Jan 18

Is The Chalk Man The New Stephen King It Horror Novel?

chalkWhat do enlightened readers of Stephen King books think? After reading The Chalk Man, does it remind you of anything? Like The Stephen King movie, It? With the Stand By Me element in it, The Chalk Man definitely seems like a cleverly written Stephen King novel.

The Chalk Man is seemingly several genres compiled into one, making for a truly good read. C. J. Tudor fills Chalk Man with horror, ghostly-like hauntings, action and a wonderful round up of a beautiful first novel. The Chalk Man is definitely worth the investment of a small amount of money and time to enjoy a great storyline.It’s cheaper than going to a movie and paying for two people plus drinks and popcorn!!

C. J. Tudor does this awesome thing where she lights the page ablaze with a fire of furious writing, then sets up the next chapter, having readers flipping pages faster than a speeding locomotive.

Somebody is slowly killing Eddie’s friends and enemies in his small England town. Maybe it is the professor who draws, or maybe it is Eddie himself, or maybe it is the chalk man drawings Eddie and his friends drew years ago. We simply have to read The Chalk Man to find out, now don’t we?

The story is told by going back and forth from 1986 to 2016, which  makes The Chalk Man seem like a Stand By Me kids horror/thriller, ghost story. Then C.J. Tudor takes readers into a new area. More characters are introduced, weirdness happens, ghosts appear, chalk drawings are drawn, people get hurt, a creepy teacher becomes involved and the story develops into a really good book!.

I was left wondering if Tudor was using the suddenly illustrated chalk drawings as Stephen King uses the suddenly appearing clowns in his book/movie It.. I highly recommend The Chalk Man for your reading pleasure. Momzinga.com.


Jan 17



This is the perfect summer job for anyone who has the motivation to work hard. Or a high school kid who has the determination and a strong work ethic.14 year old, RJ Duarte started mowing lawns when he was 8 years old. Now he mows lawns all summer and works on his business, Green Worx,(located in Golden , Colorado) during cooler months while going to school. Duarte makes damn good money mowing lawns— over $!00,000 a year. He even had to hire other high schoolers to help him, because he is doing so much business!

“As I kept going it turned into more and more and then, you know, like 2012, I brought on a business partner, Owen Johnson,” Duarte told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney

Both Duarte and Johnson(Duarte’s partner) admit they had no business plan, no venture capital and no bank loans, but through word of mouth and a good reputation they soon found themselves busier than ever.

 The business has already reached a milestone of $100,000 in gross revenue.

“At one point during the summer, when we’re at our peak, we had 14 kids on one day, but typically we run about five or six full-time.”

R.J. Duarte explains how he started and grew his business:

“I started mowing lawns when I was eight years old and I just kind of grew it from there, you know, as I kept going it turned into more and more and then, you know, like 2012, I brought on a business partner, Owen Johnson, and then in 2015, we won the Young Americans Bank Business Award and it’s just kind of gone up and up from there ever since.”

Duarte plans on going to college after graduating high school, even though he has a thriving business now! By the way, when I looked up Green Worx online, the website blew me away! It tells a story about a young kid who works hard at what he is passionate about and doesn’t give all the corporate spiel you’ll see on almost every business website!! Momzinga.com!

Jan 16

My Pillow Keeps Moving—Cutest Kids’ Book Ever

pillowWhat can I say I fell in love with My Pillow Keeps Moving written by Laura Gehl. (My Pillow was illustrated by cartoonist Christopher Weyant). I have never reviewed any kids’ books before, because I was trying to keep Momzinga.com more of an adult website—don’t get your mind in the gutter.I am wholeheartily recommending every parent, grandparent, mom, dad, older brother and sister buy My Pillow Keeps Moving for  kids to read. (The recommended ages are between 4 and 8.)

The illustrations are bright, happy and worth looking at. I can see kids looking at this adorable picture book for hours, fascinated by the colorful storytelling pictures obviously drawn by an artist with a wonderful sense of humor. At the same time Gehl manages to capture the essence of a child’s inner beauty, a child-like quality will suddenly find its way into your life. Simply by looking at Weyant’s pictures and by reading this book to a child will enlighten your outlook on life. Now I know why people said to me, “Enjoy your kids while they are young.”

