Jun 23


here and gone

Compelling, well written, fast moving, Here And Gone, written by Haylen Beck is so well done, I read it in one day. And night. Started reading when it got hot outside and read until the wee hours of the next morning.

Haylen Beck knows exactly what he is doing. Here and Gone grabs you and holds onto you throughout the entire book. Here and Gone is written so perfectly, has everything a Mom, a Dad or any great parent would want in a book. A mom is running away from her crazy, controlling husband with her two kids in tow, one being a very smart eleven year old. When an evil small town cop pulls her over for no real reason, plants pot in her car, and arrests her in front of her kids, sitting in the car looking worried. Being a great mom, Audra keeps telling them Everything will be okay. But it is anything but okay. The cop says the kids will be taken care of, but are put into an underground shack, while Mom is beaten up in jail.

Beck keeps the horror going in this scary, tense thriller throughout the entire book as he switches from the kids to a strange force putting the kids up for auction for millions of dollars. Who exactly is this person orchestrating this malevolent force? Is the crazy, controlling husband pulling the reins, or is Audra’s eccentric father-in-law trying to get rid of his poor, artistic daughter in law?

Here And Gone is a tightly wound book of tension, so brilliantly written, it is worth a day or two to read—because you will zip through it’s 300 pages. It’s just that awesome! Here And Gone should be created into an action adventure movie or a Netflix series, Everything is included in this book; a loving mom, running away from a horrific husband, tension, love, a smart, protective child, a concerned, street smart adult who helps out. Uh-oh, I almost told the ending. Whoops.

Here And Gone is the Best Roller Coaster Ride you will read this summer! Momzinga.com.

Jun 21



Ann Kidd Taylor starts The Shark Club off by describing the beauty of the sea, the strong but delicate looking creatures living in the ocean and Florida’s sand and crystal/clear azure waters. I felt the ever-present pang in my mind to pack up my house, sell everything off, and get in a car and drive to Florida and never come home. That’s how Taylor made me feel, like I was living in the wrong place.

Taylor describes Florida’s beauty in extraordinary language. Maeve Donnelley’s life changes forever when she is bitten by a shark in Florida’s beautiful waters. Moments before she was kissing her best friend for life, Daniel the guy who ruins their relationship by screwing around, and getting another girl pregnant.

Maeve runs away from Daniel steering clear of her home, and Daniel for almost a decade. She never faces him until she has to, when she meets the daughter he had with the ‘other woman’. Then this thing happens where Maeve and Daniel do not talk to each other about what happened, when they really need to.

I thoroughly enjoyed the descriptions of Maeve’s marine biology diving trips, the Florida beaches, sand, marine animals and Taylor’s love of the sea. Like I said, I wanted to go live in Florida with Taylor’s love-lorn descriptions of the white sandy beaches, the blue/green warm water, and the sharks she fell in love with—even though one bites Maeve.

I became enthralled with The Shark Club right from the start.I enjoyed how Taylor brings Maeve together with Daniel’s intelligent child by starting a shark club. A beautiful summer read, to enjoy anywhere, but of course that Florida beach on the sandy white beaches with a warm Southerly breeze would do it for me. I highly recommend The Shark Club by Ann Kidd Taylor to read this summer!Momzinga.com

Jun 21


I agree with the Associated Press after reading their story. AP said “almost three-fourths of Americans say resting and relaxing is very or extremely important to them when they go on vacation, according to the survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.”

So my answer is to take a DONADACATION. What is this, you ask? Travel somewhere, anywhere, even a nice hotel with a decent pool, and do nothing. Relax. Lie back on the hotel bed and watch whatever you want on TV. Or go to the hotel pool and float on a float or inner tube you brought with you. RELAX. Do nothing. Do not run around an amusement park in the heat sweating and running around after the kids. Yes by all means hire a babysitter, ask your parents to watch the kids, but do something you want to do to enjoy life more by taking a DONADACATION.

I have to say that is exactly what I want to do is travel to a Florida beach of sandy whiteness, pull up the nearest sand bar, and lay back and float my cares away. Whether it be a hammock, inner tube, or a towel on a sandy beach, I simply want to lie down and relax. And then occasionally I want to swim in the beautifully clear ocean while nobody yells, screams or is just annoying.

