Sep 21


pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopTHINKING THURSDAY—HAPPY AND THANKFUL TO FINALLY OWN A HOME!!

Finally, after 30 years of marriage my husband and I bought a home. It’s an older home, but it is ours, and we absolutely LOVE it. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but I’d rather do the work on my home and enjoy sitting outside, on my very own patio. It feels Marvelous.

I discovered I enjoy doing yard work and love the victory of cutting down small trees and large weeds by hand. Sweat equity, I believe it’s called sweat equity.( I love my new refrigerator and quiet dishwasher too!)

I am beyond thankful to after 24 years of struggling, after we bought our first home, lost a lot of money on that house due to there being major hidden problems, that we finally own our very own home.

So now that we own a truly nice home,—-that we got inspected,  I am happier than a pig in mud. I love owning a home. I was never an apartment person. Sorry, if I am offending anyone living in an apartment, but I grew up in a house my parents bought, paid for and paid off, and that’s what I desired.

So after 24 years of working our butts off—yes, seriously, we are hard workers, we paid off the debt from buying our first home. We lost a lot of money on that house. And we sold it for less than we had bought it for. OUCH!

So now numerous years later, sweat equity, and with the hard efforts of my husband and I, and I have to add my loving, supportive in laws helped us over the course of our marriage, we bought a house. I am incredibly thankful and happy and humbled by the experiences we have had over the course of our 30 year marriage. I am super happy to be able to share this information with you. That’s Thinking Thursday and I am Momzinga! House in this picture is not mine!

Sep 20

Delightfully Sinful: The Riviera Set Is Decadent Without All of the Calories!

51xKAhC1xDL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Ooh lal la la! The Riviera Set written by Mary Lovell who has been writing biographies for over 30 glorious years  has written a book not only worthy of reading, but devouring in one sitting. It’s like eating decadent dessert, but without gaining any weight,! The Riviera Set is just that good!

The Riviera Set is,  a lusciously, richly written book carrying on about what women really want to know about. It’s sort of like a soap opera, but oh so much better.

I loved the Riviera Set, which is kind of gossipy, and partly historic written about a life we will never know—of the wealthy people back in the late 1800’s and well into the 20th Century. Intriguing, beautiful, stunning, enticingly written carrying readers away from our daily woes. It’s delightfully sinful. I’m telling you, it really is! Get the inside story!

Sitting down to read has not been my forte lately, but Mary Lovell had me reading about wealthy, famous people none of us ever have met and probably never heard of, but reading The Riviera Set made me for one feel like  I was part of a magical, enriching world of pampered, partying women who do not eat real food, but exist on cigarettes and champagne.

Name dropping became the new game, and I found myself completely enthralled by the descriptions Lovell put forth  of numerous famous people such as Winston Churchill, The Duke and Duchess of England, actress Rita Hayworth, and many more people, readers may not know about, but will be amazed to discover all about these pampered wealthy people  and how easy their lifestyles really were.

Partly history, partly intrigue, Lovell crafts books so well written, I feel happier, and much more relaxed than chopping away at the backyard could ever do for me.

So, relax and do enjoy a sip of something glorious, Dharling, while enjoying one of the most delightful books ever!


Sep 20



Would you go outside and kindly ask a person to please stop pooping on your front lawn? OH HELLNO!! Not here at Momzinga’s house. We just bought our home, and if anyone decided, besides a bear or a pretty deer to crap on my front lawn and I saw that person crapping on my front lawn, I would get the hose, turn it on full blast and spray the Whack job who is crapping on my front lawn. Good luck, if you try, because our front lawn is all uphill, with a stone wall and hedges surrounding it, and oh yeah, a large bear trap placed somewhere out there also—LOL!!

  According to Fox News in Colorado Springs cops are hunting for a woman dubbed “the Mad Pooper,” who’s been caught defecating in front of houses for weeks.

Cathy Budde told KKTV the unidentified woman has been relieving herself in front of Budde’s Colorado Springs home for at least seven weeks. Her children even caught the “mad pooper” squatting with her pants down in front of the house.

