Oct 18


AAtGm0vThere is one NFL player in his tenth season giving back in a big way. He’s doing something positive with his big paychecks, not expecting to be given more, but giving back.

Chris Long is giving his entire paycheck to scholarships for higher education. No, he’s not kneeling during the National Anthem. No he is not showing disrespect during NFL games. Instead, Long is doing something positive to help Americans gain a better education, while expecting nothing in return.

Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles donated his first six 2017 game checks to fund scholarships in his hometown of Charlottesville, Va. Now, he’s giving his final 10 checks of the season to organizations that promote equal education.

Long signed a two-year, $4.5-million deal with the Eagles this offseason that will pay him a $1-million base salary for the season.

The veteran defensive end will also launch a campaign and partner with four education-based organizations in the three NFL cities he has played in: St. Louis, New England, and Philadelphia.

“In my 10th year, I want to celebrate the awesome opportunity I’ve had to play football by giving back to the communities that have given me that gift,” Long said in a statement. “Educational opportunity and equity are the best gateway to a better tomorrow for everyone in America.” Taken from MSN Sports, and this is Momzinga.com.

Oct 17

TACO TUESDAY: COOKING WITH ZAC: Most beautiful Cookbook of 2017!!


I decided to make Cooking With Zac, a cookbook that is so much more my than a Taco Tuesday, could ever be Which by the way, I have not been inspired to do for a few months now. But, after simply opening clothing designer Zac Posen’s cookbook I discovered a truly unique look at food.

Zac Posen is a world famous clothing designer of beautiful clothing, accessories, shoes and handbags. His book, Cooking With Zac is set up in a completely different way than any other cookbook. That’s what blew me away!. Cooking With Zac is set up by seasons as designers set up their clothing designs by seasons. It’s really very creative and completely different and stylish all in one.

Zac separates his food which he has been interested in cooking, since childhood and has his own instagram following where he cooks.

His book is caterogized by Spring and Summer , Resort, Fall and Winter and Holiday. Obviously he cooks recipes for the chosen clothing seasons. But he does so as a creative designer does. He cooks large inspiring dishes of food such as a holiday turkey and duck. He includes fresh vegetables that he grows in a garden with his family in Pennsylvania, and creative dips to dip these veggies in.

He includes numerous healthy veggie recipes including white asparagus, edible flowers, tomato sauce,arugula and a tangy mayonnaise sauce. In Resort Zac takes us to far flung locations with his food, such  as stone crab salad, and linguini with clams. In Fall and Winter Zac includes pan fried gnocchi, mint tea, pumpkin-rye muffins, and veggie pot pie. For his Holiday section Zac conjures up several ways to make pecans taste delightful: cinnamon sugar and rosemary spiced pecans. YUM!

I highly recommend buying Cooking With Zac, because not only is the book delicious to look through, but it will inspire readers to run into the kitchen and cook with a fervent passion! Momzinga.com.

Oct 17

When Are Women Protesting Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment of Women?


When are protesters going to start parading around in pink hats protesting mistreatment of women in Hollywood? Where are these women? Are they organizing a protest on a large scale in New York City where Harvey Weinstein was born, raised and started his career?

Why am I not hearing anything about women protesting in the streets thus causing a huge ruckus and getting major media attention? Afterall weren’t women opposed to a locker room talking Donald Trump talking trash about women many years before he became president?

So why aren’t women banning together and carrying on in a loud manner about what Harvey Weinstein did to wannabe actresses?

I think it is not okay for men to take advantage of young women by using their stature in society, at their businesses such as what Weinstein did as a big producer of Hollywood movies. Why aren’t women outraged by what he did? Why are Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd , Madonna not outraged about what he did to young women? Didn’t Weinstein try to have sex with a young Ashley Judd?

Maybe it is time, we women, no matter what political party we belong to, no matter what color we are, we get together and protest the unethical treatment of Hollywood workers.. Women should not have to give sexual favors to men to get a job, keep a job or to make good money working their jobs.

