Dec 08

Sci-Fi Your Teenage Dream? Then The Diabolic Is The Book For You!


The Diabolic is written for teens. I was not pulled into the story as I was with The Hunger Games series and the Divergent series. Hunger Games and Divergent were so interesting to read because the writers pull readers into the story of two older teens that draw upon their inner strength, growing up into strong, courageous young women who do not enjoy killing other teens, but instead fight for their lives, grow up and become stronger.

The Diabolic has an intensely intriguing theme; that of a young girl turned into a monster. Okay, not really a monster, but she has been trained to be a monster, including killing people to take care of her teen mistress. Her teen Sidonia is everything Nemesis is not(rich, pretty, free) and is treated much as a dog is treated.

The Diabolic takes place in a Sci-Fi imaginary world. I’m sorry but I do not like Sci-fi books or movies. I could not get into The Diabolic, but that is my personal taste and interest.

The Diabolic, Nemesis, is Sidonia’s charge, a wealthy political leader’s daughter who is placed in their home to do everything in her power to keep Sidonia safe from unseen harm. Nemesis is literally turned into a monster of unearthly proportions who loves Sidonia.

The first chapter of The Diabolic is a great start to what I thought would be a brilliant read. But then the next couple of chapters carry on with Nemesis living with Sidonia, having intense feelings for her because she has been trained to have these feelings. I think a lot of teens would like the action to have continued which it doesn’t, it simply stops, and then the story changes to what is happening today.

More background story showing how Nemesis was found, more about her parents and more lead up to being The Diabolic would have been a better introduction and better understanding of exactly what The Diabolic is, instead of suddenly thrusting the main characters in a strange Sci-Fi world of oddness so extreme, I’m thinking The Diabolic is too weird for me, but more believable for teens looking for escapism.

By this point in time we are all tired of the Divergent and The Hunger Games series, but The Diabolic is too weird for me, too way out there. It reminded me of a Netflix TV show that is truly weird. The theme, the actual storyline is a good one, and is obviously better for teens who just want to have fun.

Dec 07

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Stay Classy People of the Internet Stay Classy!


When did it become okay to write headlines with Amy Schumer-like titles including the word FUCK in the title? I’m truly tired of seeing articles written with these well worn, overused words and phrases:


How overtly imaginative. It looks like a third grader wrote these stories. To top it off most of these SCHOCKING stories have been written by someone trying to sell something to anyone willing to click on the title. Most of these are sponsored ads paying their money to YAHOO!, Huff Po, Facebook, Twitter and every other badly written sites. Most of the so-called articles on the Internet are bait and click articles, sort of like bait and switch advertising. Click on the misleading, unimaginative titles, and what do you think you are faced with? GARBAGE! A sponsored ad on Facebook, Yahoo, Drudge, Twitter. They are everywhere.

To compete with the STUPIDILY written articles, writers have to challenge themselves to write schlock all day. To get attention, thus striking a chord with Internet viewers do writers really have to lower themselves to such a demeaning role of writing absolute putrid FUCKING CRAP? Or do we have to be the Mom who screwed around on her husband now turning my love life into a torrid lesbian love affair, just to get your attention, and make millions a year? MOMZINGA.COM.

Dec 06




MATT SMITH is the Eleventh Doctor Who, and this week’s MANSLICE MONDAY!

Exactly who is Matt Smith? He is the 34 year old British actor who starred in 49 episodes of Doctor Who as you know who— Doctor Who.
Matt Smith is currently starring in The Crown as the Queen’s husband. He portrays Prince Philip in this richly involving, engaging view of exactly what makes Queen Elizabeth the magnificent queen she is.


But my take is you have to watch THE CROWN,(Netflix show), because Matt Smith dresses in various British uniforms and strikes a truly statuesque figure. And Hello he appears naked, lying in bed for the Queen to admire and we viewers to gawk at.

Matt Smith was born in Northampton England, living with his two parents, who it appears have different last names. So I am surmising Mom and Dad never got married, in 1982 when they had Matthew.


