May 26



Don’t settle for safe is an excellent primer on how to change your life for the better. Sarah Jakes Roberts educates people willing to slow down and listen on how to make life better. Jakes does this through working hard, believing in a higher power, believing in herself and by being a positive person.

Roberts says so many absolutely true things in her book of how to embrace the uncomfortable to become unstoppable. In other words she tells readers how to dive headfirst out of our comfort zones, how to have the confidence to move on to bigger and better things. Roberts tells readers how to create a better life.

But OMG! Roberts says so much in each chapter, in each sentence, with each word, that I found to understand and put forth the ideas in Don’t Settle For Safe, I had to read this book slowly. We have to force ourselves to slow down, read carefully, underline main ideas, good ideas, intentionally teaching ourselves how to change our lives.

When we really step back and think about what Roberts is saying, we already know this in the back of our minds, in our hearts, in our souls, but we truly need someone else who is an unstoppable winner to tell us it is okay to go ahead and put forth all of these ideas into motion.

Sometimes that’s not as easy as we think it is. We have to take that first step into the unknown and believe in not only ourselves, but in God and that we can do this. WOW! Roberts blew me away because as I was reading Don’t Settle For Safe she says so much. At times it was actually overwhelming. I had to go back and read it again to get exactly what she said. But if you truly do want to create a better unstoppable, better life for yourself now, I highly recommend reading Don’t Settle For Safe to embrace the uncomfortable, thus creating a better life.

May 25



Erotic Stories did not have me reading faster than a speeding bullet. The backstories of four women’s lives, three of them family members and one who is fearful for her very life did not have this reviewer wanting for more. I have to say that when a writer gives a book a catchy title, there better be a reason for readers lusting after the book.

Erotic Stories left me wanting for more. And I’m not just talking about steamy sex stories. But isn’t that what the title of the book promises? Yes there are some sexy stories told by the widows of a writing group, but they are not steamy. In fact they sound like stories teenagers tell each other. The Indian women cast in this book are all pretty much cast as having no depth, no real character and are sadly quite the same person. I felt like I was reading a book written by someone who was a teenager writing her first book.

After reading a book this week that was richly written, multilayered and contained so much information in each sentence I was quite disheartened to read Erotic Stories. The sentences do not contain poetry in motion, they contain so little I really felt like I was reading a first attempt at writing a book with a catchy title that was not well thought out or well written.

I guess I’m getting spoiled by reading so many richly written books in the last couple of years that I should be more thankful. But Erotic Stories had nothing that pushed me on to desiring to read more. This is another book I read where it was simply uninteresting, did not pull me in and I felt I had nothing in common with the women in the story.
Maybe more back story could have been written about some of the widows in the writing group to make it more interesting and to bring feelings to the surface, involving readers.

May 25



Every Wild Heart started out so well and contained so much promise inside it’s pages, I truly thought Wild Heart would be a sensational read. I was wrong.

THE first two chapters were rivetingly wonderful. They bring readers into the story and then this thing happens, where the proverbial shoe drops and the goodness in Every Wild Heart drops off. The tone of the book changes suddenly. It switches to uninteresting and yes telling the story, but it needed more. More what I’m not exactly sure, but it needed more interest, intrigue, more of what Donohue had started the book out with.

The real story kicks in and it becomes dull to read. Gail Gideon is a famous talk show host that tries to live her life under the radar. She tries in real life to not gain any attention. Her daughter is the complete opposite of her mother. Where her mother is confident and has a big personality, 14 year old Nic has major issues going on. She is a frail little being who simply wants to crawl into the nearest hole when she is outside her home. Sad to see what is happening to Nic, a young teen with social issues. Her safety net is riding horses and being with horses whom she loves dearly and would skip any social situation to be with her beloved animals.

Gail has a past that is catching up with her. Mystery surrounds her as she gets threatening phone calls. But the mystery and danger is not played up enough to make the book move at a faster more intriguing pace.

I felt Every Wild Heart needed to pick up the pace and stop telling so much about Nic’s social issues. There was too much explanation and not enough action. Something major needed to happen.