The actual story of a man seemingly blind to the fact that he bought a dog at a pillow store is hilarious. He tries taking the new dog/pillow back to the store, as the dog transforms into furniture and whatever she can to get and keep a loving, warm home. The ending is a surprise one,  which made me laugh out loud. Just imagine how happy My Pillow Keeps Moving will make your kids!! Momzinga.com!!

Jan 13

Horrific Abuse of The Only Girl in the World, Seems Unbelievable!

yeaDid the horrific things in The Only Girl in The World really happen? It seems unbelievable that two people would treat their only child so horribly in attempts to make her a superhuman being.It was almost too much to read. But I had to find out how Julien gets away from her tormentors!

After reading about the horrific abuse Maude lived through such as her parents making her swim in ice cold water, making her sit in a dark, dank basement frequented by rats. She was not allowed to have any friends. Relatives were not allowed to visit the small ‘family.’ Maude was told to hold an electric fence for ten minutes at a time.

Her father and mother move her at about four to the country in France to live her life without any comforts of a real home. Her parents are not kind, loving, caring or compassionate towards her. Maude is treated with disdain, made to do farm work at a young age, must wait on her selfish, cruel father hand and foot. Her mother is unstable and cruel.

The abuse Maude is served daily is horrific in an attempt to make Maude super human. The father is crazy, paranoid and self important. He is nuts and thinks the Germans are going to take over the world enslaving all people. He treats his daughter horribly in order to make her stronger. Maude’s parents feed her old food, make her sleep in a bedroom without heat, have her do a lot of housework an adult should be doing not a child.

I was completely sympathetic towards Maude Julien when I started thinking it was almost unbelievable. But yes, The Only Girl in the World is a memoir, not a work of fiction. How could a person survive eating moldy, old food and being sent outside every cold morning in sparse clothing without becoming desperately ill? How could Maude have survived being raped by a hired helper with a screwdriver, without bleeding to death? It became unbelievable to me.

Maude Julien survived horrific abuse by her own parents to become a caring, loving person. She walks away from her parents after figuring out an escape plan. She becomes a psychotherapist, gets married, and has two children.I completely sympathize with Julien, and The Only Girl in The World would make for a great movie, but I’m left wondering if all of these horrible things truly happened. Momzinga.com.

Jan 11


ouchWomen are the stronger sex. Women do what men can’t do. We give birth to children. We create lives, while men just have the fun part of making those children. We women are the people that actually have babies/children and we manage to work jobs, clean our homes and for the most part live longer than men.Women form a bond with their children during their pregnancies that men can’t form. Not right away, anyways. But men will form bonds with their kids.

Men have been known to be the stronger sex for hundreds of years. Men must have been  the ones who came up with this information. Men are for the most part stronger– physically than women. Okay fine, men are stronger than women, and usually men are taller than women. But when you come down to it, women are the stronger sex because we can do more than men do. We have children and while we are at home taking care of those children, we think of other things to do also. We manage to start businesses or work on our existing business while taking care of our kids. Yes, men do this too, but I personally think women do this better.

I managed to take care of two kids, one who was home all day, while starting a writing business.I managed to clean the house everyday, take care of my daughter, and set aside time every morning for my writing tasks. It was actually really easy. I gave myself three hours every morning and then got lunch ready for my daughter. After lunch we would read books, go over the alphabet, and her numbers and generally play while at the same time I managed to get some housework in too.

I think it was a sort of ad campaign that men created hundreds of years ago, saying, “We are the stronger sex.Women are the weaker sex.” Which really is not true. Women are the stronger sex, because our bodies can do more than men’s bodies can do. And we can work on businesses while taking care of the kids. Men may be made differently than women, and may be stronger physically, but I truly think women think in a different way than men do, thus making for a stronger person. Momzinga.com.



Jan 10


Did you ever notice the less sleep you get the more food you want to eat?

A new study says when you sleep 90 minutes more a night, you will crave less sugar during the day.

