Oct 26

Seem Like a Danielle Steel Novel? Momzinga Highly Recommends Reading Love Warrior


LOVE WARRIOR Written by Glennon Doyle Melton tells Melton’s life story of how she was a bulimic when she was a young teen—as soon as she hit puberty, she felt odd and out of place and like she didn’t belong anymore. So she dealt with it by not eating much food and throwing up, but smiling on the outside and acting like everything was great.

Love Warrior is a book describing what millions of women go through when we are suddenly thrust into our teen years. It sucks, but we have to deal with getting older, leaving our childhood behind and becoming a responsible adult.

After going to a mental health facility which she ends up loving because she feels more secure and normal she must face life on the outside and does get better but still feels like a mess inside. She eats as little as possible, and becomes an alcoholic. Starting college and living away from home she throws herself into the party lifestyle, does drugs, drinks excessive amounts of booze and somehow manages to become a school teacher, but still sleeps with whatever moves and truly has no self worth. She gets pregnant has an abortion and after getting pregnant again decides to marry her boyfriend, who we find out later on has problems of his own. He is a sex addict and screws around on her as soon as they get married.

Sound like a Danielle Steel novel. yet? Well, actually this is Glennon Doyle Melton’s real life story of how she decides to finally grow up. She decides to deal head on as a warrior. She figures because she and her husband are both messes, why not work it out together, stay married and love each other harder. Melton is hit with a thunderbolt to the head in a hot yoga class while meditating on how she is going to solve her problems. She becomes a warrior as in a warrior yoga pose. (HAHA!) Get it?

Love Warrior leaves a lasting effect and may help us change our lives for the better. Buying this book is a lot cheaper than getting therapy, or getting a divorce. We get to see how messed up Melton was and how she decided to work harder, love stronger and deal with her problems. YAY!! Of course, this means we can take her life experience and do the same.

GREAT BOOK! I highly recommend Love Warrior.Momzinga.com.

Oct 26



LESSER BOHEMIANS is one messed up book which makes for a great book! . I thoroughly enjoyed when the author truly got into telling stories inside the main story of an 18 year old Irish girl living on her own, going to school for acting and going out and doing what young adults do. They go out get drunk, find someone to have sex with and have major sex in strange places. The descriptions of the sexual liaisons, and of Eily meeting her much older boyfriend who has major life problems of his own, take on a life of their own.


Eimear McBride writes Bohemians in the weirdest way ever. There aren’t any chapters. There aren’t any breaks, pictures, paragraphs, mostly one long page after another of story telling. It takes some getting used to. When McBride breaks from the continual bar hopping, drinking, wandering through the streets of London, and truly gets into storytelling, then Lesser Bohemians takes on a strong life-force of its own. It becomes a great book to read.

McBride writes Lesser bohemians from the perspective of Eily, as if we are witnessing what is happening through the main character’s eyes. McBride describes everything in this format. Sentences are mixed up, some long, some just a word. Words are misplaced. I read one review where the person said the book was written in prose. No it is not! It is written in a storytelling strange way where everything that is happening, the character’s feelings, her everything come out. It makes for interesting reading , actually. When Eily loses her virginity it is all described. When Eily gets drunk and is raped it is described. Eily’s older boyfriend describes his childhood and how he was abused by his mother.

I enjoyed the Lesser Bohemians, but it was most definitely a weird, non traditional book. Momzinga.com.
Oh, and I have to add, read The Lesser Bohemians very fast to get what is going on. Don’t take your time with it, read fast, then you get what is going on.

Oct 26

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: 19 Year Old BIG ELF Cheats to Win Little League Game, Coach Fired!

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—-This sounds like a really bad plot for a really bad comedy movie. (Think BIG and ELF) A 19 year old man put on a uniform and ran onto the field of a little league game in Providence, Rhode Island, after the coach told him to, so they could win the game.

After seeing the obviously much older, bearded man playing in the field, after the game the coach was fired.
Spectators watching the Buccaneers team play Sunday during a Rhode Island Preteen Football League game may have noticed a bizarre player on the field.
Players on the field looked at each other in shock and awe as the much taller, broader 19 year old ran around the field.

Spotted among the 13- and 14-year-old players was a 19-year-old man who suited up to compete against players six years his junior. This man is reportedly the older brother of one of the team members.

