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why do you ask me these thingsCaitlin Macy’s newest arrival of a book, MRS., without pause is a babble-fest of words that carries on not saying a dang thing until re-reading the last paragraph. Mrs. reminded me of Mrs. Maisel which is a fast moving TV show where a married woman of two kids back in the 1950’s  finds out her husband is screwing his secretary. She takes to her comedic roots, goes with her heart and discovers an entirely new world.

I thoroughly enjoyed Netflix’s Mrs. Maisel.

But I have to say I am on the fence with MRS. It is both fascinating and babbilicious. Macy babbles on too much and at the same time it is aggravating and it is kind of delicious. I just wish Macy had cut down on the incessant babbling and introducing more characters.

MRS. babbles on, and readers have to really pay attention to get what is going on where a Mom becomes stronger and more empowered in a 1950’s setting, but really it is the 2,000’s—–because every mom married up due to going to expensive colleges, and all the Moms held really good jobs, but quit to raise their children.

When the story first opens the moms are picking up their children at an expensive day school. It sounds like readers are introduced to the beginning of a wonderful adventure into the lives of upper echelon Moms’ lives. The Moms refuse to talk to the NEW Mom , while they stare at her as she walks past them, confidence pouring from her pores. Then when an ex-model who married the wealthiest man in New York City struts past they are all drawn toward her like lemmings.

But this is only part of the story. Gwen desires a larger family of having four children, but can only carry one child, knows Philippa from her past and with the help of another Mom and Gwen’s husband take Philippa’s husband down.

MRS. reads  like readers are supposed to know what is going on. But we don’t because Macy is still babbling—-but in a delicious sort of way. Like I said I’m on the fence with MRS. Momzinga..com.


Feb 15

DEAD PEOPLE SUCK: Laugh About the Touchy Subject of Death

untitledShe’s rude, crude, cynical and funny as hell. An Emmy nominated writer for CONAN, Laurie Kilmartin is funny as hell. Dead People Suck is so hilarious , she deadpans every joke talking about death with one joke after another.

In fact, I’d say Dead People Suck doesn’t talk about death  as if it is a horrible thing, but that if we all have a sense of humor about dying,  then we are all going to make it through life feeling one hundred percent better.

Kilmartin kills it!

Kilmartin says what we regular people are afraid to say—yeah that death sucks, but telling jokes and making death a topic to discuss makes us feel better. We have to joke about it, like everything else in life, because if we don’t we’ll drive ourselves bonkers.

Noone has ever written a book talking about death in such a hilarious way as Laurie Kilmartin does in Dead People Suck. She tells one joke after another,  and tells it the way it is—dying sucks, losing a loved one sucks. But Kilmartin does it in such a funny way—even her name is funny!!

Kilmartin talks very openly about what happened when her father was dying and how she and her sister did not want to deal with seeing him go to the bathroom. It’s true no child wants to see their parents’ naked, but when you have to help your mom or dad to get to the bathroom, you end wiping their behinds like they did for you when you were a cute baby. Strange how everything turns right around now isn’t it? Trust me, I know what she is talking about because yes I’ve been there.

Dead People Suck may be gross and cynical at times, but Kilmartin kills it with spouting joke and after funny joke!! Momzinga.com!

Feb 14



grossOkay at first I thought it was great, that women were standing up for themselves. Women were finally standing up standing strong, being fierce and taking steps towards making strides of not being victims anymore. Many prestigious, wealthy powerful men have been taking advantage of women by using women as tools to get what they want for thousands of  years. Women have been the butt of jokes in boardrooms for years. Women are still called bitches if we are bossy. Men aren’t. So why the double standard?

Men have been using their powerful positions as Owners, CEO’s of companies to get what they want for hundreds/thousands of years. Just watch The Other Boleyn Girl and see how poorly women were treated by not only powerful kings, but by men in general way back when in the middle ages. Women had to marry men their fathers told them to, to  gain land and money. Women were literally used as if they were cattle to be married off to men with a dowry attached .  Then their families gained  more power, money and status in society.Men married the youngest women—who were teenagers,  with a herd of cattle or land to give to her older husband. Young teens were married off to older men  who were landowners,

It was unreal!