Smith was big on stage in England, and starred in Terminator Genisys, as Alex, in 2015. Did I mention Smith starred in Doctor Who as The Eleventh Doctor Who, already? Take a gander at THE CROWN’s first two episodes. Definitely worth watching for making Prince Philip of Mountbatten looking hot and sexy!!

Dec 05




Thank you for your service, Ivan Castro.

After serving in the military for many years, Ivan Castro almost dies while being in the wrong place at the wrong time. A bomb goes off within feet of Castro and other military people. This causes Castro to almost die. His body is damaged in almost every place; one eye is blown out, his other eye severely damaged. He is in a coma for a long time.

Castro tells the story of what courage, inner strength, love, and determination will do for people who look inside themselves and say, “I’m going to do this.” Castro must make the decision of living or dying, going on with his life and making it the best life possible—all while coming back from serious, life altering changes, all while dealing with having gone blind. Castro has to learn to do everything, including walking down a street, alone, blind.

What blew me away,(sorry, no pun intended), is Ivan Castro not only pushed through the physical and emotional pain making it sound like a walk in the park, but then somehow Castro finds it in himself to keep working for the military. Retirement should have been an option, but not for Castro. Oh yes, he went back to work. And Castro ran (marathons), and is still running because he wanted to challenge himself to see if he could do it. No he is not running because his Momma told him to, as in the movie Forrest Gump, so do not make jokes about what he said.

All I can say is if you think your life is tough, read Fighting Blind and discover how tough your life could really be!

Dec 01



THINKING THURSDAY—-Material things, no thanks, happiness is on my Christmas list.

A Facebook friend asked this morning what everyone wanted for Christmas. Every single person had a different answer. Someone wanted ‘sleep for Christmas.’ Another person answered with ‘toys’. That’s not what I want for Christmas. I do not want anything material for Christmas. I am a dreamer, and what I’d really like is what Miss America contestants say every year—-‘world peace.”
But my twist is to bring it to America.

This what I want for Christmas 2016—happiness. Happiness— for Americans to stop arguing, unify, to love one another, to get along, to stop fighting, to have respect for each other. I want perhaps an older way of life to happen, where people have respect, manners, ethics, morals, and generally I want Americans to be happy.
I want to see every person smiling Christmas morning because they are happy with their lives.
I’d like people to stop arguing about politics.
I’d like people to stop shameful attacks on other people. I’d like to stop being called names online for voicing my opinion. Hey this would make me happy.
I’d like people to respect each other again.
I’d like to see people stop being so angry.
I’d like to wake up one morning and feel happy.
I’d like other people to feel this childlike innocence again, this feeling of happiness just by waking up , getting out of bed and enjoying every day to the fullest.
I’d like Americans to have ethics, morals, values, self respect, and respect for each other’s beliefs.
I’d like every able-bodied American to have a good job.
I’d like the hate to stop, and for people to get along.
In general I’d like all Americans to be happy again.
I’d like to live in an America where people do not riot and loot stores anymore, where people have respect for the police again.

I’m going to try to be happy.

That’s what I’d like for Americans to wake up Christmas morning and be happy.

Dec 01

Gold Medalist, Simone Biles Tells Her Inspiring Life Story.


COURAGE TO SOAR BY SIMONE BILES—-Thank you, Simone for writing an inspirational book everyone should read.

Courage to Soar is an inside look into a gold medalist’s world. Simone Biles has a great attitude where nothing stands in her way. I’m not saying she will harm people to get what she wants, nope she is determined with a deep love of gymnastics, to work hard and get what she wants. She is one of a few people in the world who can say, “I won a gold medal.”

Biles is one of even a smaller group who can say, “I won four gold medals.”

