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Nov 27

20th Century Fox: James Brolin: MANSLICE MONDAY

Life in Pieces Panel at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2015 on Monday August 10, 2015 at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Pictured:   James Brolin. Photo: Francis Specker/CBS -- © 2015 CBS Broadcasting Network.  All rights reserved.

MANSLICE MONDAY—-JAMES BROLIN— I remember ultra-cute James Brolin starring on the 1970’s TV drama Marcus Welby M.D. He played a younger doctor to the aging doctor, Marcus Welby. They could have had the young, good looking James Brolin on the show the entire time, simply mumbling and I still would have watched the show. I …

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Nov 27



JONATHAN DEE’S THE LOCALS HAS BEEN NAMED THE MOST DESPICABLE BOOK OF 2017! Greed is not good. The main theme of The Locals is about people wanting more: more money, bigger houses, more sex, more power, more of everything. But the way it is written is in a manner so dull, it is a turnoff. …

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Nov 20

UNSHAKEABLE: Faith Driven Book Guides You Through Each Day of the Year!

Unshakeable written by Christine Caine is simply bible verses taken from obviously different Bibles , and put in a book , right? Okay, well ummm—- Caine put Bible verses into a 365 day kind of calendar configuration that is better than a verse a day kind of thing. It’s inspiring! Christine Caine lovingly placed 365 …

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Nov 20

THOR: CHRIS HEMSWORTH:Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!!

CHRIS HEMSWORTH Chris Hemsworth was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He’s a hot Australian guy, girls. He appeared in many movies including Thor, which is where you may know Chris Hemsworth—at his best. He is a blond haired, blue eyed, good looking guy; perfect for Manslice Monday. I still think his younger brother, Liam …

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Nov 16

HOW THE RIGHT LOST ITS MIND:A Liberal Bunch of Spooey


Charles K. Sykes wrote a book called How The Right Lost Its Mind, making me think Liberals are people who are mindless wandering zombies who wander America walking in the middle of the road, uttering unexplainable moans, complete with outstretched arms. As soon as I started reading Charles K. Sykes How the Right Lost Its …

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Nov 15

The Youngest Member of The Manson Family Finally Tells Her Intriguing Story: Member of The Family.

Member of The Family is a well written, intriguing look at the youngest member of Charles Manson’s family. It’s interesting, thought provoking, telling and disgusting at the same time. Dianne Lake who was only 14 when she was taken in by the Manson family, witnessed and lived with the people who became some of the …

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Nov 15

35 Far-Flung Places to Go To Get Away From It All: WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY

Hankering to get away from it all? I’m talking really get away from it all; from the stress of daily life, the Internet , your cellphone? Well you will have to travel pretty far to get away from having any cell service, and being bugged by your boss who seemingly has no boundaries. For your next …

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Nov 14

RIDICULOUS:Do Stores Start Christmas Too Early?


Did you start seeing Christmas decorations in stores  months before Christmas this year? I was not shocked when I saw Christmas trees in the front lobby of our local Wal-mart way back in October. Lowe’s had Christmas everything in their front lobby at the end of September. It was 80 degrees outside, and here in local …

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Nov 13

Did Prince Harry Ask Megan Markle To Marry Him? Momzinga’s Manslice Monday

MANSLICE MONDAY—-YOU HEARD IT ON MOMZINGA.COM FIRST! Prince Harry is completely different from his older brother, Prince William. Prince Harry has red hair, seems to not have a care in the world. He is the joke-maker in the royal family , whereas his older bro William is the more serious one. But more importantly, did …

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Nov 10



SLEEPING BEAUTIES BY STEPHEN AND OWEN KING— Stephen King and his son Owen King wrote a book so big it could be a heavy doorstop. It’s 720 pages long. For me, that’s too long, because I am a busy Mom who doesn’t have time to spend hours and hours devouring a book so lengthy it …

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