEUX: Liberal Students Cut Off Balls To Protest Trump’s Wall


ANOTHER WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-LIBERALS CUTTING OFF BALLS TO PROTEST TRUMP BUILDING WALL IS A FAKE STORY MADE UP BY BOGUS NEWS SITES. ACCORDING TO SNOPES.COM: In January 2017, an article appeared on an obscure (and dubious) web site called, which purported to describe a graphic planned protest of Donald Trump’s plan to build a …

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Feb 22


SICK NEWS WEDNESDAY—– THIS IS BEYOND DISGUSTING, THIS IS INHUMANE! A Mississippi woman was arrested recently for having sex with a dog and videotaping it online. Isn’t that two crimes? YUCK!!How could someone have sex with an animal? And could that lead to the woman getting pregnant with puppies? 43-year-old, Amy Graves, from Mississippi, has …

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Feb 21

My Life As Eva is Exactly What Every Teens Needs!!

MY LIFE AS EVA WRITTEN BY EVA GUTOWSKI—Need Some Sage Advice From Someone Who Has Been There? Social media star, Eva Gutowski details her life and gives good life advice to teens. Eva admits to reading a lot as a kid, and that’s what has helped her today. Gee, where have I heard that before? …

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Feb 09

THINKING THURSDAY:Are Feminists Bullying Women or Empowering Them?

fem bully

THINKING THURSDAY: Do Feminists Empower Women or Bully Them? It’s time Feminists stop bullying other women like the yarn shop owner in Tennessee. It’s time Feminists stop acting like they were personally attacked by what President Trump said 30 years ago, and take action against the boys and men who are bullying our girls online. …

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Feb 08

Read American Girls: Discover How Your Daughter Is Being Sexually Bullied Online!


AMERICAN GIRLS BY NANCY JO SALES—-Your daughter knows more about sex than you do! Sex, pornography, nude pics, it’s disgusting what is happening to our daughters online. Parents need to know what is going on online with teen girls being sexualized in a slut shamed and bullied society by boys and girls until they commit …

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Jan 24

This Is Completely Wrong: Two People Publicly Bully 10 YR OLD Barron Trump On Inauguration Day

NBC’s Dateline runs an award winning series titled “My Kid Would Never Do That, Bullying”.Taken directly from Ironically, following President Donald Trump’s inauguration, one of NBC’s employees Katie Rich, from SNL, tweeted about the President’s youngest son. Rich tweeting “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter”. Three hours later she deleted her tweet. …

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Dec 22

THINKING THURSDAY: Why Do People Think It Is Okay to Yell Their Hatred At Other People?

THINKING THURSDAY—-What Happened to Love For Everyone? Exactly when did it become acceptable for people of any race, color, age to yell at other people because they are pissed off about life? When exactly did people start yelling their opinions at other people in public places? Why is acceptable for people to yell at someone …

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Dec 14



WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—LIBERALS TELLING US WHAT PRONOUNS TO USE NOW, BECAUSE BOYS AND GIRLS ARE THE SAME. The latest bunch of utter revulsion comes from England. Oxford University started a new policy of telling university students, teachers, professors, anyone able to read and hear, that students must refer to each other as “ZE”, no not …

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