Nov 20

UNSHAKEABLE: Faith Driven Book Guides You Through Each Day of the Year!

unshakeUnshakeable written by Christine Caine is simply bible verses taken from obviously different Bibles , and put in a book , right? Okay, well ummm—- Caine put Bible verses into a 365 day kind of calendar configuration that is better than a verse a day kind of thing. It’s inspiring!

Christine Caine lovingly placed 365 Bible verses into a book for each day of the upcoming year, so that all we have to do is flip to each daily page, read the verse, then read the explanation and how to use the verse in our daily lives. Starting on January 1st, Unshakeable is meant to be followed for any year. After a few years, you’ll probably start memorizing the Bible verses.

I found Unshakeable a very strongly, yet beautifully written book. You do not have to be a bible thumping preacher to read this book. All you need to do is simply pick it up and start thumbing through the pages. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, but it certainly does help. I’m not a religious fanatic, but simply looking over Unshakeable made me feel more relaxed, stronger, happier and more confident in my daily life.

I am a big believer in we all should believe in something. Something out there created us, loves us and guides through each day. So why not give yourself a little confidence booster every day? Start each day with something that makes life a little easier by following something like the Bible to give each day a happy edge.

Caine’s book is beautiful to look at, inspirational, inviting, simply written, well intended and helpful beyond words. Unshakeable is a small confidence booster we all need in today’s difficult, trying times. Give it a try. This is a book I will be looking at every day, and following the sage advice given within these unshakeable pages!

Nov 20

THOR: CHRIS HEMSWORTH:Momzinga’s Manslice Monday!!


Chris Hemsworth was named People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. He’s a hot Australian guy, girls. He appeared in many movies including Thor, which is where you may know Chris Hemsworth—at his best. He is a blond haired, blue eyed, good looking guy; perfect for Manslice Monday. I still think his younger brother, Liam is cuter. Liam should have gotten the girl in The Hunger Games.

Chris Hemsworth is the brother of two other actors, Liam and Luke Hemsworth. You may recognize Liam’s name after he dated and became engaged to Miley Cyrus. Chris had the starring role in Thor, which is coming back to movie theaters soon, for the fourth installment. Although being named Sexiest Man Alive has got to be a huge career bump for any good looking guy.

Thor, I mean Chris is over six feet tall, was born on August 11, in 1983, starred in an Aussie soap opera called, Home and Away. Chris Hemsworth is married to Elsa Pataky and they had twins, six years ago!! By the way—THOR looks hotter with long hair and no shirt—just saying!!
Copyright (c) 2017!

Nov 16

HOW THE RIGHT LOST ITS MIND:A Liberal Bunch of Spooey

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboopCharles K. Sykes wrote a book called How The Right Lost Its Mind, making me think Liberals are people who are mindless wandering zombies who wander America walking in the middle of the road, uttering unexplainable moans, complete with outstretched arms.

As soon as I started reading Charles K. Sykes How the Right Lost Its Mind I started rattling off how wrong he really is.

You see, Sykes believes he is a Conservative and is out to save America through his Wisconsin radio show and writing Liberal-hate pieces about how much we need to change our opinions and ourselves to fit into today’s way of thinking. In other words–all people who voted for Trump are wrong, and all people who voted for someone else are right. WE true Conservatives are supposed to change our thought process and start thinking in a Liberal way.

Not going to happen, Charlie!! Basically, Sykes tells us , we lost our minds, believing the media stories were real on Facebook and fake on TV.I have to say as soon as I started reading How the Right Lost Its Mind , this book made me immensely pissed and had me form the opinion that Charles J. Sykes is an asshole!!

I have never-ever said this in a book review ever before. But when someone tells me how to think, what to think and to change my beliefs, well you’ve got another thing coming.

I am so tired of the Liberal media telling outright lies everyday and slanting the news to a Liberal viewpoint. Everything President Trump does is slanted in a negative viewpoint. Everything any Democrat does is correct and is placed on a pedestal of roses. I am so tired of hearing the negativity, I stopped watching news stations that do not report the news anymore. What happened to telling what happened that day, instead of having people on TV argue?

