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Oct 24

Momzinga’s Bucket List Bands To See Before We Hit Our Final Demise


10 BUCKET LIST BANDS—- Bands we have to see before we you know what I mean, cause you know what a bucket list is for. After watching the news the other day, and seeing a 94 year old women jump from a plane going skydiving, I was inspired to make my own bucket list. You …

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Feb 16

THINKING THURSDAY:Should Adele Apologize To Beyoncé For Getting Album of the Year?

adele bey

THINKING THURSDAY–ADELE SHOULD NOT HAVE APOLOGIZED TO BEYONCE FOR WINNING ALBUM OF THE YEAR AND CARLOS SANTANA WAS RIGHT! At the 59th Grammy Awards show Adele apologized to Beyoncé in an emotional speech of how she should not have gotten the album of the year. Adele told the audience and Beyoncé who was sitting in …

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Mar 08


Justin Timberlake performs at the MasterCard Priceless Premieres concert on Sunday, May 5, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

MANSLICE MONDAY—-JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE— Seriously talented, Justin Timberlake seemingly effortlessly sings songs, writes songs, performs on stage, stars in movies and dances in funny costumes on SNL. Timberlake reeks with talent. After seeing him star in several movies; The Social Network, Bad Teacher and on SNL performing numerous skits, I realized Justin Timberlake is one of …

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Feb 22



MANSLICE MONDAY—CHRIS ISAAK— Singer/songwriter Chris Isaak should have been my first Manslice Monday guy. He hit it big with his wickedly sexy song, Wicked Games back in 1991. Supermodel, Helena Christensen starred in the video, teasing Isaak by taking off her bikini top and playing in the surf on the beach. Sexiest music video of …

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May 20

The Voice’s Sawyer Fredericks Proves Homeschooling Is The Best Teaching Method For Kids

The Voice - Season 8

Sawyer Fredericks won the Voice’s Season 8 on May 19. Sawyer is 16. Sawyer has also been homeschooled for his entire life. Sawyer Fredericks grew up and worked on a farm in Fultonville, New York. Sawyer is a great kid. He has been taught by his family that hard work pays off. Sawyer was homeschooled …

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Jan 08



THINKING THURSDAY—CAN’T HANDLE TAKING CARE OF KIDS?— A Tampa Florida man threw his five-year old daughter into Tampa Bay, fled the scene, and was chased by an off duty cop after the cop saw the man throw the child off Sunshine Skyway Bridge at night. The off duty officer called police, asked local fishermen standing …

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Aug 20

WHAT Michael Jackson was Really Like


We all know Michael Jackson was a huge star, that he was loved and respected by millions of people, but what we don’t know is who Michael Jackson really was. Bill Whitfield and Javon Beard become Michael Jackson’s personal Las Vegas bodyguards. They tell the inside story of what Michael Jackson was really like, what …

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Jul 24

Thinking Thursday: Don’t worry, be Happy!!

For my Thinking Thursday feature, I was going to go deep end on you, creating a post that was super ultra serious. But I didn’t feel quite up to the task of being super serious. I brought it down a notch. My Thinking Thursday advice for you today is to enjoy the day. Enjoy your …

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Jul 07

Momzinga’s MANSLICE MONDAY: Bryan Adams


MANSLICE MONDAY—–BRYAN ADAMS— He’s Canadian, but doesn’t live in Canada. He’s not particularly good looking, but looks cute from a distance. He is a millionaire and award winning songwriter many times over. He’s never been married but has dated super models like Elle MacPherson. That says SEXY to me!! Bryan Adams has sold well over …

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Jul 02

Bill Medley Had the Time of His Life: His Advice For You!!


Elvis, Kenny Rogers, Waylon Jennings, Connie Stevens, Johnny Carson, Phil Spector; all names mentioned in the book; The Time of My Life By Bill Medley. Just think, Bill Medley was friends with Elvis, dated Connie Stevens, and became friends with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. When I read The Time of My Life, I …

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