Feb 23

FIERCE OPTIMISM: No Way Could Someone Be This Happy!

FIERCE OPTIMISM BY LEEZA GIBBONS—-You learn something NEW every day!

Famed, former Entertainment Tonight host Leeza Gibbons is so optimistic I felt saccharine sweet to the bone, and could not believe that someone could be so happy. Her attitude blew me away!

After reading Gibbons super overly confident, happiness to the extreme book I discovered something about myself. I am cynical, unhappy and I always have been that way. Leeza Gibbons has always been the opposite of who I am, confident, happy and willing to try anything. Where I’d say, “No way,” to doing an interview with a famous person while riding horseback, Leeza Gibbons would and has said yes to doing so many things and working a dream job. Oh by the way that she created.

After reading Fierce Optimism, I figured how can anyone be so damn happy all the time? It seemed fake to me. But I have to say, her extremely confident, happy attitude made me realize so much and I decided, yes , I really did, to be happier. (BTW–I’ve said this before, but this time I really mean it!)

Gibbons must be doing something right with her determined, way over the top happy attitude, because she became rich and famous said No to doing the wrong, and still is smiling her Southern charm upon us.

I have to say I was not ready for Fierce Optimism—it’s way over the top, brimming with great attitude. I actually enjoyed reading Leeza Gibbons life story and how she tackles each challenge presented to her. She doesn’t even refer to anything new as a challenge, every new venture, every new day is an easy task to be enjoyed in reaching her ultimate life goals.

She talks about starting out in TV broadcasting and how men treated her differently because she was the only female reporter. It didn’t even bother her. She figured this is the way it goes, and I’ll be out of here soon enough anyways. And she was, she moved up from a small town TV station to just outside of Dallas and then on to bigger and better things from there.

Fierce Optimism is a good book to read if you want to learn how to have a better life. But you have to be open to the possibilities. Momzinga.com.

Feb 23

THINKING THURSDAY: 10 Things I’ve Been Thinking About, But Was Too Afraid To Say!

THINKING THURSDAY—10 Things That I’ve Been Thinking About For Months, But Was Too Afraid to Say—-

1. Feminism does NOT mean getting an abortion.

2. Swearing does not make you a Feminist!

3. Respect is earned not given. So quit whining about how you should be given a free education or be given free healthcare because you were born in America.

4. Just because you are a certain skin color does not mean you are owed a college education and you can demand one, and demand to be respected because you are a certain color.

5. What happened to people in big cities NOT having any respect for anyone else?

6. When did seemingly Everyone in America lose their minds?

7. What happened to respecting other people’s opinions?

8. What happened to being a decent, moral, classy person?

9. When did it become okay to hate cops?

10. If you live in America the problems you have are nothing compared to people who live in third world countries, as in they are starving, they do not have a home to live in, and they do not running water. Momzinga.com!

Feb 22

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: PARTDEUX: Liberal Students Cut Off Balls To Protest Trump’s Wall


In January 2017, an article appeared on an obscure (and dubious) web site called RightWingNow.com, which purported to describe a graphic planned protest of Donald Trump’s plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico:

In a bizarre form of protest, University of California freshman Seth Greenberg has promised to publicly remove his penis (he did not specify the method of removal) if Donald Trump begins project work on the US Mexican border wall.

“I’m so confident that Trump is full of shit, that I will cut my dick off, publicly if he adds even a mile of new wall” stated Greenberg in an on the street interview, where he was simultaneously protesting prayer in public school.

When pressed about the validity of his claim, Greenberg promised that “I will really do this. I feel that if he does actually build any of the wall, me removing my penis publicly will bring worldwide attention to the injustice being inflicted against the Mexican people.”

The story makes reference to the “University of California,” which is the name for one of the state’s two public university systems, but does not specify any particular campus. While odds are that there is at least one student at one University of California campus named “Seth Greenberg,” the only one of note is a college basketball coach turned ESPN commentator.