I’m sure this is every Mom’s inner dream. We take care of our kids, but we need time off. According to the AP most vacationers do not want to staycation(stay home and vacation) anymore to beat high costs. I agree with this one hundred percent. My hubby is the kind of guy who wants to stay home and sit down watching action adventure movies all week.I sure as hell don’t because that means guess who gets more housework to do?

Nope, I agree with the Associated Press, and the millions of vacationers that just want to go somewhere, relax and enjoy their vacation doing nothing. Hiking, walking through amusement parks are not a thrill for me, and never have been. The older I get and the more I work at home, I really think the best vacation is the donadacation.

Jun 20


TACO TUESDAY—RACHAEL RAY’S HEALTHY RED ONION CHICKEN—This chicken recipe can be created in about 30 minutes, depending on how much time you have. You can slow cook a half or whole chicken in this mixture also, by adding chicken broth and water. Check on mixture every so often to make sure there is enough water and broth as to not burn the chicken—having a juicy chicken.

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

1/2 red onion, chopped

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup brown sugar, a couple of handfuls

1 cup chicken stock

1/2 cup prepared honey mustard

1/2 teaspoon Allspice

1/2 teaspoon curry powder

4 pieces boneless, skinless chicken breast

4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs

Vegetable oil, for drizzling

Salt and freshly ground black pepper


Preheat pan over medium heat. (If cooking this chicken dinner with a pan and a grill)

Pour 2 tablespoons vegetable oil into a small saucepan over moderate heat. Add red onions and sauté 3 to 5 minutes. Add vinegar and reduce by half, 1 to 2 minutes. Add brown sugar and cook 1 minute to incorporate. Whisk in broth and honey mustard, Allspice and curry. Bring sauce to a bubble and reduce heat to lowest setting.

Coat chicken with a drizzle of oil and salt and pepper, to your taste. Place chicken on hot grill and cook 4 or 5 minutes, then turn. Baste chicken liberally with sauce and cook another 5 minutes. Turn once again and baste. Cook 2 or 3 minutes more to cook through and transfer chicken to a platter and serve. Recipe courtesy Food Network.

Jun 19

A BEAUTIFUL,TERRIBLE THING: Reads Like a Book About Former President Bill Clinton!


A Beautiful, Terrible Thing reminds me of a movie written about former president Bill Clinton, who was impeached, by the way.

Jen Waite falls for a charming, flirtatious bartender who is seriously good looking. While living in New York City, working as a waitress, waiting for her big break as an actor, she meets Marco (who has been in America, illegally for 12 years), and falls in lust for him. She tells the story of how Marco, from Argentina broke her heart, got her pregnant and stole her life from under her feet.

All the warning signs were there, and Jen Waite ignores them. She ignores Marco ‘s illegal immigrant status. Waite ignores what she calls his ‘sociopathic ways.’ He cheats on her. He lies about cheating and even cheats on her right after she gives birth to their baby. Waite believes his lies, when they are very clearly displayed on social media. She ignores the fact that Marco has a child with an unaccounted for mother. Jen ignores her inner voice crying out and her common sense meter must have stopped working.

The mother in me leapt out and saying, “You don’t sleep with someone on the first date!” In reality Waite did not have a first date with Marco–the seriously good looking, charismatic, in Waite’s words,’sociopath.” I also did not believe that Marco was one hundred percent at fault in this story—which by the way is a true life story, but also sounds like Waite is writing a movie script, or about former president Bill Clinton, who screwed on Hillary—not just with Monica.

At times A Beautiful, Terrible Thing sounds like a therapist wrote it, at other times a pissed off, getting back at that Bastard woman. Jen Waite analyzes what Marco did to her. But it isn’t just one person’s fault here, it takes two to tango. Waite starts sounding like she’s writing a movie, I think we’ve already seen. Momzinga.com.

Jun 19




Super controversial media personality, Milo Yiannopoulos is openly gay, and almost everyone the world over, knows who this Conservative editor, personality, writer, author, editor, speaker is.

Or should that be nobody really knows who Yiannopoulos really is, because he morphs into different personalities, desperately seeks attention and does just about anything to get noticed. Other than the fact that he is 32 years old admits to being gay and is a Conservative, something Liberals can’t seem to understand or fathom, Milo(easier to spell than his last name,), has changed his name and his personality more than some people change their hair color, which he has done numerous times also.