“They are like, ‘There’s a lady taking a poop!’ So I come outside, and I’m like…’are you serious?'” Budde told KKTV. “‘Are you really taking a poop right here in front of my kids!?’ She’s like, ‘Yeah, sorry!'”

Budde said the incident happens at least once a week. She recalled catching the jogger doing her business last week. She said the woman “changed up her time a little bit” because she knew the family was watching.

“I put a sign on the wall that’s like ‘please, I’m begging you, please stop.’…She ran by it like 15 times yesterday, and she still pooped,” Budde told KKTV.


 The Colorado Springs Police Department is now searching for the mysterious woman after the family’s complaints.

“It’s abnormal, it’s not something I’ve seen in my career,” Colorado Springs Sgt. Johnathan Sharketti said. “For someone to repeatedly do such a thing…it’s uncharted territory for me.”

Sep 19


Almost every person in America has been changed.  Liberal ideology has taken over America and the world.It is not a good thing. But I can tell you, what we are allowed to say online and in person in today’s world—NOTHING. This makes for a bland new world, not a bold new frontier!

Just hop online on anyone’s Facebook or Twitter page and discover a bland world of non opinions, Talk to one of your neighbors and find out exactly how and what they think–apparently about nothing that matters. People are literally parroting back what is fed them on TV. That’s why I keep saying stop watching TV and read a book–which I try to do every week—but I discovered something lately that is troubling.


I have noticed this general blandness, this new Liberal whitewashing, exorcism of nearly every book I read, every blog post I see online, every post written on Facebook, Twitter, everywhere. People are  making themselves look like they have the best life ever. They are making themselves look wonderful, so that they can get a good job, get clients to buy their books, houses, insurance, —whatever they are selling. Just about everyone online and in real life are promoting themselves as the best of what they do. After awhile, it all becomes the same old bland thing.


Nobody really talks anymore online , unless it is people spewing hatred for the ‘other side’ they have heard about on TV or online that they should hate because someone told them to. It’s the sad new world. Nobody REALLY talks to anyone anymore, People simply take pictures of themselves online or post videos of themselves  chillaxing on vacation—which everyone does all the time , right?

Books are written by Liberals for Liberals to read.  Notice the difference between the way books were written 25, 30 years ago? They had opinions, back in the 1980’s. People born after 1990,  probably have never read a politically incorrect book. It makes for one boring book to read after another. It’s dull. Almost every TV show except if it is older, is dull to watch. It’s boring watching the same stuff Liberal writers wrote to bore us to sleep.

The NEW Liberal way of thinking has taken over OUR children, who love everybody who is different, except Conservatives. They only know what they see everyday. People who have never really lived or experienced life, except through a computer screen. Look around your neighborhood. Are there any kids outside riding bikes, shooting hoops or talking to each other, without the aid of an IPhone? Our NEW LIBERAL WORLD IS A BLAND PLACE TO LIVE.

Sep 18



And she knows how spoiled, rich teenage girls treat girls who do not fit in. They bully them. But should they be bullying the daughter of a psycho?

Hard to believe GOOD ME, BAD ME is Ali Land’s  first novel. Good Me Bad Me is so well written in a hinting at what horrible things happened to Milly from her psychopath of a murdering mother. From the very beginning to the thrilling ending, readers are propelled along on a razor’s edge of insanity that is oh so good, it’s unbelievable!

Ali Land creates a landscape of horror, beauty, bullying teens and wealthy people’s inner thoughts right from the very beginning of this beautifully crafted, magnificently narrated book of a thrilling psychological thriller.

Good Me Bad Me gets right into what happened to Milly with the abused teen dropping subtle hints while she is desperately trying to fit in at her new life with at a wealthy suburban rich kids school. The oh so happy parents take her in, not realizing their daughter is a nasty human being, but no one knows exactly how bad Milly can be. As Milly flashes back while fighting back her demons she makes numerous attempts at having a ‘normal life’ while the rich kids do everything they can to make a mockery of her.

And that’s why readers will stay up all night reading this incredibly fascinating, easy to read, exciting thrilling thriller.