“I’m embarrassed, I feel disrespected,” said Alexandra Diaz, the team’s founder. “I feel there are no words that can explain how I feel.”

Diaz said she was extremely upset the Buccaneers’ reputation has been ruined by the coach’s mistake.

“He wasn’t thinking, and that’s all that he could tell me, was that he was not thinking,” she said.

According to Diaz, the coach responsible has been fired and the varsity team has been stripped of the remainder of its season. That means the kids playing on the team are being punished for the coach’s stupidity!

The coach, who refused to give his name apologized for what he described as letting his ego get in the way, saying he saw the older teen suited up to play and sent him out to the field. Both the coach and the 19-year-old also said they are remorseful.

“We all failed. If one goes down, we all fail as a community,” Diaz said. “And that’s what I’m teaching them, so we all lose our season for this.”
TRULY WEIRD!! Did this coach watch too many bad comedy movies like ELF and BIG too many times? Momzinga.com.

Oct 25

TACO TUESDAY: THE DUDE DIET: Not Just For Guys, A Healthy Eating Bible For Everyone!

THE DUDE DIET BY SERNA WOLF—-The Bible of Healthy Eating and It’s Funny!!

The Dude Diet is not a typical cookbook. the Dude Diet exudes personality, good times and great food, and also healthy food for dudes. You know what I mean this is a cookbook for guys who slam chicken wings and pizza in their mouths, thinking that is a good meal. Well I’m here to tell you it is not. Chicken wings when cooked the right way, are loaded with fattening, bad calories. FAT. This is what Serena Wolf stresses throughout The Dude Diet is eating good, healthy foods, but done in a different way meant for guys.

Serena says The Dude Diet can be followed by anyone. And oh yeah, Wolf does not do that whole awful thing of throwing scary stats in our faces. She does not tell us what to eat everyday, how many calories we have to have, and how every single food out there is bad for us. No, Wolf gives continual helpful eating and cooking advice, and numerous delicious recipes abound throughout the entire book.


When she mentions that eating a muffin, is like eating a cupcake every morning, which I eat every morning, is oh so bad and takes years off our lives, I literally put down the chocolate chip muffin I was eating and looked at what else in my kitchen I could eat instead. Wolf stresses that eating protein and more healthy foods every morning is really good for our bodies. We should be eating meat, and eggs in the morning and not fast food garbage which will also do us in way before our time. I noticed when I eat meat in the morning like steak(leftover from the night before), I feel energized, more relaxed and good. I feel ready to go; like I could work all day.

I love the Dude diet because Serena Wolf does not extoll all the bad foods, instead she offers healthy, good for us alternatives, like tasty chicken tenders instead of fattening chicken wings. She offers a magic faux-tisserie chicken that looks so dang good, and it is good for our bodies. Grilled flank steak with avocado salsa verde, looks truly delicious. Wolf offers appetizers, meals, breakfasts, football party food. YUM!

The Dude Diet is a book we all need to buy and look at as our new bible of healthy eating, every day!! Momzinga.com

Oct 24


steve y 2

Does Glenn get killed in season six of The Walking Dead? Ready to give up on The Walking Dead due the writers killing way too many main characters? We end up pissed off about Walking Dead attempting to move the plot to the next level. I figured I’d give up on watching The Walking Dead’s horror/action/thriller plot.

Glenn/Steven Yeun was almost killed so many times in the show, that I ended up becoming depressed the next day. “They can’t kill Glenn. What will Maggie do without the love of her life?” I asked my husband. My hubby said, “Glenn has gotten out of so many tight spots, already.”

steve y 3

Guess you’ll have to find out by watching the show!
I’m not telling what happens. No spoilers on momzinga.com!!

steve y 1

Steven Yeun was born in 1983, in South Korea to parents who moved to Canada, probably found it too cold, and then moved to Michigan (which isn’t much warmer). Steven Yeun appeared in several TV shows, including American Dad, and Law and Order:LA before getting his big shot at fame on The Walking Dead as Glenn.
Steven Yeun currently lives in California and recently got married and now has his start to fame and fortune due to starring on the Walking Dead. Momzinga.com

Oct 24

THE SIX: Jack, Will You Tell Me A Story?


The Six, by Laura Thompson talks about The six Mitford Sisters, their one brother and their parents. Each daughter has a very stand out, strong personality. They are wealthy Britain’s all born between 1904 and 1920. Their brother dies in WWII. Several of the sisters idolize Hitler, and several Communist leaders.