Scientists from King’s College London have discovered that people who sleep for longer are less likely to pick sugary treats, or reach for comforting carbohydrates.


Lack of sleep was already known to be a risk factor for obesity because it alters levels of hormones which control appetite.

 But a new study showed that by getting more sleep, people naturally choose healthier foods within a week, eating on average 10 grams less sugar each day.

Principal investigator, Dr Wendy Hall, of the Department of Nutritional Sciences said: “The fact that extending sleep led to a reduction in intake of free sugars, by which we mean the sugars that are added to foods by manufacturers or in cooking at home as well as sugars in honey, syrups and fruit juice, suggests that a simple change in lifestyle may really help people to consume healthier diets.”

Lack of sleep may trigger hormones linked to appetite which make people eat more 
Lack of sleep may trigger hormones linked to appetite which make people eat more 
Lead researcher, Haya Al Khatib, also from Kings College added: “Sleep duration and quality is an area of increasing public health concern and has been linked as a risk factor for various conditions. We have shown that sleep habits can be changed with relative ease in healthy adults using a personalised approach.

“Our results also suggest that increasing time in bed for an hour or so longer may lead to healthier food choices. This further strengthens the link between short sleep and poorer quality diets that has already been observed by previous studies.

The research was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Jan 09

This Might Get a Little Heavy: Both Funny and Depressing At The Same Time(How does that happen?)

(PSSSSTTT—-This Might Get a Little Heavy, should have been named— This May Get a Little Heavy, not might, you know what I mean, right, name the book after Ralphie May.)

take it

Comedian Ralphie May was a hardworking comedian,( 250 shows a year), but like so many of his hilarious peers, he passed his funny quips onto another world. Without a doubt Ralphie May was funny. May told great stories and had a style all his own. He came off as a regular sounding guy with regular everyday problems—not millionaire woes of big stars.

I was both saddened and impressed while reading This Might Get a Little Heavy, a memoir written by Ralphie May, because soon after writing the book, May died. He mentions his own mortality many times in the book, such as “as God is my witness.” He talks in a funny way about death and how he is one of comedy’s survivors. Well, turns out he isn’t because he died in October of 2017.

I found some of Ralphie May’s stories to be funny and some are depressing.

May talks about a ‘retarded’ kid he becomes friends with who has a major problem of pleasuring himself during school. When he describes what happens is hilarious, but also unreal! (How the teachers dealt with this kid jerking off in class—at school is so funny!)

WE find  May growing up without a Dad and as a poor kid in a small Arkansas town.We learn how May takes charge of his life as a teen heading in the right direction, not the direction his high school wants him to seek. He thinks school is prison and wants out at 16. He talks about how he made it to the big-time, his impressive Netflix run, and what famous people helped him gain his meteoric rise to comedy fame. He mentions a drug problem and his weight problem and how he lost a lot of weight, but not how he was going to keep it off.

At times, Ralphie May, sounded like Ralph Kramden, just by the way he talked. He had what seemed to be a New Jersey accent. even though he grew up in Arkansas. He was originally from Tennessee. What I found really funny and hit home was what he and his wife, Lahna Turner named their two kids— their daughter they named—April June May and their son, August James May. They could have gone with August January May. But you have to admit that is creative and funny.

I admired May for his way of telling jokes about his weight problem during his standup routine and how he did lose a lot of weight—attempting to get healthier. May will be missed by many! Momzinga.com.


Jan 08


derp Kurt Russell is a low profile actor, we don’t hear much about ever. Until that is when he stars in a movie. He seamlessly appears in a movie, or on TV and then goes back to living his lie with Goldie Hawn as his longtime partner without much if any major drama. And that’s just the way he likes it!