As far as the casting couch goes, let’s put it outside at the curb! Momzinga.com.

Oct 16



Tyler Perry is one of the funniest guys in the world. Perry has become a multi millionaire by doing what comes naturally to him, taking his comedic sense of the world, writing about it, and making what he feels inside into seriously funny movies that are so funny, you can’t help but watch his Madea  films and laugh hysterically.

What’s not to laugh at when a tall guy dressed as a grandmother preaching the gospel to people in such a way that nobody can talk like this anymore. Madea, I mean Tyler Perry is completely politically incorrect. He’s so damn funny with what he says and how he says it.

What makes it better is Madea is not preaching, she just is the way she is!

OMG! Tyler Perry did not have an easy life growing up. The man who was supposed to be his father, was not really his dad, and he beat Perry. Perry felt like he found a safe place when he went to church with his mother and sought solace in the gospel tunes, the teachings of the bible and the sanctuary that is the church—which btw, we can tell he has a vast knowledge of, because his character Madea says stuff that is common sense and bible based.

Believe it or not, but Tyler Perry is 48 years old already, even though he looks much younger. As of this writing he is not married. He’s worth half a billion dollars and he writes all of his movies, stars in them and has had numerous stage plays, some with Madea in the starring role. BOO! 2 A Madea Halloween is coming out next. Momzinga.com.

Oct 16

In The Mood For A Party-Like Game of Clue? Read the Cleverly Written Whodunit The Party.

squirrelsThe Party written by Elizabeth Day is an almost impossible to figure out whodunit and to whom until the very end.Day cleverly leads readers on a chase, giving clues along the way, backtracking, telling what happens at the party. It’s an old fashioned whodunit.

I found it entrancing and irritating at the same time. Irritating because Day doesn’t give up the answers until the end, but does keep giving clues as to what is going on. Until we literally find ourselves going saying OMG!

Elizabeth Day does not give the answers away until the end. But that’s what makes The Party such a magnificent read. We all know that Martin has been shorted the empathy gene from the get go. In fact he never even had a father, because his father dies while his mother is eight months pregnant.


His mother must have been the crazy person who gave Martin the non-empathy, killer gene. She is so horrible that when her husband slips on the ice mailing out Christmas cards, she goes outside, bends over his dead body, grabs the cards and walks away, 8 months pregnant, to mail them.

Oh, Martin tried to fit in, but he is not one the normal boys, he is sick and twisted inside and will not admit he has any problems. Why should he? He doesn’t even know he has a problem. That’s what makes The Party such a great read. Day takes us on a trip through Martin’s life. Martin is a nasty human being. He kills animals, and doesn’t care. He marries a woman just because he thinks he should so he can use her to get what he wants. And that is closer to his best friend who he wants to become his more than best friend.

OMG! We discover throughout The Party that Martin is gay, twisted, never was loved, becomes an orphan, is taken in by his friend Ben’s family who are very wealthy and are friends with Britain’s prime minister.

What really gets us is exactly who is lying, who is not and whodunit? It’s kind of like a game of Clue, complete with Mr. Mustard killing Mrs. Green with a candlestick in the dining room. Momzinga.com.

Oct 16



What happened to teaching our kids basic life skills?  The basic life skills we need to know to get through everyday, people are not learning anymore. Are schools dropping the ball or are the parents, or is it everyone’s fault?This way they can live a better life of living healthier, respectful, decent lives.

My parents taught me all of these everyday things we all need to know to get through the day, that I’m thinking kids are not being taught anymore:

  1. 1.How to tell time on a standard clock—-not using digital or cellphone time. What happens if there is a natural disaster and the cell towers go out, how do we figure out what time it is?
  2. 2.How to do math the regular, normal human being way, not the common core way.
  3. How to clean the house. In other words daily life skills. How to do laundry. How to do simple sewing tasks like putting a button on a shirt.
  4. How to do math in our heads.
  5. How to add up the items in our heads at the store in the cart, before getting to the check out, so you know how much money you will be spending
  6. How to buy nutritious foods.
  7. How to grow vegetables.
  8. How to cook.
  9. How to spell, use correct grammar, and how to create a sentence and thus a paragraph so people can get jobs. How to write an essay, so people can do well in school.
  10. How to look up information not using the Internet. What if?