They all lead fascinating lives, but The Six does not do them justice. The author throws facts at us, she does not tell a continuing story.The Six jumps all over the place, starts out with the longest introduction in the history of books (about 30 pages). I became bored right away, not fascinated and intrigued. I was turned off, not desiring to read anymore of the book. But I plugged away only to find less actual story being told and more facts of how the six sisters grew up. Facts are thrown out such as where they lived and how they lived in their own little world, how independent they were, how they did not receive formal education, only their brother did, that they were obviously very different from other children.

But okay these are interesting facts, but that’s what they are. I have read three books lately that do not tell a story, they throw facts out there, in an all over the road fashion as if we are already know what the background history of the people we are reading about.
Sorry, but I did not read several other books about the incredibly odd, Nazi-loving sisters who seemingly just did whatever they wanted.
How about telling us a story, Jack?
I am actually aggravated right now with spending my time reading books that make no sense, throw facts out expecting us to know what happened before without any prior explanation.
I truly implore writers to write books that are not all facts and actually contain a storytelling bend giving a story that matters, is interesting and not all over the place, or historically dull. Momzinga.com.

Oct 20

THINKING THURSDAY: Ten Reasons Not To Vote for Hillary Clinton


There are numerous reasons NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton, but at this time I am revealing ten. One of them which I did not list, because I thought it was very apparent, that we do not vote for Hillary Clinton for future generations. To keep America a free land not whatever Hillary Clinton wants to turn America into. Get out and vote. Think of your kids, and their kids and how we do not want to be a Socialist or a Communist or a Muslim America. Millions of people still want to live in a free America.

Here are ten reasons NOT to vote for Hillary Clinton:

1. She is corrupt. Has Hillary outlined any plans for her presidency, besides raising taxes?

2. She has stayed married to Bill Clinton who has had numerous affairs, possibly raping women and having sex with whatever female person is near him. He had an affair with Monica Lewinsky and then lied about it.

3. Hillary Clinton spews lies forth continuously. She rarely if ever tells the truth. She has been lying for the past twenty years that I know of. Her marriage is a lie. Her relationship with Bill is a lie. She is a living lie.

4.She sold uranium to Russia while she was Secretary of State. America’s uranium, that was not hers to sell!

5. She sold contracts to business people for personal gain while she was Secretary of State concerning Haiti after their horrible earthquake that ruined this already third world country. Then the contractors did not do any work, and gave kickbacks to the Clintons. And she smiled throughout the entire thing acting as if it was okay to rape, pillage and plunder a third world country.

6. Hillary will raise taxes on the middle class thus making life worse for people. She already has said that she will raise middle class taxes, the death tax and the inheritance tax. Why would you want to pay more taxes on money that was already taxed when your relatives were alive?

7. Hillary Clinton plays this game where she blames everyone else for what she did. She’s been doing this since Bill was president in his first term. She blamed a video, while talking to the parents of the Benghazi soldiers and the Ambassador that were killed in Benghazi. She lied to their faces. She lied about what caused their deaths. She did not send help and neither did Obama when the Benghazi Embassy victims asked for more soldiers to help.

8. Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted. Why would you want a person in the White House that you can’t trust? She lies to Americans. She lies to herself. She lies to the world.

9.She has been treating military personnel and her secret service people horribly since the days when Bill Clinton was president. The secret service people would say “Good Morning Madam President.” She would answer with, “Go fuck yourself!” How is that for being a decent human being? She even yelled at her personal guards when they had a bomb sniffing dog in her room obviously searching for a bomb at one time. It’s all documented, People. I’m not making this up.

10. Hillary and Bill Clinton have the Clinton Foundation which does not give much if any money to needy organizations. Ten percent of the money is given away and put right back into, you guessed it, right, The Clinton Foundation.

How do I know any of this? By reading several books about the Clintons and doing research online. Momzinga.com.

Oct 19



Shocked and upset is how Los Angeles teacher Cara Viramontes checked on her travel itinerary on Expedia, when she discovered an agent wrote, FUCK YOU! in bold letters. Viramontes soon became shocked, upset and called Expedia asking for a supervisor. The travel agent told her she could not speak to one, told her she owed more money, several extraneous fees, and hung up on her. How’s that for GREAT customer service?
Expedia cancelled her travel reservations without telling Viramontes, and then said, “FUCK YOU!”