Courage to Soar is an interesting book to read for kids. Written in a simple way, it’s not really an adult kind of book, but I found it to be an uplifting experience. Adults can certainly read Courage because Biles is an inspiration for generations to come. It’s written in a very easy to read way. Courage should be required reading for every child in America, because Biles shows what hard work, determination, strong ethics and a deep love for her sport can and will do for anyone, who commits themselves to doing the same.


I love Biles’ attitude. She never complains, just tells her life story. She truly is inspirational to all people, and yes if you are older, reading this book may put your life into perspective. Courage gives strength helping raise, decent, hardworking kids that will meet their goals. It may even help people who need an inspirational kick in the butt, by reading Courage to Soar: finding out how to make life better and not complain about it, or feel entitled. Noone is entitled, except maybe for the Queen of England, even she had to work at it. Biles has such a great attitude because she met her goals. She is not an angry, entitled youth, like we are seeing all over America today.

With the help of her grandparents who adopted Biles when she was a small child, she develops into a strong, courageous, young lady displaying everything parents desire their kids to become. Biles life was tough at the start and she easily could be on the opposite end of the spectrum, being a moody, sullen pissed off, entitled feeling teen who thinks everything should be given to her.


Nov 29

Looking For a Quickie? Princess Diarist Has It All


For a Good Time Read Princess Diarist—-Witty musings from a woman who has truly LIVED life!

Princess Diarist written by Carrie Fisher, (famous for role of Princess Leia in Star Wars) tells a truly involving, funny story for the first half of the book, suddenly switching gears for the second half of the book to introspective poetry and a diary of Fisher’s younger self.

Fisher gives actual diary entries about her affair with Star Wars’ Harrison Ford. Reading her poetry about their affair and general musings of her starring role in Star Wars, readers can tell where Fisher was coming from at 19.

It’s kind of weird reading Fisher’s musings on love and lust from such a young woman, who was falling in love for the first time.

She had me at the first sentence. She has this great, laugh out loud sense of humor. Fisher knows who she is, and is not afraid to let readers know this. Read her truthful accounting of what happened during her huge starring role in Star Wars(the first and second movies, where she says she was paid ‘nothing’.)

Fisher tells her story of how she got the Star Wars gig. She writes like she talks, which makes for an interesting read.

I enjoyed how Fisher tells the story of her starring as Princess Leia in Star Wars. I loved how she talks like she is talking to her best friend. She is letting readers in on many secrets of how she really felt and thought back when she was an older teen. And she does it in a fast, funny way. Almost every line she writes is quotable, and funny. She makes fun of herself, seemingly not taking anything seriously. We get the juicy details of her affair with Harrison Ford, when he was married with two kids. YIKES!

Now I want to read her other books, and see her hit movies again and again,(Harry Met Sally, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back) because now I now I know the inside story.

Nov 28

Trailblazing Doctor Saves Thousands With New Program: Read A Warrior of the People



Trailblazing doctor does what no one else could or would do for Indians back in the 1800’s. She fought for her people and cured their illnesses saving numerous lives in a time when the White Man was killing them.

A Warrior of the People written by Joe Starita highlights American Indians and how one Indian woman had the courage and strength of character to become a doctor at a time when women were not allowed to become doctors. Any woman, whether she was white, black or if she was Indian, did not work outside of the home. Susan La Flesche did in the mid 1800’s because she saw how desperate Indians were and took the initiative to take care of her people.

At the time she became a doctor for American Indians who were pushed off their land by the White Man. They were starving due to not having any food to eat, and they were getting deadly diseases that were killing them.

This was when Susan La Flesche stepped in taking over, helping ailing people, people who were dying from tuberculosis, small pox and other diseases that were at the time very contagious and not easy to treat. This was the era in the mid-1800’s before vaccinations were not easily attained, or they were not invented yet.

A Warrior of the People takes us through Susan La Flesche’s life, her story, of being born in a time when women; especially American Indian women did not become career women. Most women did not become career women either until the 1960’s and then only after creating opportunity for themselves in the 1980’s. Women were expected to quit their jobs, stay home and take care of the kids. A Warrior of the People is an interesting topic, and very interesting viewpoint of La Flesches’s life.

