Aug 25

WITH LOVE FROM THE INSIDE: One of the Best Books I’ve Read This Year!


Grace is serving a death row sentence for the murder of her baby boy, William. Her daughter Sophie gave up on her mother after her father died from a heart attack when she was only 17. Forced to live on her own finishing her senior year of high school, Sophie lives on without any parents, she goes off to college, starts a new life, marries an understanding, loving, good looking doctor.

Sophie throws her past away, refusing to tell anyone in her new life about her old life. Sophie is determined not to let her murderous mother kill her new life. The only thing is, her mother Grace doesn’t act like a murderer. She writes daily journal entries to her daughter, forgives her for not visiting and prays every day to help her daughter find guidance and a good life without her.

WOW! With Love From the Inside written by Angela Pisel is a beautifully written, actually believable take on a story you might think at times seems like a bad Lifetime movie, but the way in which Pisel handles this topic is beyond well done. I read With Love From the Inside in one day. Pisel’s writing style pulls readers along at a fast pace of intrigue. I had to find out what happened next. I had to find out if Grace and Sophie ever get to see each other again. I had to find out if the Governor pardons Grace or if he lets her die.

With Love From The Inside is one of the best books I’ve read this year. And yes I’ve read some truly wonderful books this year like Lilac Girls, The Dollhouse and much more.

Aug 24



I am getting truly pissed off over what is happening in America. People have taken the I am offended bullshit way too far. What kind of bullshit(Yes, again), is it okay for kids in school to not say the pledge of allegiance? Every kid no matter if they are from Mexico, or if they are from China, if they live in America, go to school in America they should stand and say the pledge of allegiance.
But noooooooooooo, this dumbass public school administrator in Florida is allowing the kids to make that choice. We have the kids stand to say the pledge to show them how we love our country and how there are these things called respect, morals, and values we need to follow. There are also rules to follow and by telling kids they can decide to not participate, sends a message that kids can do whatever they want or not do whatever they want. Hello, it’s called showing no respect for America! It’s called these kids will learn to not follow rules, laws, morals, values following Hillary Clinton’s stellar moral compass and do what she does—which if you haven’t figured out yet, is she lies, cheats, and illegally gets ‘donations’ from foreign and domestic corporations and people to the Clinton Foundation!
Here’s the actual story , which should be pissing you off too:

A Florida man is upset over a Pledge of Allegiance waiver his niece brought home from school.

Micah Brienen took to Facebook to share an image of the “Pledge of Allegiance request” from Killearn Lakes Elementary School in Tallahassee, Florida.

It asked parents to sign and return the document if they wanted their child excused from reciting the pledge.

The “request” reads: “I understand my rights as a parent and I request that my child, noted above, be excused from reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. This request includes standing and placing his/her right hand over his/her heart.”

Brienen’s photo of the document shows his sister-in-law’s written response to the school: “This is the dumbest thing I have ever read and I am so ashamed of this.”!!

Aug 23



The Grid sounds like a great title for a horror-thriller, but alas it is not. Sorry to say, but I found Gretchen Bakke’s the Grid kind of dull and on the we must buy into the green revolution. I’ve got to tell you The Grid could be a great premise for a masterful book and promisingly scary horror movie where America loses its power one big city at a time starting in California, traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast slowly outing the lights and every electrical appliance, lights and heat we Americans so heavily depend on.

What happens when the lights go out and every thing else with them? As Bakke herself says looting, destruction as in rioting the looting that happened when the lights went out at night in the 1970’s in New York City. It can happen just about anywhere when people will take advantage of the electrical grid shutting down due to any number of reasons from squirrels chewing on the wires, to flooding, storms taking down power lines of the now ancient electrical grid system that is so antiquated it is beyond ancient. It’s scary to think a storm in New Jersey or in Los Angeles can essentially take down our electrical grid due to the now ancient undependable system,

Bakke admits that the grid needs to be updated, but starts throwing out a lot of stats, and scientific and historical facts, I think could have been left out to make the book more interesting. Bakke also starts telling us we need to create more green energy like windmills and solar energy. The Grid often went to from being an interesting read where Bakke tells stories to being downright dull.

Gretchen Bakke wrote a knowledgeable, meaningful, well intended book about The Grid, but she does become too preachy for my taste, and throws in too much information.