May 25



NOT THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND. Singer Ariana Grande who says she hates America and Americans fled England right after the bombing attack in Manchester, flew home to Miami and was greeted by her loving relatives at the Miami Airport. This should not be the way it went down. First, a bomber hit the switch to the bomb, outside the concert venue Ariana Grande was singing at. Next 22 lives were taken that fateful evening. Over 100 people were injured and Grande flew home. She probably ran out of the building with security guards running her out.

What pisses me off is not only 22 people including innocent children being killed, is how Grande ran out of England and came back to the states where she publicly said She hates America. Me personally, I think she should have stayed in England, because ISIS was not looking to kill Ariana Grande, they were looking for more innocent victims to spread their cause of reigning terror on the world—which I predicted but did not state publicly the other day that Liberals would be out in full force blaming President Trump for the horrible attack in Manchester—-which they have started doing.

Ariana Grande should have stayed in England shown some backbone and stayed to visit and help the terrorist victims, not run home to Miami! Instead, the media is showing pictures of Queen Elizabeth making the rounds at local British hospitals visiting the maimed and injured. When in fact, Ariana Grande should be standing next to the injured girls who innocently went to her concert expecting a fun, clean healthy good time!

I have also discovered that Ariana Grande has cancelled the rest of her tour, which might just mean she is staying out of Europe and out of harm’s way. I also heard, Grande is paying for the 22 terrorist victim’s funerals which could simply be a fake Internet story.

I still think Grande should be in Europe visiting her concert-goers’ victims hospital rooms as Queen Elizabeth is doing to say she feels bad about what happened and show some human-being heartfelt kindness—which millions of people do not know how to do anymore!

May 24



Cool Person! That Me!

You bet your sweet bippy they do!! Attractive, good looking people get more likes online, they get more comments, they get more attention in the real world, so that only goes to say cute guys/girls get more attention online.

In this stuff isn’t always fair in real life, this extends to the online world. It’s not fair, but it happens, all the time. That’s why we see people putting up pics of someone else like a celebrity so they get more likes, more views on their blogs or on their Facebook posts, etc. People want to be popular and some are doing anything to gain that popularity.

I usually try not to like a person’s comment on an article because he/she is cute. But this morning I did. He had brown, curly, longish hair. He had a muscular neck, was tan and he was young looking. For all I know reality bites and he is a 75 year old man who is anything but 35, tan and muscular.

Do you like comments or visit blogs because the picture on the blog or the commenter’s pic is of a good looking guy or an attractive female?

Without really thinking about it, we all do it. Numerous surveys have been taken in the past where people online gravitate towards a cute/good looking person, or a female who is wearing a bikini and is really pretty. It’s the way we are, the way we were born. It happens in nature all the time, where male birds are all pimped out to look great to get a female mate to make baby birds with. Male peacocks get the blue, purple feathers, where as the females get the brown/gray feathers. The males fan out their feathers to the females, and the females ignore them.

It’s all in our nature to like attractive people in real life and online.

And yes, attractive people get more likes online, and people are spending tons of money to make themselves look gorgeous online. They are buying expensive cameras with filters, using a lot of expensive makeup, dying their hair, using certain lighting and using other techniques to make yellow teeth white, make themselves look pounds lighter and wear wigs to look like they have long, golden blond hair. Teen fashion bloggers are getting plastic surgery at young ages to look perfect to draw in more viewers and more potential advertisers. Delve into the teen fashion/makeup world and discover how much moola these kids are making!

We gravitate towards attractive people online and in real life, and we like more comments from an attractive person online. What is really sad is people who are very smart, qualified for a job and do not get that job because they are not a young attractive female, but are really a 60-something male. That is sexist and ageist!

May 23



Shocked that Fake Plastic Love is Kimberley Tait’s first novel. It certainly didn’t seem like a first book, it was written so well, I was shocked that it is a first venture into adventure. I found it delightful, hilarious, well written, fantastic and a journey of young twenty somethings going through the arduous task of growing up. Do any of us really want to leave the safety net of college, get jobs and start working at jobs where we are treated like crap?

Tait’s main character M. wants it all and she wants it all upon graduation, but she is not a spoiled, pampered college graduate who thinks a great job should be bestowed upon her, M. works hard in the financial district while her best friend, Belle works really hard at creating a new age blog for hipsters.