Today some women(not every woman involved in METOO) #METOO are using the #METOO movement to make money. At first, I thought it was a good thing for women to strike back against  revolting men like Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer and all the other men who sexually harassed, molested women. But the #METOO movement has gone too far with targeting just about every rich, powerful man in America. Olympic Gold medalist Shaun White is the current target—because he is being seen by women as a tool to get what they want—money. Ben Affleck was named as an abuser of women. What, you mean THE ROCK hasn’t been named a  female molester by the #METOO movement?

Rose McGowan looks like a self inflicted mess who desperately needs intensive therapy, not ranting to women about how she was sexually abused. Didn’t Lena Dunham say she was sexually molested also, when in fact in one of her books she said she sexually molested her younger sister? By the way I am not making this a political post, I am just stating the irony going on in America today.

To drive my point home that the #METOO movement is all about some women, not all women gaining fame and money just see how Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue is using women’s naked bodies to empower women. REALLY? How does writing words on naked models bodies empower women?

Link to video

Feb 13

Carnegie’s Maid:Too Much History, Not Enough Intrigue, Romance, Fun!

CARNEGIE’S MAID could have been a GREAT book if Marie Benedict simply kept the action going. How about a romp in the sack? How about Clara getting a REAL night off of fun and romance?

Benedict needed to actually name the two bickering Carnegie brothers instead of saying the elder Carnegie, and the younger Carnegie. It was confusing!!

Benedict tells the story of a mid 1860’s Irish woman who travels to America alone to find a job to send home her pay for her family’s survival, during the Irish famine. She is serving  Mrs. Carnegie in 1860’s Pittsburg, PA in indentured servitude. Mrs. Carnegie is a nasty, intelligent woman that kind of sounds like a cross between a mob-boss’s wife and  like she is one of the reality TV show stars of the Wives of series.

She’s the real boss behind the family’s sudden rise to wealth and stature in American society.

Carnegie is ruthless, smart and nasty, but also insecure and asks for Clara’s help in how to look good. When in reality Mrs. Carnegie should be asking how to treat people decently. What got me was how the other servants are nastier to the young, pretty Clara than Mrs. Carnegie is.

Andrew Carnegie falls in love with Clara, who really isn’t Clara, because she takes the job due to the real Clara not showing up at the train station.

What I got was a history lesson, and some fantastic reading, but then Marie Benedict halts the storyline to suddenly make all action become suspended animation. Carnegie’s Maid would have been a  much better book if Benedict had carried on with the story, made for more meetings between Clara and  Andrew Carnegie and thrown in some intimacy! Momzinga.com!

Feb 12

Who Are The Best Rock Guitarist(s) of All Time—MANSLICE MONDAY: Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen

The best rock  guitarists of all time are a tie between ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons and Van Halen’s Eddie Van Halen. Eric Clapton and  Jimi Hendrix were God-like but Prince was better. I could have made this a top ten list, including Prince, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix but this time around I did not.

Billy Gibbons and Eddie Van Halen are also my Manslice Monday guys—because they are the absolute best rock guitarists  of all time!! Lord knows it is not for their looks, Billy Gibbons is a skinny, but laid back 69 year old Southern Dude who plays guitar so well he impresses the hell out of anyone who goes to see ZZ TOP live. Still playing in ZZ TOP since the 1960’s, Gibbons combines Southern rock, rock, the blues and rhythm and blues to create a rocking, bombastic style all his own. Songbilly-gibbons- - Copys he and his two other bandmates have created over the years still today blow me away like Sharp Dressed Man, La Grange, and You Got Me Under Pressure.