“Everyone I show, they laugh and think it’s a joke,” she said. “No one can believe a company as credible as Expedia would ever do something like this.”

It all began when Viramontes complained that she had been charged for travel insurance for her 8 month old son, even though the infant doesn’t need an airline ticket and will sit on her lap. After the call, she responded to an online survey, sent to her by Expedia.

“I was honest,” she said. “I said, ‘You know what, the lady wasn’t helpful. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she wouldn’t let me speak to a supervisor.’”

Two days later, the high school teacher and coach says she got the email telling her that her trip had been cancelled. And that’s when she saw the foul language.

She quickly called customer service. She says she was told that she was to blame for the canceled reservation. She then sent the supervisor a screenshot of the “F— You” at the top of her itinerary.

“It’s clear as day what was written and I haven’t received a response,” she said. “Nothing.”

Viramontes said that Expedia had yet to offer to compensate her for the $600 she paid for her plane tickets. She said a supervisor told her she would have to pay a $200 fee to book another flight.

It’s time to boycott Expedia for their horrible non customer service, people . Send them a message by not doing business with Expedia!

Oct 19



The Gatekeeper by Kathryn Smith struck me as being an in between book. It is not the best book I’ve ever read. Nor is the the worst book I’ve ever read. It is a more okay, well written book, with tons of facts and information readers may not have known about FDR, Missy or Eleanor. There is not a sense of a story being told here. Kathryn Smith put all kinds of facts in the book about Missy LeHand, FDR’s secretary and devoted partner that acted like his second wife without benefits, that she forgot to add some spice or a continuing storyline. She continues throwing in more facts about Missy, FDR, and Eleanor that the story goes away.

Smith tells her readers that there wasn’t any hanky panky going on between FDR, and Missy, even though his children saw her sitting on his lap in her nightgown while they were traveling. Two of FDR and Eleanor’s kids wrote books about their famous father; one saying Missy and FDR were lovers, and the other child said they weren’t. Who do we believe? What got me was how Eleanor didn’t seem to mind that her husband was traveling across America, sleeping in the same trailer, and the same room with another woman.

The Gatekeeper was interesting with all the facts presented, but I have to say at times kind of dull because The Gatekeeper is not written as a story but as a fact finding mission.

Missy was so devoted to FDR, she tried hiding his inability to walk, even swimming with him at Warm Springs, holding him up in the water, traveling with him, and crafting his speeches for him. She acted like his wife, his protector, his bodyguard, his lover, his speechwriter, his chief of staff and his mother–all wrapped up in one package. No wonder the Roosevelt’s lavished Missy with gifts, let her live in their home, and paid for her to travel extensively throughout Europe.

FDR fans this is the book for you, because there is so much information contained in these pages, you will love it. Momzinga.com.

Oct 18



Celebrations is a completely different cookbook devised by Danielle Walker. Beautiful book, highlighting numerous pages of gorgeous pictures so beautiful, I was seriously considering ripping out the pages and eating the paper imagining I was eating a Thanksgiving turkey, light, delicious looking game day chicken wings, sumptuous looking Easter dinner ham, heavenly satisfying salads. Even the asparagus and soups, which I usually do not enjoy looked really yummy.

Celebrations takes holiday gatherings to an entirely new level. Danielle Walker created an entire delicious looking book with numerous holiday recipes. Walker starts with New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day recipes of appetizer food that look like meals ready to be devoured. She explains why and how she cooks each recipe and essentially why she does each one the way she does. Love makes every creation beyond stellar. Walker highlights every major holiday including Valentine’s Day, where she makes food for the kids and then a romantic dinner for two. Walker includes football party—game day food, with a take on a healthier chicken wing and substitute for chicken wings.

Walker amazes with a Mother’s Day spread, Fourth of July summer delights.(Hey, where’s Labor Day?) She included Christmas breakfast, dinner and cookies. Halloween is gobblined-up! Autumn foods are presented with vigor. She even included foods to celebrate birthday parties.
I suggest buying Celebrations from Danielle Walker because even people like myself who hate to cook will feel inspired to whip up a batch of Cauliflower Buffalo Bites, or Carnitas on Tostones. Momzinga.com.

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