There are many more basic life skills dealing with socialization that sadly people do not know anymore such as answering a phone, due to millions of people growing up using cell phones, we as a society have lost he ability to answer a phone, use a landline phone and we have lost our ability to socialize with our neighbors. Momzinga.com.

Oct 11

Once A Mom, Always A Mom: Respect Women, Harvey Weinstein!

Being a Mom doesn’t end when our kids become adults, because they still need our love, help and our guidance to continue on the pathway to becoming and staying decent, law abiding, respectful  human beings.

I am against what Harvey Weinstein did to young women who were breaking into acting. I am against the heinous, disgusting, grotesque behavior a man in his powerful position did to young wannabe actresses. He knew he had the advantage in a male dominated field, where men own Hollywood, and women are sexualized by men. Even women action figures like Wonder Woman and Marvel Comics heroines  are sexualized by wearing skimpy outfits.

How about respecting women, Harvey Weinstein and not raping them? If Bill Cosby had to atone for his sins, then so does Harvey Weinstein—put him in jail! Why was Weinstein allowed to flee to another country, for supposed ‘treatment?’

Now what do I have to boycott every Harvey Weinstein company produced movie, such as Pulp Fiction and Goodwill Hunting?

I am boycotting the NFL and all of their sponsors such as Ford, Disney, and especially all Pepsi products.

By being a strong motivated mom, who stands for something, that means I am showing my children that we moms need to respect ourselves, our spouses, our kids, and our country. NFL football players do not respect the American flag or the American military. That’s why I am boycotting the NFL, because they have not issued a strong, ethical reason countering the protests by the NFL team members.

Hey, my husband told me to stand for something through my website, Momzinga.com and I have decided to do just that!

Moms become strong women after giving birth to our kids and raising them. Being a mom is a hard job. When we moms stand for something meaningful then we are showing our children how to be strong, respectful, decent people. Otherwise, we aren’t doing our jobs as parents.

Moms need to stand for something, earning respect for ourselves as well as our country. If we don’t stand for respect of America, the American flag, and ourselves, we will have nothing left to stand for and there will not be an America  left to live in. Momzinga.com.


Oct 10

THE NINTH HOUR: Literary Genius, But Not My Cup of Tea

ninthBeautifully written, The Ninth Hour is an inspiring piece of fiction. Alice Mc Dermont writes beautiful books, that are literary masterpieces.

The Ninth Hour starts out as a promising storyline develops, then in walks Sister St. Saviour and the plot does not thicken, it slows down to a trickle. Alice McDermott  writes in a method of literary beauty, where she still manages to have action taking place.

The story suddenly stops even though continual action takes place. I completely understand what McDermott is doing. But I have to say, The Ninth Hour will never be a thriller book made into a thrilling movie or TV show where McDermott makes millions of dollars writing. McDermott is taking the literary high road, which forced me along to read more of the book, but bored me beyond reason.

I literally could not force myself to keep reading The Ninth Hour—alas it was not my kind of book. Yes, I’ll admit it, I was bored. I truly did not care what the nuns wore, how they acted, and how they treated everyone, and some of the nuns treated people in a nasty manner.

The story starts out in a horrific way, where the real storyline simply stops and a force of nuns takes over. And with the continual ongoing starts and stops in the storyline, I became uninterested , where my mind started wandering onto all of the great books I recently read. McDermott may have started the story of how Jim commits suicide in the very beginning of the book with telling more of the story about the couple and how Jim was fired and what truly led up to him doing what he did. Perhaps a little more story centering on the couple and not so much literary action on the nuns administering aid to poor Irish immigrants would have made the story more interesting. Momzinga.com.