In Sykes book, he states “why are so many citizens  so credulous about ‘fake news’, and immune to factual information reported by resourceful media?” Ummm—this is stated on the inner cover and is completely false. The so-called media is anything but responsible and like I already said slants almost everything they report in a negative manner about President Trump and about anyone who claims to be Conservative.

Nov 15

The Youngest Member of The Manson Family Finally Tells Her Intriguing Story: Member of The Family.

Member of The Family is a well written, intriguing look at the youngest member of Charles Manson’s family. It’s interesting, thought provoking, telling and disgusting at the same time.

Dianne Lake who was only 14 when she was taken in by the Manson family, witnessed and lived with the people who became some of the most horrific murderer’s of the 20th century. Manson manipulated young girls to kill innocent victims, that of actress Sharon Tate who was 8 months pregnant at the time. It was truly one of the most horrific murders of the time, perhaps of all time.

Dianne Lake, describes in Member of the Family how she came to the Manson family without reserving judgment on her two messed up parents. At times, sounding just like a hippie talking (you know what I mean, Man don’t you?”) readers are placed in judgment of Lake’s parents and of Charlie Manson and his family of mostly young girls. We see how someone who is unloved and unwanted by her family is set adrift  on her own at the tender age of 14.Her parents give her to a married couple  who they tell Dianne she can take care of their baby once it is born. But the twosome have other ideas for a young, easily led teen.

Then we are led into how Lake meets Charlie Manson and his family and how she sees how sick he truly is and how he manipulates young girls into doing what he wants.

Member of the Family is an easily read book. It is written kind of simply and at times sounds exactly like readers are thrown back into the 1960’s.

The first 100 pages center on Dianne’s birth family and how idiotic her parents were by her father deciding they were going to live life the way they wanted, and her mother just follows along to keep the peace. Her parents introduce her to drugs and write a note saying they allow her to live life as a free spirit as a minor on her own.

Without a job, a home or parents who guide love her and take responsibility for their children, Dianne Lake is left to her own devices, ending up joining the Manson family as an young, innocent teen—who by the way should have been in high school, not having sex with men to find a bed for the night and not been set out on her own at

Nov 15

35 Far-Flung Places to Go To Get Away From It All: WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY

Hankering to get away from it all? I’m talking really get away from it all; from the stress of daily life, the Internet , your cellphone? Well you will have to travel pretty far to get away from having any cell service, and being bugged by your boss who seemingly has no boundaries. For your next vacation to get away from it all you can always go to one of the far-flung places of the following 35 countries, each of which has a user penetration rate of less than 20 per cent. Which means that fewer than one in five of its residents can access the internet because of a lack of infrastructure.

Pyramids in Sudan, where less than 20 per cent of the population can access the internet
Pyramids in Sudan, where less than 20 per cent of the population can access the internet Credit: Galyna Andrushko – Fotolia
  1. Guatemala
  2. Honduras
  3. Nicaragua
  4. El Salvador
  5. Senegal
  6. Burkina Faso
  7. Mali
  8. Ghana
  9. Cote d’Ivoire
  10. Benin
  11. Algeria
  12. Libya
  13. Sudan
  14. Eritrea
  15. Ethiopia
  16. Cameroon
  17. Uganda
  18. Rwanda
  19. D.R. Congo
  20. Malawi
  21. Zimbabwe
  22. Zambia
  23. Namibia
  24. Madagascar
  25. Mozambique
  26. Angola
  27. Yemen
  28. Pakistan
  29. Turkmenistan
  30. Nepal
  31. India
  32. Bangladesh
  33. Sri Lanka
  34. Myanmar
  35. Indonesia

Many of these places aren’t on the radar of travelers and their low internet usage is in part down to war, civil unrest, and poverty. Libya, Mali, Yemen, and Burkina Faso, for example, are firmly off-limits, with the Foreign Office currently advising against travel.

But others are well worth visiting. Sarah Baxter’s guide to the 50 best holidays for solitude, published by Telegraph Travel earlier this year, included a beach holiday in Nicaragua, a walking holiday through the Himalayan foothills of Ladakh, India, and a three-day trek from Kalaw to Inle Lake in Myanmar.

