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Feb 20



MOM RANT—IS GLENNON DOYLE MELTON A LOVE WARRIOR OR A HO? Glennon Doyle Melton wrote a book called Love Warrior last year. Thinking back, I wish I hadn’t given Love Warrior a good review. Melton is anything but a ‘Christian blogger.’ Melton screwed around on her husband with Abby Wambach, former soccer star, and now …

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Feb 16


Moms Unite and Demand That We as Moms, mothers to today’s children, we who create life, should get a free college education. And yes I am serious. What brought this on? This little gem from the entitled Wisconsin-Madison student government: According to the Associated Press, The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s student government is demanding free tuition …

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Feb 15

Trump, Obama and Hillary Will Not Make Your Life Better. You Will!


HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER? When things aren’t going your way, you are not getting what you want from life, what can you do to make it better? Drink some wine, or have a beer? Then suddenly everything feels so much better, right? Do you expect a small package attached to a small …

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Feb 15

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: ENRAGED Pilot Loses Mind, Yells at Passengers About Clinton and Trump!


WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—WTF! PILOT LOSES IT, YELLS AT PASSENGERS ABOUT HER DIVORCE AND DONALD TRUMP—- A bad sketch from SNL? Maybe a movie where Melissa McCarthy loses it, grabs the intercom mike and starts yelling at passengers on a plane about her love life, and Donald Trump? People have lost their minds since the election …

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Feb 02


THINKING THURSDAY—STUPID STUFF HAPPENS—- Thank God BeyoncĂ© announced her twin pregnancy on Instagram the other day, or we’d be stuck with more negative news about President Trump! Her news appearing on Instagram, apparently the lead story on Facebook and Yahoo all day, looking obviously pregnant, wearing a bra and big-ass undies was incredibly weird. Because …

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Feb 01

Why Millions of Women Did Not Participate in the Million Women March

WE women who are happy Trump became president did not partipate in the Million Women March because we want a new president in the White House who is going to work hard for America, not go on golfing vacations, divide America, and boast about himself for a half hour on TV every week. WE did …

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Jan 27

Why Does It Have to Be the Big Get Even? Why Does It Have To Be Anything At All?

Why does it have to be the big get even? Why does it have to be anything at all? Why do we have to act like we just were spurned from a lover and spew hatred all over the Internet and in our social circles? I’m seeing people saying very crude, rude, immature things about …

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Jan 12


THINKING THURSDAY—New Year, New You! It’s a New Year, and you are thinking how can I save money this year and pay off my debts? Save more money and pay your debts off to have a better life. Gone are the days of putting money in the bank watching it accrue great interest money making …

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Dec 07

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Stay Classy People of the Internet Stay Classy!

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY— When did it become okay to write headlines with Amy Schumer-like titles including the word FUCK in the title? I’m truly tired of seeing articles written with these well worn, overused words and phrases: 1. SHOCKING 2. STUPID 3. SURPRISE 4. AWESOME 5. FUNNY 6. FUCK, PLACE ANY SWEAR-WORD HERE 7. I …

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Oct 24

THE SIX: Jack, Will You Tell Me A Story?

THE SIX; THE MITFORD SISTERS WRITTEN BY LAURA THOMPSON— The Six, by Laura Thompson talks about The six Mitford Sisters, their one brother and their parents. Each daughter has a very stand out, strong personality. They are wealthy Britain’s all born between 1904 and 1920. Their brother dies in WWII. Several of the sisters idolize …

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