Just the way Ali Land tells this story is so well done, this makes me feel Good Me Bad  Me should be named the BEST BOOK OF 2017! As far as I’m concerned she has beaten out every other author I have read so far this year, and I do quite a bit of reading all year long, in between running after squirrels, packing and unpacking at our new/old house and raking trillions of twigs and rotting tree parts out of our ignored for too many years back yard.

GOOD ME, BAD ME which will Milly turn out to be? Find out!



Sep 18


noNope, I did not say Lowe’s  is a sexy store. Lowe’s is a sexist store. Every time I walk into Lowe’s with my husband, not one employee looks at me, asks if I need anything, or asks if I need help looking at various big ticket items. No, various employees run over to my husband ask if he needs help, ignoring the lost looking older female.

This is sexist, because most of the people I see working at our local Lowe’s are male. I’ve also noticed no matter what time we are in a Lowe’s store–we have one a few miles from the home—either we are completely ignored at Lowe’s or a male employee runs up to my husband and asks him if he needs anything today.

Recently, we received such crappy service, I vowed to never set foot in the only home improvement store for miles, and go out of my way to shop at an older Sears store, or a farther away Home Depot. Why? Ummm—let’s see,the  cashier who would not turn around from her fellow employees while we waited patiently for the conversation to end. The lack of a smile, a “Hello” , a “Have a great evening.” or a thank you for spending yet more money at Lowe’s this weekend? Maybe this has something to do with my current rant about Lowe’s!

Not one  busy employee stocking shelves, talking about their college classes, and  local bands, did not look at my husband and I as we pondered what color blinds to pick out. But if an employee had made the effort to help us by answering our many questions, then a sale could have been procured. But, not anymore!

Yes, I am a pissed off female who does not enjoy being ignored when most females are the ones making the home improvement choices and when most  females are paying for these home improvement choices.  With more single female households, Lowe’s  needs to stop being sexist!

Stop running down the aisle, chasing male contractor’s dressed in Carhart gear from head to toe, and start following the older females wearing pink and blush orange from head to toe, because we are the people who are making the color choices for our homes, and we are the ones bringing in the bacon to pay for those colors: such as outdoor furniture, new lamps, blinds, shower curtains, and outdoor gardening supplies!

Lowe’s is a sexist, old fashioned store that needs to change it’s sexist behavior, because women will buy new flooring, blinds to match online, instead of shopping in a store where only men are talked to, waited on and asked if they need any help today.

Sep 14


The Child Finder–entices any living soul, who has a heart , loves people , and adores children to read the stories of two girls, not just one as the book description promises. The Child Finder is a heart wrenching book. The way in which Rene Denfeld tells the story of Snowgirl and Naomi propelling readers to read faster  finding out if Snowgirl and Naomi make it out alive.

Scary, propusively written, The Child Finder is a masterpiece of fiction!

I read over 100 pages in an hour of torment, needing to find out what happens to Snowgirl and what exactly happened to Naomi in her past to torment her into creating a career out of looking for lost children.

OMG! At times, The Child Finder does slow down, but for the most part it rips along at a fast pace. Somehow Rene Denfeld manages to make The Child Finder a beautiful book filled with scary monster-like people and beautiful people, who touch our hearts.

Readers will feel the love pouring forth to outwit the evil raging from Mr. B..Snowgirl is all of 5 years old when Mr. B finds her dying a frostbitten, horrible death separated from her parents. Madison becomes Snowgirl to escape the harsh reality of what has happened to her, and starts writing comfort words and draws comforting pictures to look at in the cave Mr. B has hidden her in.

Oh, how my heart ached for Snowgirl(Madison) as any mom would. The Child Finder moves along at a seriously fast pace where love triumphs due to Naomi having been taken from her family when she was a child.!



Sep 13


grey-squirrel-eating1While visiting a forested area, (a park), or while living in an apartment, you may think squirrels are oh so cute. Well, I am here to tell you, that squirrels are not cute. Squirrels are assholes.

Before buying a house I thought squirrels were oh so cute critters that did funny things. One recent fall, they were shaking tree limbs to loosen acorn nuts to eat and to bury for the winter. Turned out they knew something we humans did not. We had one of the coldest,  snowiest winters ever—in the Northeast region of America. In Buffalo, New York, friends and relatives received 7 feet of snow in about 24 to 36 hours.