Tait writes so convincingly, I zoomed ahead, reading at a fast running cheetah’s pace, plunging ahead, reading faster than a speeding bullet. Fake Plastic Love is a beautifully written story for just about any age group, not just for college age peeps.
M. becomes friends in college with Belle. They are complete opposites. M. wants to stay in the safety net established at college, but graduates nonetheless and gets a job in the financial district right away at the best firm in New York City. Belle is a free thinking girl who never seems to want to grow up. Belle starts one of the first successful fashion blogs, is intrinsically artistic and is continually living the life of a successful fashionista.
M. lives the life of a hard working female working in a man’s world, when she finds she is starting to fall for one of the guys she works with and guess who comes along and sweeps him away from her adoring arms, without seemingly any effort at all?

Kimberley Tait has written a beautiful book filled with witty witiscims we will all see ourselves in, and how we all want out lives to be, or do we?

May 23



Walking Tacos are the easiest, fastest meal you can eat anytime anywhere, where you can include anything your heart desires to make a delicious, quick meal on the go. It might not be the most nutritious meal ever discovered, but it is something to eat in a bag of Doritos, potato chips, Fritos or whatever you want to mix cooked hamburger, chips of your yearning, and all the sides you desire.

When I first saw the Walking Taco food stand at my daughter’s swim meet, I was fascinated with the mix of healthy and unhealthy foods to make a meal or a quick snack to eat on the go for kids, teens and hassled parents who are running back from the food stand to the swim meet, soccer game or the baseball game. Parents are in a hurry and not only do we have to feed ourselves, our kids and our kids, but also our kids who are competing.


Depending on how many people you are feeding, you will need about a pound of hamburger.
Numerous bags of Doritos, or Fritos or chips, will be needed. Buy the snack pack if you want or put the Doritos or Fritos in smaller snack size bags.

Remember you will be eating right out of the bag. Once the hamburger is cooked through thoroughly, put it into the snack bags with chips, chopped up lettuce, cubed tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, cheese and sour cream. You can put just about anything in a snack bag of Doritos to make this snack or meal work better for you.

You will need spoons and forks to make this meal. And you can create this meal/snack at just about any kids’ sporting event, charge so much per bag to help raise money for the team. You can also include a Walking Taco for any fun, different party you are throwing, whether it is for a kids’ birthday party, a football party of just a quick, easy meal to make at home or for your family members on the go—thus the reason for calling it a Walking Taco!

May 22



I was not going to write another famous rock star Manslice Monday. But after becoming bummed out about so many famous, well known rock stars dying in the last year, I decided to cover him. I decided to cover Chris Cornell as a Manslice Monday not because he was a sexy, super cute looking guy, no because he should not be forgotten.

Chris Cornell was one of the founding members of grunge rock. He was born before other famous lead singers and well after other famous musicians such as David Bowie, Glenn Frey and Prince have died. But he was born before other famous grunge singers have died unnatural deaths such as Kurt Cobain by a gunshot wound to the head and Layne Staley from heroin addiction(he weighted 67 pounds at the time of his death).

It’s sad that another famous rock star has committed suicide. At this point in time, just a few days after Cornell’s death, the Michigan coroner is saying Cornell hung himself with an exercise band and hung himself in his hotel room at the MGM Grand in Detroit. This was after performing a gig in Detroit where various people said he had an amazing performance to saying the lead singer sounded off and depressed.

His wife of 13 years said she had talked to him after his show and he did sound off, as in slurry and weird.
Whether you believe Cornell killed himself by suicide or if he accidentally met his maker, the main theme is the same here. Another talented musician has died way too young. David Bowie died from cancer in 2016 at the age of 69, and Glenn Frey died the same year at 67.
Chris Cornell started his career as a lead singer and guitar player on a professional front in 1984 at the age of 20. He soon formed Soundgarden, and went on to have several alternative/grunge hit songs. Cornell moved on as time passed to create another soulful, grunge /alt band with Audioslave and performed with many other bands over his long lasting, stellar career, such as Aerosmith.
Currently his wife,(Vicky—-married for 13 years) is fighting the decree that Chris killed himself and it was an accidental death or perhaps someone else’s fault.
It’s simply sad anyway we look at it, because another talented musician has died way too young at 52.