Eddie Van Halen is one of the best guitarists ever born unto this earth because he can play the hell out of a guitar. Just name some of the best rock songs ever and Van Halen’s Eruption comes to mind. Eruption along with Ain’t Talking About Love. Eddie Van Halen combines soul, blues and rock to create his own almost perfect guitar sound.Valierie Bertinelli who married Eddie back in 1981 said he played guitar all the time to get that new sound out to the world that he heard in his head. She said when they were in a hotel one time while he was touring that to not wake her up in the middle of the night, he went into a closet and she woke up anyways hearing him playing guitar.

eddie - Copy

Eddie Van Halen is a God among men as was Eric Clapton back in his day. “Clapton is God.” was trumpeted all over England forty years ago, but I have to say I do not think, Clapton is one of the best guitarists of all time. Nope, that is Eddie Van Halen and Billy Gibbons who still to his day play guitar so well. See what practice does for you?! Momzinga.com.

Feb 10


KIDNAPPED BY CHARLES FOX, is a confusing, but very in-depth, intriguing account of exactly what happened when J. Paul Getty III was kidnapped way  back in the time machine of life.

 Kidnapped is a good read, but it is confusing. Charles Fox who authored the book, died in 2012. Incredibly the book was still printed and published about the strange story of a J. Paul Getty III who was kidnapped at 16. Or was it 17? He was taken somewhere in Italy and his grandfather who is his namesake would not give up any of his money to appease his abductors. Getty’s mother Gail pleaded for her teenager’s life in a public forum—-at the time back in 1973 it was in the newspapers and on TV.

Momzinga.com thinks that J. Paul Getty’s grandfather was a stubborn , old curmudgeon who thought the kidnapping wasn’t real, and that Paul was spoiled rotten and left home way too young to live a life of drug addled debauchery. Which by the way. J. Paul III did.  But as Fox puts it he left home to discover the world and to run around innocently enough with all kinds of people. Guess he wanted to see what REAL life was like.

Kidnapped is a book to read while not doing something else, because it can get quite confusing. But Kidnapped is still a really juicy, good story. I just wish Charles Fox had not jumped back and forth from one person to another and did not jump back and forth in time.



Feb 09

Will Naming Your Daughter A Gender Neutral Name Gain Instant Fame and Recognition?

ur getting thisYou just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, or you are that baby girl who is thinking of changing your name. Now in the grand scheme of things, you want to be noticed. You want your baby to have a different name, a gender neutral name to be noticed. You want something completely different than everyone else, so your baby gets the attention she deserves.

So to be noticed you  name your baby something everyone will remember like Kyle, Branch, Andi, Sawyer, Alex, Army, Darby, Dale, Snyder, Lake or Sam to gain recognition. Or people take a celebrity’s name like Will Smith or Kylie Jenner and use that on Twitter, Facebook, and every online site  to gain money making instant fame.

That’s what you think!

Personally, I think it takes hard work, talent and having a hard work ethic to get what you want out of life.

It takes what you were taught when you were a kid. Unless you sleep your way to the top or do what Omarosa, Trump’s former White House aide, which he never should have hired, because she is an attention seeking whore. Too harsh? Well somebody had to say it.

So, does naming  a female person, a girl, a baby, a gender neutral name gain instant recognition? Hell yeah! But then  people get used to girls and boys being named gender neutral names.   And then you have to up the ante,   naming kids really creative, truly different names  to get attention. You have to do more to get noticed. Momzinga.com.


Feb 07


A. J. Finn
A. J. Finn is a guy!
I thought the author of The Woman in the Window, which is a spectacular read, was written by a middle aged woman who knew what it was like to be a person who had a really crappy thing happen to her. I thought it was a female writer by how A. J. Finn really gets into the character’s head, and makes Anna sound so helpless, meek, and grief stricken. An absolutely wonderful book—you have to read The Woman in the Window! Fox 2000 is currently making The Woman in the Window, which is very much like  Hitchcock’s Rear Window—-but better—is being made into a thrilling movie. By the way—this is A.J. Finn’s debut novel.
A.J. Finn used a fake name for his writing career, because he also is a publisher and because he thought if nobody bought his book, he didn’t want everyone to know his real name. Guess he didn’t want to be embarrassed, huh?