Oct 09

Harvey Weinstein Embroiled in Sex Scandal, SNL Says Nada, Continues Slamming Trump


Why is there a major double standard with Liberals saying everything Donald Trump and Mike Pence do is wrong? Why is the Liberal media not talking about Harvey Weinstein and how is he currently embroiled in a sex scandal? Why is it okay for every Liberal media source out there to slam President Trump every day, and for SNL writers to slam whatever President Trump does, but not mention anything about how Harvey Weinstein has been using sex as a weapon to get women to sleep with him so they can get the part? And yes, by the way, the 60 something Weinstein has been using women in this way for years and that’s okay?

Liberals wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump because he made a sexist statement years ago in a male locker room, but seemingly not one actor is saying anything about how Weinstein treated women like sexual playtoys for his sick, disgusting, rotting inner enjoyment. He did all of this while owning his own Hollywood production company and has been according to the media gone on indefinite leave. Other sources say he has been fired from his own company for sexually harassing young women for numerous years.

Have to say, he will never make Momzinga’s Manslice Monday list.

I’ve always heard of the Hollywood casting couch where women are told they have to sleep with a director or a producer to get the acting job, but after reading online how horrible Weinstein treated women and SNL is not doing any Weinstein skits, but instead continues mocking President Trump, something isn’t right in Tinsel town.

ESPN columnist Buster Olney said on Twitter Sunday morning, “SNL with nothing on Weinstein? Gutless .”

SNL creator Lorne Michaels said they decided not to go after Weinstein because he’s from New York.

‘It’s a New York thing,” he told the Daily Mail about Weinstein, who was born in Queens. Ummm—-shouldn’t it be a New York thing, when Alec Baldwin mocks Donald Trump on SNL? After all, Trump is from New York City where SNL goes live every Saturday night.

The New York Times was the first media outlet to report on the disgusting behavior of Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein said he is going to sue The NYT. .Momzinga.com.

Oct 06


Philip Jeff has an academy award winning book on his hands, that of The Death of An Heir. I read 150 pages in one sitting the other evening as Death of An heir literally sails away at such a fast pace, it is almost impossible to keep up.

The Death of An Heir, If it isn’t already in the works, Heir should be made into a movie. It is a sad story, but Jett runs away with the fast paced, riveting, we have to find out what happens next prose. Incredibly, it reads like a movie script.

What happened when Adolph Coors III, one of the Coors brewing dynasty  was kidnapped  back in 1960? A hapless loser who has a criminal past, decides to make money the easy way by kidnapping Adolph Coors III—-right near his country home in Colorado.

Adolph Coors drove himself to work, lived in a large ranch home, not a mansion, to keep his life to an almost regular,  ordinary person’s lifestyle. Even though The Coors dynasty children could have lived in magical splendor, their father kept his kids from living in mansions and doing whatever they wanted. Dad didn’t spoil his children and made all of his sons work for a living.

Considering the Coors heirs did not live the high life, they didn’t  think they needed bodyguards back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The three sons went to work everyday as major decision makers, and lived regular lives—–although they did belong to seven country clubs and bolstered the economy of Golden Colorado, they worked hard everyday.

Adolph Coors is kidnapped by Joe Corbett who lost his mind when his mother died. Corbett attempts to kidnap Adolph and Coors III fights back. Corbett shoots him twice, drags him into his car and leaves plenty of evidence behind.

Jeff even says if Coors III had simply allowed Corbett to kidnap him he would have lived a long, healthy life. But, considering something in Corbett had already snapped, he wasn’t going to allow his meal ticket to get away and killed him, still sending out the ransom letter, but leaving town to hide out in plain sight.

Philip Jeff tells the story so realistically, readers will feel like they are right there. It really is as if we are watching a movie, not reading a book—it goes so fast.

One of the best books I have read this year, of 2017. Certainly the best true life story of 2017!! Momzinga.com.


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