Milo Yiannopoulos has written several books, made appearances at numerous colleges and is so outspoken he makes George Takei look like a light weight!

He is also known as the male Ann Coulter!!

Milo was born in Britain, and currently has dual citizenship—living in Miami.

Milo has been banned from Twitter, banned from speaking at Berkley this very year, and people think he is the maLe equivalent to Ann Coulter. And no I’m not bringing up what he may or may not have said about gay sex with teens.

Yiannopoulos is funny, irreverent, outspoken, yes gay, but he tells it like it is. And that’s the way life should be. Instead of certain people–Liberals— hiding behind facades, and hating on people who do not think exactly like they do.

A lot of the content for Yiannopoulos’ new book Dangerous isn’t all that original, according to Buzzfeed’s research using the anti-plagiarism tool, iThenticate, dozens of sentences and paragraphs were lifted from his past Bretibart articles, which he admitted in the past were often written by interns. Momzinga.com.


Jun 15

MOM RANT: Life Was Simpler and Easier When We Didn’t Have So Many Choices!

Life was better back in the 1960’s, the 1970’s and the 1980’s. Life was simpler. Life was easier. Life was better in America back then, before handheld computers took over the world!

We had less choice, and more real life affirming conversations. We read more books. We used common sense. We lived every day in the present, not in a made up world of online unreality. We didn’t have 24-7 news. And we were better for it. We didn’t have access to our cellphones 24-7, scrolling through websites and news sites until the wee hours of the morning to find out what our president did now. We had more downtime. We were a more relaxed society, because we were tuned out, turned off and we worked hard, talked to our family or our friends and we talked to our neighbors.

We had three news channels. We had three maybe five, if we were really lucky on a clear day, we had seven TV stations bursting into our homes. By the middle 1970’s local cable TV was ramping up and coming into the homes of people that could afford them. Paying for a few new TV stations was a new rhing. Computers were not yet available for everyone. They were only available for those who could afford them and who were intelligent enough to figure out how to use them.

We are continually connected to an unreal world, we have created. Kids are get hit by cars because they are running into busy streets to find Pokémon. Kids come home from school and run to their rooms, using a remote to turn on TVs, while scrolling through their Iphones, and ardulously scanning their laptops for all the latest information from the websites they joined years ago. Forget it, parents don’t see their kids on Facebook or Twitter, that is so yesterday, anyone under 30 is on a website they created or was created to amuse their specific needs. Kids don’t just Facetime, they Skype use Facebook Live or any number of websites created just for them.

Life was easier, better and people talked face to face with each other, before electronic media was created by robot-like people, who have doomed our society! Not sure why thousands if not millions of people are moving to small towns across America? Momzinga.com.

Jun 14



With the world losing its collective mind over Donald Trump becoming president, people are becoming very unhappy beings. I’m noticing an entire collective group of people carrying on as if the world has ended. It’s as if everything they know has changed so drastically that they can’t function like people. Essentially, nothing has changed, except the media’s cries of horror, mayhem, and we can’t have a Republican in the White House.

With people doing as Hillary and Minority Leaders have been espousing since the election back in November of 2016; ‘resist’, which has been the main message Hillary, Obama, Waters, Pelosi and Schumer have been sending through the MSM for months now.

Maybe it’s just me, but I want to live my life before an all too short existence is over. Life is short, people, so why live it battling with others online, commenting on Facebook, arguing with someone you never met in person and you never will meet?

I become really aggravated nearly everyday with seeing so many people so upset about what is happening online, and what the MSM channels through it’s clearly repulsive hatred of Republicans everyday.

So, maybe if people would actually do what they say they should be doing as in loving one another right now, then why don’t we—double message here—not only love one another, but why don’t we do something that makes us happy everyday as in going for a long walk in nature? I heard Hillary Clinton was going for nature walks nearly everyday after she lost the election.

Now, within reason, why don’t we all try to get along,(another message, so that’s three if you are counting), do something that makes you happy everyday. Within reason. Do something fun, enjoyable, entertaining, awesome, wonderful, something healthy, something that makes you feel good, remember within reason—as in not shooting people, maiming anyone or losing your mind over what could actually be a truly good thing.