Other sites ran the story, with at least one adding to it by both referencing actual quotes from President-elect Donald Trump and posting a picture it claimed was of “Greenburg.” But that picture is not of “Greenburg,” nor does it have anything to do with the University of California system; it is actually taken from an interview with an Umpqua Community College student, following a shooting attack there on 1 October 2015.

The site that originated the Greenberg “interview” doubled down two days later with a second story adding both another student, “Jakob Connulson” and an alleged political group, “Open Borders Friends.”

In addition to the stolen photograph of a nonexistent student, neither Connulson nor any group bearing the name “Open Borders Friends” appear to exist on any University of California campus.

Feb 22



A Mississippi woman was arrested recently for having sex with a dog and videotaping it online. Isn’t that two crimes? YUCK!!How could someone have sex with an animal? And could that lead to the woman getting pregnant with puppies?

43-year-old, Amy Graves, from Mississippi, has been charged with having unnatural intercourse with a dog, and could be jailed for 10 years if convicted.

Sheriff Danny Rigel said: “This is a tip that came through crime stoppers. We have video evidence of the crime occurring that was posted online, which led us to the search and arrest warrant.”

He said it was not the first time he has seen such a case, but it was a “very rare” occurrence.
Sheriff Danny Rigel said that cops were tipped off through a crimes stoppers line which led to the arrest of Amy Graves. I say having sex with a dog, or any animal or a child is beyond sick. They should throw Graves in jail forever and throw away the key. SICK!
She will have to register as a sex offender if found guilty. Reminds me of Muslim adult males marrying young girls—girls as in 9 year old girls. Unless that is fake news, of course! Unless this story is fake news!

The breed of the pooch has not been revealed, but it has been left with family members, said Sheriff Rigel. Momzinga.com.

Feb 22

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY: Mysteriously Awesome, NEW Netflix Series

THIRTEEN REASONS WHY WRITTEN BY JAY ASHER–You won’t be able to put this book down!

Thirteen Reasons Why is a book that sounds like it was written about kids in the 1960’s. It is a timeless piece. It is beyond good. Thirteen Reasons Why is passionately written, beautifully telling, is dark, deep and a book every teenager should read. By the way—this book is ten years old and is becoming a Netflix series.

I read this book in one day, it is a very easy, fast, intriguing, you have to find out what happened kind of book. Hannah a high school freshman commits suicide and leaves behind several cassette tapes for all of the people that made her life a living hell. Everything added up for Hannah sending her over the edge. From having a popular best friend who dumps her, having a boy she got her first kiss from lie about her sending messages to all the other boys at school that they did a lot more than make out on their date, Hannah gets back at Everyone who screwed her over, from the grave.

Hannah makes several cassette tapes telling the stories to each person of how they messed up her life. How it all added up, how she was treated badly and how horrible it was for her. Clay ends up the next on her list of teens to get the tapes and spends a night listening to them while going through town seeing all the places she talks about and what happened at each to make her commit suicide.

Basically Thirteen Reasons Why is a story of how we as people should treat each other. How we should as teens, as adults in this world should treat each other better, by not spreading lies, make friends with everyone and not try to be the most popular teen in school or in life because in the end being most popular and having what your neighbor has doesn’t really matter. Momzinga.com

Feb 22

THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS: Meant To Be Savored Like A Fine Wine

THE KEEPER OF LOST THINGS, written by Ruth Hogan starts out dull, but picks up telling an interesting story of how Anthony
dies in a settled, calm manner, because he knows he is going to see his beloved fiancé once again.
She never came back home. Anthony entrusts his treasures he found and wrote stories about for many years—which he sold for money. Laura finds Anthony outside lying in the grass looking peaceful and happy, but he is so peaceful he is dead.

So Laura takes over and starts matching up the previous owners of the treasures Anthony found over the years.
Laura is a very lonely person due to her husband leaving her a few short years into their shaky marriage. Laura becomes Anthony’s trusted assistant as she cares for him and his home. Considering she has nowhere else to live except a small, sparse, apartment that is anything but home, she starts living at Anthony’s house going through his treasures.