By reading this book, readers can tell that Joe Starita is very enamored with the topic. In other words he’s really into it. and loves what he is doing! A Warrior of the People is informative, well developed, but needed more intrigue at the beginning.

Nov 28

MANSLICE MONDAY; DENNIS QUAID: Keeps Going Like The Energizer Bunny!

Actor Dennis Quaid arrives at the "Vantage Point"  Premiere at the AMC Lincoln Square Theater on February 20, 2008 in New York City. "Vantage Point" New York Premiere - Outside Arrivals AMC Lincoln Square New York, NY United States February 20, 2008 Photo by Jim Spellman/ To license this image (51452528), contact WireImage.comMANSLICE MONDAY: DENNIS QUAID–

62 year old Dennis Quaid has done it all, seen it all and experienced it all. But that’s what makes a great actor, now doesn’t it?

Flipping TV stations the other morning to see what was going on in the world, I caught Kelly Live!, and Dennis Quaid was a guest. I was amazed at how fit he is for an older man. He has a stunning, awesome looking, ribbed, muscular body. He looks pretty good wearing a stylish suit, and I was suddenly feeling very happy that morning. I must admit, Dennis Quaid is not a truly good looking, cute actor and he never was, but Dennis Quaid can act the hell of any role he stars in and has been since 1975.


What impressed me is how Dennis Quaid has starred in so many movies. He keeps going kind of like the Energizer Bunny. He looks good, muscular and makes younger guys ashamed at how they don’t take care of their bodies. YIKES!

Dennis Quaid has been married and divorced three times. You may remember Quaid’s marriage to once famous girl next door, Meg Ryan. Altogether he has had three children with two different women. He married Meg Ryan in 1991, divorced her in 2000, met someone else married her, divorced her without having kids, and married a real estate agent, who filed for divorce from Quaid numerous times and then fell into his rebounding arms again. They had twins. I guess I’ve got it straight.

Quaid had cocaine addiction problems.

Quaid starred in the TV series Vegas, and so many movies; he has starred in almost a movie a year since 1975. Here are but a few: Parent Trap, Flight of the Phoenix, Wyatt Earp, Innerspace, DOA, Great Balls of Fire, Bonnie Raitt’s video, ‘Thing Called Love’ and was the voice of Mr. Krab’s grandfather on SpongeBob SquarePants.

There you have it , Ladies, Dennis Quaid, he’s done it all, seen it all and starred in it all!

Nov 21




OOPS Doctor Perlmutter did it again! If only he could sing and look as good as Britney Spears, he’d have a bazillion dollar industry going on! He has written an easy to read, understand and implement health book, The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan. Doctor Perlmutter extolls his extensive knowledge of eating healthy, helping us become healthier, inflammation-free, stronger and living longer.

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan has new information in this book. Doctor Perlmutter, a neurologist is informing a wide ranging audience how to stave off life threatening diseases with this book. Perlmutter is literally trying to keep people healthy and out of the harmful path of Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinsons, cancer by eating healthy, non chemical laden foods.

I have to say I found a lot of the information in this book to be scary about what Perlmutter says is contained in our foods; cancer causing chemicals. He tells us not to eat foods grown in the ground, but to grow it ourselves(higher up), or buy organic foods. Dr. Perlmutter has the answers. He says to eat farm fresh salmon and once again has many delicious recipes included in Whole Life Plan. He also suggests to put virgin olive oil on our food, instead of using butter or other fatty, bad for us foods.

The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan is a short, easy to read book that is not complicated and not written in such a way that only doctors can understand it. This book is not boring, it is intensely interesting, knowledgeably written and most definitely is a life changing opportunity.

Besides adding recipes to Whole Life Plan, Dr.Perlmutter talks about dealing with stress and anxiety, insomnia, losing weight, feeling better and beating various diseases caused by inflammation by exercising, eating healthy foods and enjoying life.

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