Aug 23


TACO TUESDAY—How to use those ice cube trays for a lot more than just boring old ice cubes. (Taken from Food Network)

Those tiny compartments are perfect for preserving single-serving portions of leftover condiments and ingredients that are too small to keep around in the fridge but too tasty (or expensive) to throw out.

1. Freeze the fat from bacon and reuse in just about every food you desire making it beyond delicious! Freeze the drippings left in the pan after Sunday brunch, then warm a cube of the stuff to whisk into salad dressing, toss with sauteed greens (amazing with collards and chard) or drizzle on popcorn. Or pull out the stops and use 2 or 3 cubes to fry up potatoes. Chicken and goose fat, if you happen to have them, are like a hidden stash of chilly gold.

2. A slurry made from garlic or grated ginger pureed with water captures the pungent flavors of these staples and is easy to scrape off from frozen to mix into stir-fries, mashed potatoes and soups.

3. No more watery iced coffee when you use ice cubes made from yesterday’s brew. But that’s just the start: You can whizz coffee cubes with milk in the blender for an instant slushy, melt them into chili for a “cowboy” tang or use a cube in place of water for mocha brownies. Iced tea cubes in lemonade keep an Arnold Palmer nicely chilled and add a sophisticated touch to cocktails — think Long Island Iced Tea or bourbon punch. An icy cube of tea will also cool a sunburn.

4. Lemon or lime juice. Instead of throwing away the rest of that unused lemon or lime, do this instead: Freeze the remaining lemon juice and use a spoonful of acid to brighten chicken soup or pho, lighten salad dressings and perk up a pan sauce. Combine a cube of lime juice with soy sauce and garlic for a last-minute marinade for seafood or pork. Rub a cube over the cut sides of an apple or pear to prevent the fruit from browning, or use a sprinkle of the juice to revive a tired fruit salad, yogurt dip or hummus.

5. How to use the rest of that wine in the bottle besides gulping it down. It’s practically perfect for so much else: Deglaze your fish pan with a wine ice cube, then add a dab of butter for a tasty sauce. Use it to punch up a beef stew or marinara. Add two or three to the pot when steaming mussels and clams. Or melt down a tray-full to poach fruit at its peak of ripeness.

6. Freeze ice cubes of butter. Once you master this simple sauce of butter gently cooked to the point of nuttiness, you’ll want to enjoy it with everything. And with cubes in your freezer, you can. Just melt one down to spoon over steamed vegetables, roasted squash, pasta or broiled fish. Stir it into cake batter, cookie dough and frosting. Or take a page from Indian cooks and add a dollop to rice and lentils.

Aug 17

MONSTERS: A LOVE STORY; Pure Escapism at It’s Ever-Loving Best!


I found Monsters to be a funny, involving, non literary escapism kind of book. I found it interesting, and so different from my actual hardworking, boring life to me it was interesting to read about the beautiful island home of a wealthy celebrity. I loved reading about Stacey escaping from her life as a grieving widow. Monsters is every woman’s dream getaway. Yes, this is a terrific beach/every season read!

Allow Monsters, Liz Kay’s writing style, prowess, interest flow through your mind, body, soul. I saw very positive reviews for Monsters, and very negative reviews. I think it just takes giving the book a chance. Relax and follow the story. Yes it is about two self involved drunken messes. But the main theme is after all that they are both monsters. Stacey and Tommy have problems. Tommy is a self involved, spoiled lead actor who wants what he wants now. Stacey is the mother of two who is stressed out, holding it all in and trying to hold it all together when her husband suddenly dies.

Stacey could very well live off the money her husband leaves her, but she struggles ahead and keeps writing and accepting offers for her writing to become bigger and hopefully better things where she can make more money. Yes, at times Monsters is very one dimensional. But I found it interesting to read a book where it is an easy to read story about two people who are messes, but help each other. And they fall in love!

Come on, was Pretty Woman a believable theme: a wealthy hotel-living, good looking older man falls in love with a much younger, very pretty, suddenly very classy prostitute?

Monsters is purely fiction, taking an old story of a selfish rock star type of guy, who meets his match, someone who doesn’t take crap from anyone. Give Monsters a try, because we all know this will never happen to any of us!

Aug 17



Found these two stories I’m sharing with you, concerning three teenagers essentially going insane and committing heinous crimes. I blame, drugs, violent TV shows, violent video games and teens thinking the world owes them something right now.