Kurt Russell has been married for four years to another woman way back in the time machine of life, but has made a life with Goldie Hawn for over 30 years now. They have one child together Wyatt , when they moved to British Columbia , in 2003, so Wyatt could play hockey. Goldie’s two other children consider Russell to be their father, because their real Dad wasn’t around.

not derpKurt Russell was a child star, believe it or not. Born in 1951, he is currently 66 years old. He starred in 1979 as Elvis in a biographical flick. Russell has starred in many movies and TV shows, including: 1982’s The Thing—-Russell was the only reason I watched this movie. He starred in Swing Shift, with Goldie Hawn, Silkwood, Tango and Cash. Tombstone, Stargate,Escape From LA, Miracle in 2004, and Furious 7 in 2016.Momzinga.com!





Jan 08

BRUNCH IS HELL:Hilarious Look AT WHY We HAVE TO Bring Back Dinner Parties!! Absolutely!

she's crabby I started singing Hell is for Children while perusing Brunch is Hell. You remember the song from Pat Benatar that is so sad, and meaningful that she sang way back in the 1980’s? Brunch is Hell is smart, sophisticated, funny, creative, awesome, and just what we need.

We all have to start getting together for dinner parties once again—-no not brunches.  My husband keeps mentioning that he wants to go to Sunday brunch to pig out–which disgusts me. Who wants to get dressed up , eat fatty foods and be back home in ninety minutes feeling overstuffed like an ugly throw pillow? Not me! I remember doing brunch when we first got married, to invite our relatives to be part of our lives, but when my kids were younger, I had to go home feeling fat, gross and tired wanting to have a nap, but unable to because I had to go to work, clean the house and take care of our kids, while someone I know would find the nearest recliner and take a nap!!

Brunch is Hell—once you get past the negating brunch parts is a truly awesome look into why you should have dinner parties. I love Brunch is Hell—because it is true!!

I adore how Brendan Francis Newnam and Rico Gagliano tell readers why we should have dinner parties—to get adults together to have a damn good time, that’s why. No children are allowed—that is one of the first rules of throwing a dinner party. These two guys know what they are talking about, they have a dinner party podcast, after all.

They tell who to invite, how to invite people, who to sit next to whom, what to serve. I adore that Brunch Is Hell even contains cocktail recipes, what subjects to talk about. I love how they say to get rid of all electronic devices for the evening. I completely agree, turn off the damn TV. I do not understand why people invite people over to their homes,  show them to a room with a TV blastingly loud. Why would I want to go to someone’s home to actually talk?

Newnam and Gagliano tell us exactly what food to serve, how to make the night flow with ease, some actual sample topics to talk about. The duo give us jokes to tell, food to serve, how to make small talk, such as a subject no one knows about–“blow-tox.” Read the book and find out! Momzinga.com!

Jan 04

THE LAST BLACK UNICORN: Should I Cry Or Should I Laugh, Now?

I literally didn’t know whether to laugh or cry while reading The Last Black Unicorn written by Tiffany Haddish.

Haddish is a seriously funny comedian who talks about her real life issues, and makes them sound funny. I found myself thinking what she says really had to happen because nobody could have made this shit up!

OMG! Tiffany  who was born in 1979 had a really tough, crappy childhood. Her father cut the brake lines to her Mom’s car, trying to cause her mother and her siblings and Tiffany to die. Tiffany discovers this later, while talking to her father, who matter of factly tells her this.  He took out a million dollar insurance policy on his family, obviously being a sociopath, who should be in jail, but Haddish makes it sound funny.

Her Mom ends up a mess—alive, but a mess for many years, as her father simply skips town. What a bastard!!

But Tiffany uses what happens to her to make people laugh. She ends up becoming a poor orphan, who tells jokes about herself at school to get the other kids to laugh at her, not bully her. You see, the kids at school bullied her, besides her mother–when she gets out of the hospital beats Tiffany up, abuses her, while Tiffany does all of the housework, takes care of her siblings. She ends up failing school, doesn’t know how to read, until a 9th grade teacher finally figures it out and mentors Tiffany.

So Tiffany becomes a comedian!

It’s completely unreal how anyone could come out of what happens to Haddish okay, yet telling jokes about her life story, but The Last Black Unicorn is so funny, I had to cover my mouth to not wake up my sleeping hubby. I have to say, I now have a completely new outlook on life, and I will not complain about  trivial things anymore, like cold, winter weather. Momzinga.com!

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