Okay so squirrels are smart assholes.

Since buying a house, I have concluded that squirrels are vile little rodents that are not cute, they are a pain in the butt. They climb up our oak trees daily and shake tree limbs until the old limb falls off. Not a good thing, while owning a house to have squirrels causing old tree limbs to fall onto the house. Not a great thing to hear squirrels jumping around on the roof, possibly ruining our home, and ruining the gutters, the old oak trees, and everything else in their search for life sustaining food.

For three weeks we heard squirrels outside climbing our oak trees, crunching madly away at every acorn they could reach. They took down entire tree parts; branches, twigs, sections of leaves. Numerous acorns fell down to the ground, and on our roof we just had replaced on our old, newly bought home. We listened to the crunching that went on from early morning until it grew dark outside.

Just try to mow a lawn, or cut weeds down when there are dismembered acorns lying, ripped in half to be sucked of life, so that a squirrely squirrel may eat a small meal. Try walking up a slight incline to mow or de-weed that slippery slope! It’s similar to working a job where everyone is your boss, who are all assholes and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get any work done, even though you are trying really hard!

Currently the squirrels are digging up the back, front and side yards looking for a place to hide their food for the winter. There are small holes all over my yard, which was at one time an actual yard. We have 25 large oak trees in our backyard and do not need anymore. With the squirrels burying more acorns, this means if they don’t unbury them, we will have more oak trees growing in our yard.



Sep 11


Kids, don’t try this at home, David Letterman always said on his show as an aside to someone doing a dangerous stunt. Well, even though Paul Goodloe was placed into eminent danger during Hurricane Irma battering everything in or near the Caribbean, including the news. Paul Goodloe came to the rescue. He is tall, good looking and married.Married?! Oh say it ain’t so!!

At 49 years young married and having had two children, Paul Goodloe says it like it is live on the Weather Channel while keeping calm in the face of daunting adversity. I laughed  so hard when he said, that people were being idiots going outside while Irma was still spinning her evil web of doom, to take pictures to post online and make videos of themselves talking about Irma, and what Florida looked like after the perilous hurricane.

He was the only meteorologist out there, saying what I was thinking. He loves skiing and snowboarding. Goodloe is a physically fit hunk hunka burning love. He along with Chris Warren were the only good looking weathermen outside reporting on the fierce, churning, burning storm.

Paul Goodloe is without a doubt the best looking meteorologist working not only at The Weather Channel, but reporting the weather without over dramatizing the situation! with Manslice Monday!


Sep 08



but it's not writer's block, she says.I am  still here. I have recently been hit with the I can’t settle myself down to write anything. I can’t even say it is  writer’s block, it’s just I am over the moon with ecstatic happiness on FINALLY owning our own home. My husband and I have finally bought a house, and I have been literally writing one blog post after another in my head, while I have been so frantically busy getting work done around our 57 year old home, I can’t get myself to sit down and write.

I guess you could call it HOME OWNER’S WRITER’S BLOCK. I waited 30 years to own our own home, and we lived in one crappy apartment after another, saving our money buying an 80 year old home, only to be completely screwed over to give up our home for a major loss. So after paying our house off that we no longer owned; paying off the credit card debt we accrued fixing up major issues we had by owning that house. WE put in a completely new sewer that went under the house, in the long narrow driveway, all the way across the street. (Which btw, the town would not help pay for.)

Everything imaginable went wrong with owning this home. We thought the neighborhood was a safe one to raise kids, considering I was 7 months pregnant when we moved in, with a church across the street and a small school next door. We were completely wrong. Looks can be deceiving!

After selling the house for less than we paid for it, then paying off accruing debt for numerous years. living in one crappy apartment after another and raising two children to adulthood, we made a new start and bought a house. We took the leap of faith.

So, I have been seriously busy  working on our new/old home, doing tons of yard work—OWWW!, and fitting in time to see my hubby every day. I’ve been so excited, I really can’t stand it. I jump out of bed every morning ready to run outside and cut down weeds, put down mulch and plan a garden for the first time in my life.

I feel like a new person! Join in my journey to happiness and a newfound love of life!,


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