First is the heinous story about the two teens in North Charleston, South Carolina; 17 year old Deon Frasier and 19 year old Michael Dupree-Tyler. They stole an SUV, got stuck in a ditch. 45 year old Chadwick Garrett decided to do the decent thing, pulled over asked these two thugs if they need help. They agree to pay him $20 to have him pull the SUV out of the ditch. When Garrett asked for the money the one teen reached into the SUV, pulled our a gun and shot Garrett, not once but two or three times. This is sick!! Life is not a video game, where the driver of the car will pop back up after being shot to race along the highway again!!

Second is the story of another teen, 19 year old thug, Austin Harrcouff, From Florida who became pissed off while dining out with family when the service was slow. Storming out of the restaurant, Harrcouff went on a pissed off rampage coming upon a couple sitting in their garage as they did every night watching TV. Harrcouff took his anger out on the couple who had the garage door open and stabbed Michelle Miscon, 53 and John Stevens III 59, multiple times. When neighbor Jeff Fischer heard the screaming he went outside to help his neighbors, when enraged Harrcouff stabbed Fischer multiple times. Fischer got away, called 911, and the cops had a hard time restraining the angry, insane teen. After multiple tasing, and three cops managed to arrest the angry teen. What he was so pissed off about is beyond me. To kill two innocent people due to slow service or being pissed at your parents is inconceivable.

I am blaming violent video games, violence on TV, drugs and the I want it now teens of today. We see violent acts of killing people on TV shows like The Walking Dead, Showtime and HBO. Violent video games are shocking and disgusting where people kill each other, kill animals, and the people and animals get back up and wander away unfazed. Drugs, violence, and the I want it now attitude play a huge role in our teens’ developing minds today. These factors add up to teens not knowing right from wrong, and wanting everything right now. Unless they are taught decency, morals, values at home, they will continue committing heinous crimes!

Aug 16


phelps 3


Michael Phelps has inspired thousands, perhaps millions of people to swim, or to just perhaps try something new if not become a gold medal winning star of the Olympics as he has inspired Gold Medal winning super star Katie Ledecky. Phelps won 23 Gold Olympic medals throughout his historic 28 Olympic medal career wins. Phelps is not only faster than anyone else in the pool, but he is stronger, gaining an entire body length ahead of every other guy in the water in these his last Olympics in Rio 2016.

Michael Phelps, who is engaged, and worth over 55 million dollars, said that Rio will be his last Olympics, because its time to try something new. Exactly what that “something new” will be is up in the air right now. Maybe he will write a book or two, or star in a movie. (Hoping it’s not another Sharknado flick!) But we do know he and his fiancé, Nicole Johnson have already started a family, and will triumph with their son Boomer and more kids to come.

Phelps 2

Amazing, engaging, everybody wants to be a winner like Phelps, and the sport of competitive swimming will not be the same without him. Considering Phelps started swimming at the age of seven due to having tons of energy and his two older sisters pushing him to do something. His ADHD probably drove them crazy while Mom and Dad worked full time. But swimming soon took over Phelps’ life creating a new lifelong passion and a supreme winning drive and winning history in this incredibly gifted, energetic guy who won almost every race he entered.

phelps 1

Michael Phelps won 83 international medals in his competing days, called it quits in 2012, came back in 2014, and won more Olympic medals than anyone else, so far, that we know of. He even beat Mark Spitz’s 7 gold medal winning streak with 8 medals. And his athletic body isn’t bad on the eyes, either!

Aug 15

Can’t Believe The Wolf Road is Beth Lewis’s First Book: Should Be Made Into a Movie!

beth lewis


The Wolf Road is a first person narrative with Elka telling a dramatic, pulling on your heartstrings story of how she grew up living with a madman in the Gold Rush days of yore. Beth Lewis weaves a tale so fantastic and fantastically well written, that Wolf Road should be created into a movie.

What truly had me cheering for Elka and reading Wolf Road as fast as possible were all of the combinations of strength of character, love, lack of love, how badly Elka is treated, and how Elka never gives up. I have to admit I had a hard time getting past the first two chapters because Elka is illiterate, and talks like she is illiterate. She is the person telling the story, so it was hard to get used to reading how Beth Lewis wrote this book. But once I got used to how Lewis wrote the book, the story practically pulls readers along in a tale of a young girl growing up with a truly insidious man. It’s like she is growing up with Hannibal Lecter—a sick , twisted, demented man. Only thing is Elka doesn’t know he is sick, demented and twisted, until she figures it all out when she is 18, struggling to survive on her own, while Trapper taunts her in the wilderness.