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW is a debut novel that Stephen King describes as “remarkable” and  that Finn calls “the best I could do.” Guess which quote appears on the jacket?

THE WOMAN IN THE WINDOW has been sold in 40 territories around the world and is currently in development as a major film at Fox 2000, to be produced by Oscar winner Scott Rudin and written by Pulitzer winner Tracy Letts. Finn really wants a cameo in the movie, in case anyone asks.

He could walk through, just like Hitchcock did in his movies.

Finn spent a decade working in publishing in both New York and London, with a particular emphasis on thrillers and mysteries. Authors he published or helped acquire over the years include Robert Galbraith (aka J. K. Rowling), Agatha Christie, Patricia Cornwell, Carl Hiaasen, Nelson DeMille, and Karin Slaughter.Momzinga.com!

Feb 05

Super Bowl 52’s REAL Winner: Frank Reich(Former Buffalo Bills Back Up Quarterback)

See the source imageAfter five trips to the Super Bowl, understated, almost completely ignored, former backup quarterback for The Buffalo Bills, finally won a Super Bowl. Something Jim Kelly can’t say.

Oh no, he didn’t actually play in Super Bowl 52, but Reich did something just as impressive. Hired  by the Philadelphia Eagles, as their offensive coordinator, in 2016, Reich took on the role as a leader yet again and helped the Eagles win Super Bowl 52. From what I saw, even though I wasn’t going to watch the game, I saw Reich coordinating an effort at ensuring the Super Bowl win for the Eagles. What did Frank Reich do that was so important?

Go back to the early 1990’s NFL football season and watch as Reich who impressively stepped up to the proverbial plate and helped the Bills win game after game to get a chance to go to four Super Bowls. And yes, lose four times, but Reich knew and obviously knows what he is doing. From what I saw the Eagles were taking plays straight from 56 year old Reich’s 1990’s playbook. The Eagles quarterback pulled a fast one, and  ran over into the end zone to make a touchdown. Hello, this is straight from the Buffalo Bills early ’90’s playbook!

These impressive plays the Bills made years ago, got them to the Super Bowl, and got Frank Reich a Super Bowl ring!! YAY!!

That’s why I picked former Buffalo Bill’s backup quarter back to star in a Momzinga.Manslice Monday!!

Feb 05

Molly’s Game: Exactly Who Gets Played in Molly’s Game?

MOLLY’S GAME WRITTEN BY MOLLY BLOOM, a former star on the U. S. Ski Team, at the top of her game was known as the poker princess. At 26, she was running underground poker games, raking in the dough, and was arrested with the government taking her money away.

After reading Molly’s Game, I felt like I was the one who was played. I love to read every kind of book, but when it is filled with throwing away a promising career, taking shortcuts to the world of immediate riches,  someway you will get caught doing something wrong. Bloom gets caught at running  underground, possibly illegal poker games for celebrities, millionaire athletes and spoiled, rich billionaires. How did she think they were going to act? Like they loved her for not doing everything they wanted?

The book reads like a movie script—which sounds exactly like another movie I’ve watched about ten times because I loved it—–Goodfellas. After watching the trailer for Bloom’s movie , the movie seemed better, the book carries on way too much about poker, and all of Bloom’s administrative duties. She tells about her job to an umpteenth degree.

I wanted to read more about the pampered, spoiled, elite poker playing I want everything now celebrities, athletes and billionaires. I didn’t want to read all about what Molly worked at. I wanted action, inside info on what these guys are really like. Bloom hardly throws readers any really juicy stuff except when Toby McGuire orders her to get down on all fours and bark like a dog. When she refuses, he becomes more of a Hollywood elite Idiot than we ever imagined. He’s pissed off that he is losing game after expensive game and takes it out on Bloom.

But I have to say, I didn’t feel sorry for her. You play with the big dogs, you have to run with the big dogs.

Overall, I found Molly’s game to be a player playing readers into reading Molly’s Game, which isn’t all it promises to be. I’m hoping the movie is better. Momzinga.com.






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