Why not spot Madagascar’s lemurs and chameleons, go island-hopping in Indonesia, admire Ethiopia’s rock-hewn churches, seek out mountain gorillas in the DRC, or explore Namibia’s photogenic (and utterly desolate) coastline and desert?
The Namib desert from above
The Namib desert from above


Nov 14

RIDICULOUS:Do Stores Start Christmas Too Early?

treeeeeeDid you start seeing Christmas decorations in stores  months before Christmas this year? I was not shocked when I saw Christmas trees in the front lobby of our local Wal-mart way back in October. Lowe’s had Christmas everything in their front lobby at the end of September. It was 80 degrees outside, and here in local stores were blinking Christmas trees, toy aisles already filled with a huge assortment of kids gifts.


Stores are getting way out of hand with putting up Christmas decorations months before Christmas. Come on now, do we need to see Christmas trees in any store set up as displays and the blown up Santa’s and Christmas lights while it is 80 degrees outside?

 This was a full month before Halloween was happening.

I was kind of pissed at how stores, car dealers, online retailers have upped the asinine anty to the umpteenth degree of ridiculousness by setting up their stores with Christmas displays way before Christmas is even a thought in our heads and hearts.

It’s too much , too early. Seems greed has taken over, and if I sound preachy, that’s too bad. We, okay I and probably you also do not need to see car ads two to three months before Christmas for expensive cars with a bow on top or for new appliances that may break our holiday budgets, in October.

What happened to allowing us to enjoy the holiday season and not push expensive products down our throats months before the holidays so that we can be broke by January?



Nov 13

Did Prince Harry Ask Megan Markle To Marry Him? Momzinga’s Manslice Monday

harry 1
Prince Harry is completely different from his older brother, Prince William. Prince Harry has red hair, seems to not have a care in the world. He is the joke-maker in the royal family , whereas his older bro William is the more serious one. But more importantly, did Prince Harry ask Megan Markle to marry him or not?

Prince Harry has been rumored to not be Prince Charles son since his red hair started growing out. He looks more like the man hired to protect Princess Diana, James Hewitt, than he does his “real Dad.”

Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge Departure

Prince Harry has many titles like his big bro does, but he is a different sort than William. Harry always looks like he is telling a joke with that continual smirk on his face.  When he visited America in 2012, getting his naked picture with a naked girl in a WYNN hotel room in Las Vegas posted online and sold to the highest bidder. I think it was TMZ that went hog-wild with that one as Harry was shown completely naked, covering his privates with his hands.

Speaking of privates, Harry has done well for himself in a more serious venue, he has recently become a Captain of the Royal Air Force in Britain. Harry likes to reach for the stars, taking chances with his military career. He is currently an Apache helicopter pilot, waiting his chance to be king. Which by the way will probably never happen. Every time Prince William, who was featured last week on, has a baby, Harry is forced back on the rung to the throne. Currently he is fourth on the Royal ladder. When Duchess Kate Middleton has her next baby, he will be moved back to fifth place.

harry 3

I’m just wondering when Harry who was called a “wild child,” throughout his younger days, will settle down, score a longtime girlfriend and get married. Or will he play the field for a few more years? Copyright(c) 2017! MOMZINGA.COM

Nov 10



Stephen King and his son Owen King wrote a book so big it could be a heavy doorstop. It’s 720 pages long. For me, that’s too long, because I am a busy Mom who doesn’t have time to spend hours and hours devouring a book so lengthy it is actually too long.

The UGLY first—Sleeping Beauties is simply too long. Stephen and Owen King take too long to set up the story.

The Bad—-There’s a political hint of reality in Sleeping Beauties about what would happen if all of the women were gone—which I didn’t find scary. I found this kind of creepy and weird. Didn’t like this premise.

Stephen and Owen literally write entire sentences of description where one word would suffice.