When Laura finds the treasures in his study after he dies she falls into Anthony’s world and completely understands where he was coming from, who he was all those years, that she really didn’t know, and why he did what he did.

Some people may think he had a problem and couldn’t go on with his life and was hoarding to get through his days, which is a form of mental illness. But that’s not how Ruth Hogan wrote the book. She develops The Keeper Of Lost Things into a beautiful book, which does become more interesting and intriguing and ever so lovely as it goes on, I promise!

The Keeper of Lost Things starts out at a slow, dull pace, but picks up and becomes one of the best books of the year to hold close to your heart, because it is so endearing and charming. It truly is a good book written by first time author Ruth Hogan. Keeper of Lost Things is meant to be savored like a fine wine. ENJOY! Momzinga.com!

Feb 21

My Life As Eva is Exactly What Every Teens Needs!!

MY LIFE AS EVA WRITTEN BY EVA GUTOWSKI—Need Some Sage Advice From Someone Who Has Been There?

Social media star, Eva Gutowski details her life and gives good life advice to teens. Eva admits to reading a lot as a kid, and that’s what has helped her today. Gee, where have I heard that before? I told my kids this all the time. I still tell my 18 year old to read, because that’s how you learn what you need to get a better life.

Eva Gutowski is a big social media star, with 7.5 million YouTube subscribers, 5.2 million Instagram followers and 2.76 Twitter followers. Gutowski she does is take serious subjects, like being bullied on her first day of high school, and what she did about it, which teens can do to avoid being beaten up.

My Life As Eva: The struggle is Real is an easy read, which I recommend every teen reads to get the helpful,sometimes silly advice Eva gives to teens. She literally takes teens all the way from freshman year up to senior year in high school and how to deal with zits, breaking up with your best friend, body image—how to love the body you live in. Eva talks about being comfortable in what you wear. She also talks in a fun, friendly way of how her parents were poor and what they bought her for her first day of school—which I found funny. Hey, I’m the Mom who is always on the lookout for a major deal , and who bought most of my kids’ clothes from clearance racks. I know where she is coming from.

I love the frolicking , fun clothing she wears in the book. I also love Eva’s open to life attitude, and how she tells teens that’s how to be. That way you will be assured of living a great life, because you have to be open to new experiences and trust in them in order to be successful and have a great time living your life.
I highly recommend My Life As Eva: The Struggle is Real.Momzinga.com.

Feb 21




Talented actor Jim Parsons hung out waiting for about 15 years waiting for that one big role to happen for him. It wasn’t happening for Parsons, who is one of the stars of The Big Bang Theory. Parsons portrays Sheldon Cooper, the anti-social physicist who is so nerdy he doesn’t understand when people are being sarcastic. It’s as if the role of Sheldon was created just for Parsons, because he is so good at it, Chuck Lorre made him audition twice, to see if he really could recreate his original audition. Which he did ,masterfully to become one of the nerds of Big Bang who make millions per year making being geeky nerds look fun.

Jim Parsons is an unbelievable 43 years old, right now, and was born in March of 1973. Parsons loved TV so much he watched it all the time as a kid, and adored shows like Family Ties and Three’s Company. Parsons auditioned for about 30 TV pilots, didn’t get any of them, but when The Big Bang Theory came along, it’s as if the role was created just for Parsons.

The Big Bang Theory has been rolling along for ten years now, and may or may not see a season eleven. The top actors on the show score a million bucks per episode, so who knows what may happen.

Parsons starred for one year on Judging Amy, did several commercials, numerous Broadway plays and starred in Hidden Figures in 2016.Parsons has won 16 awards,( 4 Emmys), so far for playing Sheldon and is seen in syndication nearly all day long, every day of the week. Parsons could retire now from acting and live very comfortably with the moola he has made. Momzinga.com.