May 18

THINKING THURSDAY:Are Women Manipulated By The Media?


In 1913 5,000 women marched into Washington to get their message heard. This was around the time when Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as America’s new president. Women did not have the right to vote until 1918. Women fought hard to get their message heard and to get the right to vote. Back then women were not thought of as being equal to men, but stayed at home, had kids and we did not stand out, or speak up, we had no rights and were ignored. Women did not have the same rights as men.

In 2017, more than 100 years later, women went to Washington again to get their message across—to President Trump , the day after he was inaugurated. What I saw from reading articles online, and watching TV news is the million women who converged on Washington, were manipulated by the media. They joined marches across the United States after being told by the media and from online sources to fight Trump becoming president. It has been going on since Trump became president! Women are being told to resist, persist; to fight.

Women are being manipulated by the media in a big, bad way. It is not just TV media I’m talking about, it is online media as well. Occupy Democrats, CNN, MSNBC, FOX NEWS have ALL been struggling to grab onto your emotions by covering in detail and for many hours any topic that causes people to become emotional. They want you to cry, yell, rant, vent, carry on, text your friends, go online and bitch because that gets them what they want—bigger ratings. CNN has been manipulating women for years. When the Malaysian airline crashed they covered every detail including showing victim’s families crying when they got bad news that their relatives were found. CNN covered the Malaysian Jet Crash for what a month? UNREAL!

Did you notice since Donald Trump became president how the media have been covering every move he makes, every breath he takes? They yell from the rafters about whatever Trump does. The media discusses, dissects everything Trump does in a negative light. Why didn’t they cover President Obama in such a manner? Here’s the answer—because they want to make you an emotional mess, that hates President Trump. They want you to get up in the morning, turn on CNN, MSNBC, or CBS, NBC, FOX News and watch their station 24-7. They want you to get emotional. They want women to yell at the TV, to get mad, because they want you to watch their TV news 24-7. Why would they do that?

It’s simple really—so the media outlets can make tons of money. The media want to control your emotions so they can make millions of dollars. Women are being manipulated by the media. It is women they really want because women are the ones who control the household budget. Women want to paint a room and buy new furniture. Men, who are straight, could care less what a room looks like and if the furniture is old or new. Men just want a room to hang out in, preferably with a big screen TV, and sports memorabilia. Women buy throw pillows, new curtains and deeply desire a stainless steel refrigerator. Men could, truthfully care less.

Women are being manipulated by the media. Time to cut the cord. Get rid of the cable TV.

May 18



The Night She Won Miss America is a great read through to the very end. Nostalgia plays a major part in seeing how people acted back in 1950. For people interested in discovering another era of dressing beautifully, having manners, respect, values and treating people with kindness, The Night She Won Miss America is the book for you. Miss America is also for people who want to take a trip back in time before people thought everything was owed to them.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about a time before I was born; about the characters helping each other, thinking about each other, young women having chaperones. It was a different time. Michael Callahan puts readers right there!

Michael Callahan stops The Night She Won Miss America from moving at breakneck speed bringing it to a grinding halt, where Betty tries to catch up with what just happened. She is actually in shock that she won!
Then it becomes another book entirely. But that isn’t a bad thing. The Night She Won Miss America is supposed to change after she wins, because Betty is pondering what just happened, and wondering if she wants to be the good girl or the one that follows her heart.

Michael Callahan has written a wonderfully nostalgic book about how Betty wins Miss America, how it happens, how she is shocked she has won and how she has fallen in love with her appointed escort and how she wants to stop the forward movement of winning the esteemed crown and chase after the guy she has fallen head over heels for.

I thoroughly loved how Callahan puts readers smack dab in the middle of 1950; how people talked, acted, dressed. You see, back in 1950, people had manners, values, respect for each other and common sense. The year 1950 was a different time. Kind of makes me want tot go back to 1950 when people had manners and were kind to you in person, but would gossip about you behind your back, not write smack about you online.

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