Turn off the TV, walk away, go outside, listen to the birds sing, work out, exercise, enjoy every day. Even though you may be very young—life, my friends is very short.

DO SOMETHING TODAY THAT MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY! Remember these sage words of advice from a Mom of two children, one being 18–who just graduated from high school, and being 26 who just got married. Momzinga.com.

Jun 13



Sounds excessive doesn’t it? Drinking a gallon of water everyday sounds like an impossible feat, right?
I’m lucky if I drink any water at all during the day. But with temperatures soaring to 95 every day in our landlocked area, there isn’t a cooling lake breeze to cool our bodies down naturally, so we have to cool ourselves off by drinking tons of water. But really a gallon of water a day? Sounds excessive right?

A local doctor where we live in Central Pennsylvania tells my husband at every hospital meeting,” Drink a gallon of water a day.” The local urologist talks to groups telling people NOT to drink a ton of caffeinated drinks, but drink a lot of water to stay hydrated. One time when I went in the hospital for a routine test, my husband introduced me to the urologist and he said, “Kate drink a lot of water. It keeps everything in your body working.” The well intentioned doctor says we all need to drink water all day to rid our bodies of toxins keeping the kidneys from getting kidney stones. Drinking ice tea, or any drink with caffeine is a diuretic taking water out of the body. But exactly how can we drink a gallon of water a day without drowning?

How to Get a gallon of water or a more reasonable amount like maybe 32 ounces, everyday:

1. Drink a glass of water right after getting out of bed every morning. (That’s 8 ounces—already!)

2. Keep a pitcher of cool, ready to drink water in the fridge at all times, not just the summer, to drink all day.

3. Keep a glass of cool water with ice cubes inside to cool off during the day—all day long. Work at home people really need to do this.

4. Eat foods with water in them such as watermelon which is 90 percent water, iceberg lettuce, grapes, berries, not salty foods.

5, Keep a steady supply of ice cubes in the freezer ready to go.

6. Place ice cubes in every drink.

7. Oh yes, the urologist also says drinking one beer a day helps keep kidney stones at bay. And by the way beer is the perfect food, and also contains water!!

8. To make water taste better, mix with a lemon or tasty ice cubes mixed with a drink of your choice.

Keep drinking water Mom, which will keep you healthy enough to keep up with the kids. Momzinga.com.

Jun 13

Is The Book The Answers Supposed to be Funny or a Serious Drama?


I was left wondering why after reading The Answers, why this book written by Catherine Lacey was not categorized as humor because I found this book hilarious. I’m certain the intent of the book is not to be funny, but to be taken seriously, but come on with what happens in this book it really should be classified as a humor book.

The Answers is seriously funny. As the story unfolds , we readers find out more about Mary’s life and what happens to her and what happened to her in her past life. The Answers basically answers the questions why Mary is a mess and can’t figure out why she is, even though the answer is right there—she led a messed up childhood.

Mary’s parents are a mess. Her father forces the family to live far away from civilization, basically off the grid, without the children having a real education, and not having any friends. Mary leaves home to start her own life because she obviously does not want to lead her parents’ life.

But what is so hilarious is how Catherine Lacey writes the book. She writes it in a fast, very methodical method, as in every word, every sentence has meaning. She does not explain what happens and then explain it again. I love when authors do not over explain and get straight to the point. She utilizes every word.

What is so funny is when Mary applies for a job to pay for expensive, odd work she is having done to heal her inner self. After numerous interviews and analysis, Mary is picked to be one of the girlfriends of a wealthy, self-important star. OMG! This was laugh out loud funny. Mary becomes one of the numerous paid different girlfriends to take care of all of his many needs. One is the ‘Maternal Girlfriend’ who takes care of everything at home. Several are the dating girlfriends who are seen in public with MR. Bigstuff, and Mary is the ‘Emotional Girlfriend.’ Even though Mary doesn’t show any emotion, ever.

The way in which Lacey crafts the story makes it seem so real and like this is simply what happens every day. Lacey writes without drama. I was so happy for the lack of drama. The story enfolds by being told, and it is funny! Can you say Cult Following? Momzinga.com.

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