Feb 20




Glennon Doyle Melton wrote a book called Love Warrior last year. Thinking back, I wish I hadn’t given Love Warrior a good review. Melton is anything but a ‘Christian blogger.’ Melton screwed around on her husband with Abby Wambach, former soccer star, and now they are engaged.

Melton told a story, in her book, Love Warrior, of what a mess she was when she was a kid, all the way into adulthood. She married a guy who had no respect for her. And they had three children together. He screwed around on her with one night stands during the duration of their marriage. Craig is a sex addict, Melton is an alcoholic/drug addict.

Abby Wambach, former soccer star, has drug/alcohol problems, was also married while screwing around with Melton on her soccer star wife. They had one child together.

Melton tells what is going on in her life, on her blog and in her book which is brave of her. But what struck me is how she did not keep her marriage together. She had an affair. Six months after divorcing Craig, she got engaged to Wambach. From what I’m seeing Melton’s kids are going to be as much of a mess as she is, because she is not acting like a decent, moral Christian woman. She’s selfish, only caring about herself. For all we know she is just doing what she is doing to make more money from her mess of a life.

Glennon Doyle Melton screwed around on her husband with another woman while they were married. What a great example she is for her kids. NOT!! When a person screws around with another person who is also married, that is called ripping the kids’ lives apart. Did Melton, her husband or her fiancé Abby Wambach ever think about anyone else involved in their relationship? Did they ever think about who they are hurting, like Wambach’s child, and her ex, Melton’s kids or her ex-husband?

I’m wondering how long she will stay with Abby Wambach before this mess of a “Christian” woman will leave Wambach for someone else who has more to offer her. (You know, once a cheater, always a cheater.)She is a bad role model for her kids, because she is 100 percent selfish. Looks to me like she’ll jump into bed with anything that moves, just as long as there is money attached, and it will draw huge views for her blog. Then she can make more money from selling more books talking about what a mess she is, and how she found the next love of her life. Momzinga.com.

Feb 17




I told myself when I started writing book reviews this year, I wasn’t going to name any books the best of 2017. I figured I’d possibly do a creative awards kind of ceremony at the end of the year. but I couldn’t hold back, I couldn’t stop myself, when it came to devouring, yes devouring The River At Night in about four hours. When an author speaks with a certain strong voice, writes so well, readers can’t help but turn the next page, I felt I had to make this the best book of 2017—-so far.

The River At Night is the best book of 2017, so far. Even though as of this writing, we are merely into two months of the new year, The River at Night is written magnificently, beautifully. You have to read this book.

The River At Night, written by Erica Ferencik moves along faster than a speeding bullet. Everything is written just the way a reader wants and needs a book to be written. Every word has a purpose. Every sentence means something. Seemingly and seamlessly every sentence begins with an action word, a verb that propels the story and the reader along at a frenetic pace. I read The River at Night in a few short hours, having to find out what happens next.

Dare I say The River At Night is brilliant? Dare I say Erica Frenecik is a brilliant writer?
I’ve never read a book before that is so well written I want to talk endlessly about it to everyone I see. I literally can’t say enough good things about this book. I can’t get the words out fast enough, or type them into my computer fast enough.

The River At Night is not boring. Background is woven into the book, not clamored on for 100 or so pages until boredom sets in, (or skipping the beginning settles in). Frenecik brings what readers need to know into the story, when we need to know them. I love this book! It’s everything a book should be. There’s fast action, murder, intrigue, strong women learning how strong they can be and how determined they need to be to get out the dense woods of Maine in one piece, still alive. There’s a story about four friends who go on a trip from their Boston lives to take on the wilds of Maine. Which, Hello, don’t they read Stephen King novels? It’s scary in those Maine woods.

Winifred Allen is goaded into going on a scary trip to the Maine Woods on a whitewater rafting trip by her best bud, Pia, who can be yes, a pain in the ass. Wini, Pia and two other friends have already made their reservations to take the whitewater rafting trip, where they will be doing all of the work for what to Wini isn’t a tension reliever, but a stress-inducer. Little does Wini know how stressful her vacation of a lifetime will really be. Momzinga.com!

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