Elka ‘s parents leave her with her grandmother to find gold. Elka’s grandmother is horribly strict, tries to teach the seven year old her letters and numbers and how to read, but Elka refuses. A tornado hits when her grandmother leaves Elka alone to go for a walk. Elka is left alone to survive, when she walks onto Trapper’s cabin to grab food to fill her starving stomach. He takes her in, teaches her how to fend for herself, but leaves every so often , and she doesn’t really know why. Obviously Trapper is leaving to fulfill a horrid need which he is trying to instill in Elka.

The Wolf Road is so meaningful, involving, enriching showing how far we as people will go to survive even though the odds are not always in our favor.

Aug 12

Demented or Fermented? Find Out. Read The Intriguing Year Long Mission Of a Guy Eating Only Fermented Foods.


THE FERMENTED MAN BY DEREK DELLINGER—Eating Nothing But Fermented Foods For An Entire Year?

Derek Dellinger is a foodie, but he is not a snob. The Fermented Man is a look at how Dellinger goes through the process of searching for, developing and eating the right foods to ferment over a year(2014). That’s twelve months of carefully considering every morsel of food put into his body, and then eating foods that have started breaking down or getting bacteria on them to start being eaten by microbes.


Sounds immensely gross to me. But Derek Dellinger describes this process whereby eating fermented foods is good for the body. It’s like eating yogurt–which gives the body good bacteria that the gut needs. It’s like drinking beer which goes through a fermentation process on the way to becoming delicious tasting beer. But when he starts talking about gross smelling foods like sauerkraut and how he eats that for a year I was grossed out.

I loved how he explains the different foods in a grocery store for us newbies to eating fermented foods, which by the way you realize right away that fermented foods are everywhere. Besides beer, and yogurt, bread and cheese go through a fermentation process before becoming the final product they are. I never really thought of it this way. Dellinger says he could have eaten bread for an entire year to get through the process but what fun would that be?


I enjoyed reading The Fermented Man, which was very interesting. Dellinger’s natural voice takes over right away. He is very into and serious about fermented foods. His natural sense of humor lightens up the topic so it is relatable even to us non fermenters. If you want to try fermenting all kinds of foods to eat as a way of life, or just for the hell of it, or if you are naturally curious as I was to exactly what Derek Dellinger is talking about , might I suggest The Fermented Man with a truly good, crafted beer with some yogurt and delicious tasting cheese?

Aug 10

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY:26 Kids Died in Hot Cars This Summer, Tyler Perry Paying For Twins Funeral

tyler perry and twins


15 month old twins will be taken care of by producer/actor, Tyler Perry. Perry is paying for their funerals after their Georgia mother proclaimed that she and their father can’t afford to pay for a funeral for the 15 month old twins. They were left in a hot SUV, on a hot day on August 2 after their 24 year old father, Asa North left them in the car.


So far this 2016 summer season, 26 kids, babies have died after being left in hot cars. According to PETA 35 dogs have died in hot cars this summer also. PETA is doing something about it by placing signs in stores to help people remember they have kids.(How you could forget your child is in the car is beyond me!)

According to PETA, when it is just 78 degrees out, a car can reach 100 degrees in a few minutes. A child or a baby can die or at the minimum become brain damaged for life due to a parent’s carelessness!


Television and film producer Tyler Perry is offering to pay for the funeral expenses for twin toddlers who died after being left in a hot car in West Georgia.

WSB-TV reports that Perry contacted the station to make the offer after he saw a news report about the deaths of the 15-month-old girls.

Police charged the twins’ father, 24-year-old Asa North, with manslaughter after witnesses said they saw him carry the children to an inflatable kiddie pool in a frantic attempt to cool them off on August 2.

Their mother, Breal Ellis, who had been in Atlanta at the time, told WSB that she was having trouble finding the money to bury the children. The station reports that Perry contacted its reporter after that interview aired Monday.

How to remember your kids are in the car, and not leave them in a hot car on a hot day; leave your cellphone in the backseat with the baby, face the babyseat forwards, not backwards, position the babyseat in the middle of the back seat–so you can see the baby.

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