The Good—-I love—-d Stephen Kings’ books, up until the last couple of years. He seems to be trying new techniques and throws in old techniques which completely mess with reader’s heads, but which I’m finding I do not enjoy. Maybe Stephen King should go back to writing about what he really knows—that of the woods of Maine. He almost always set readers up with writing his earlier beautiful wonders of fiction with making every piece of the Maine woods seem like they are holding something horror-filled in them.

I loved Stephen King’s Carrie, The Shining, but I think he is trying to keep up with James Patterson who writes a book a week. Patterson is writing with a partner each time, and has been churning up paper for years now. He writes seriously short chapters, keeps the action going and I’m thinking Stephen King is rattled by this. Maybe, just maybe King needs to ignore what every one else is doing and just go back to writing what he knows–horror. Go back to the Maine Woods and write about the shadows, the way in which things move in the dark, etc.

Sleeping Beauties is simply loaded with unneeded characters, when just a few would have been okay, and it’s too long.

Nov 10


bbbbbbbbbbbfffffffFRANKIE written by Shivaun Plozza is a young adult book of major teenage angst, turmoil, restlessness, of a teen girl looking for herself. Readers discover a strong, determined young woman who goes through hellish times, but won’t rat on anyone , even if they do hurt her. Her mother left her at a very early age in the care of her drug addled father, and mother-dearest also left her a half sibling—maybe more as we discover Frankie finding one sibling who has her eyes and is very much like she is, which makes her feel good.

As the book moves on, we find out more about Frankie who is discovering herself in what could have been just another teen angst, discovery book. But readers get a lot more than that in a cleverly written book from the land down under. Frankie is Plozza’s first attempt at writing a novel and I’m almost certain it will not be her last.

Frankie is both a good read and at times a dull read. For me, personally Frankie needed to pick up speed, move faster, not set up Frankie’s background so much. Plozza could have written the background in as the storyline sails along like James Patterson does. Gin Phillips’ Fierce Kingdom does just that and her book works wonders and had me reading at a fevered pitch.

Realizing this is a book for young adults, I gave it a go, and soon realized Frankie is a well written book, gets us involved in Frankie’s turbulent life, reads well, but just needs to move a bit faster.Sometimes, I’m thinking YA writers over explain the character and plot because they are writing to a younger audience, but sometimes that is a turn off for younger people . They desire action!

Nov 09



 According to fashion mavens Underwood wore 7 different outfits during the show and a blue, cleavage barring dress to walk the red carpet. My husband adores Underwood, and loved seeing her numerous outfit changes. He said during the CMA’s—“She’s a beautiful girl.”

Just when we didn’t think it was possible for Carrie Underwood, 34, to top last year’s Country Music Association Awards looks, she proved us all wrong! The singer pulled out all the stops for her 2017 hosting gig with Brad Paisley, and we’re breaking down her seven looks from country’s biggest night! First, she hit the red carpet in a stunning, curve-hugging, navy blue gown with embellished sleeves. Carrie accessorized her first look of the night with Butani sapphire and diamond earrings, a Hearts on Fire diamond ring, and an Anabela Chan lab-grown blue sapphire ring.

Carrie opened the show with her co-host, Brad, in a gorgeous, deep red gown. The singer went on to rock numerous other looks, including a cream-colored gown, covered in flowers; a multi-colored, abstract mini dress; a black mini dress; and, a stunning, white ball gown for her emotional performance. Finally, Carrie finished out the night in a skintight, beaded jumpsuit with a long cape, which showed off her incredible figure.

Carrie Underwood CMAs 2017

Just before hitting center stage at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena for the 10th consecutive time, Carrie and Brad teased their hosting duties. “This isn’t the easiest year to do comedy,” Brad admitted. “But it’s also in some ways the most important (year). Because there’s two ways you could go about this show, and I prefer the one that’s uplifting, and takes us and says ‘It’s more important than ever that we play country music. It’s more important than ever that we laugh, and that we love one another and come together.’”

Her 2017 looks may have out shined her 2016 outfits, but Carrie rocked a slew of designers. She stunned in two Mac Duggal designs, as well as three Elie Madi numbers when she took the stage last year. Can’t wait until 2018, to not only see who wins the all important Country Music Awards, but to see what Carrie Underwood will or will not be wearing at the show!!

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