Mar 29


Hillary Clinton needs to know when it is time to retire gracefully into the realm everyone else does. Clinton needs to stop telling people to resist, insist, persist and enlist.

Appearing in San Francisco, (on March 28, 2017), to carry on telling jokes about losing the election last November, Hillary carried on for what seemed like forever telling people about the drama that is her life; about how she lost the election, how bad our current president is, and telling women negative things about themselves. Basically she told women that we do not have jobs equal to men, we have limited resources and our record of current employment is lower than men.

No wonder Democrats are a mess of a party , they have no discernible, decent leadership, only a bitter woman who takes a good thing and turns it into a negative thing. She’s doing the same thing former President Obama did for 8 years—made everything look dour, desperate, and never said anything positive, or did anything good for America.

That’s what Hillary wanted to do, so somehow someone else won and now that is a negative thing also. Will Democrats ever be happy?

At the San Francisco Professional Businesswomen of California dinner, Clinton was all negative, but did end her all negative speech about how horrid Republicans are, and how the current Republican in the White House is awful and how Sean Spicer is a joke. Hillary did mention people were making fun of her during the election. I guess the California women present cheered on Mrs. Clinton to sputter on ending her speech with, “Resist, insist, persist and enlist.” Does this mean Clinton is declaring war on Republicans? Is she declaring war on America? Sounds like a sad older women who needs to retire to Florida or perhaps Arizona if you ask me. This is Momzinga with Weird News Wednesday.

Mar 29

Put Down The Remote and Read The Entertaining, Fun, FAST Vinegar Girl!!

VINEGAR GIRL WRITTEN BY ANNE TYLER—fast, fun entertaining read!

Anne Tyler wrote a passionate, meaningful story based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Vinegar Girl is absolutely delightful, funny, passionate, interesting, intriguing, and everything readers want and need in a well written book that holds reader’s interest right from the get go. I read about 100 pages in one hour on a dreary, cold, Sunday.

Kate Battista has been set up by her scientist father. You see, Kate’s mother died when she was young and her younger sister, Bunny was perhaps a year old. Kate and Bunny are complete opposites. Bunny is pretty, small and out going. Nearly every boy she goes near, becomes enraptured with her. Kate has the opposite problem. Kate has large bones, is tall, gawky and men are not attracted to her abrasive personality. She simply has no social skills, but works at a local daycare taking care of preschool kids that adore her for her funny, yet quirky personality. She says what she means and means what she says. Vinegar Girl is an entertaining, fun twist on The Taming of the Shrew, and is worth taking a few hours to devour.

Kate’s father may seem like a serious guy who has his head planted in scientific revelations, but he just is doing what is best for his daughters. That means finding a man for his 29 year old spinster daughter to marry so she can go on with her life, becoming a happier more social human being. Even if that means setting up her daughter with his fellow, single out of the country scientist, Kate has no interest in.

Instead of watching mindless TV shows tonight that go nowhere, read Vinegar Girl that is worth your time and money spent.

Mar 28



Our colleges are not helping , they are creating self entitled Snowflakes who need ‘safe spaces’, a nap room , and stuffed animals to cuddle when times get tough. College is a self discovery time, but our colleges are creating Snowflakes who can’t deal with anything and worse yet, do not know anything. Here’s what one Smart Man did, that all business owners should be doing:

Kyle Reyes, CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, a marketing consulting firm in Manchester, Connecticut, was tired of interviewing “whiney, complaining” job applicants. So he did what any ingenious CEO would do.

Reyes developed a “snowflake test” designed to weed them out.

The CEO told Fox Business Network anchor Stuart Varney that after he released a video taking on “whiney, complaining” college students, he was swamped with job applications, so he came up with the screening tool.

“A snowflake is somebody who is going to whine and complain and come to the table with nothing but an entitled attitude and an inability to back their perspective.

We used it to sort of weed out the people who were inundating us with resumes and didn’t even know what we do for work.”

Some of the questions, as reported by Lifezette:

• What are your feelings about employees or clients carrying guns?

• Should “trigger warnings” be issued before we release content for clients or the company that might be considered “controversial”?

• How do you feel about police?

• What are your thoughts on the current college environment as it pertains to a future workforce?

• What does “faith” mean to you?

• You see someone stepping on an American flag. What happens next?

Reyes posted the entire Snowflake Test on his Facebook page, earlier this week.

And how effective has it been, you ask? Reyes told Varney that 60 percent of interviewees have been eliminated by the process.

As Reyes told Lifezette, he’s “just here to make marketing great again!”

Mar 28


THE RULES DO NOT APPLY BY ARIEL LEVY—-Something is missing in this book—like an ending.
The Rules Do Not Apply is a short book, but it feels like something really major is missing in this book—like a really good story. Sorry, but it is true. Rules tells Levy’s life story, but the interesting, important stuff are let to the end, and then the book does a short summation and ends abruptly. Perhaps if Levy had written about the bad things happening to her first to hook readers, then told some background information, it would be a better book to enjoy.

The Rules Do Not Apply is not enjoyable it is caustic, and uncomfortable to read.

The Rules Do Not Apply seems like someone else steps in writing the middle of the book. I was left wondering if Levy has a personality disorder, and her other half stepped in to write her book. Suddenly the book shifts to Levy writing smaller paragraphs, and summarizing each main idea at the end of each paragraph. This I found annoying, not funny which I’m thinking Levy was trying to do:putting a humorous spin on things. She ends up sounding like a bad Woody Allen—who hasn’t been relevant or funny for years.

The actual story of Ariel Levy’s life is intriguing, when she talks about her mother having an affair with a guy she met years before getting married and having him come to sleep over while she is married. Levy tells the story of how she started writing, how she met her partner, married her and decided to get pregnant at 38. She tells readers right away that none of this worked out. Her partner is an alcoholic, she loses her home, and she has a miscarriage.

Levy ends the story soon after she loses the baby and doesn’t tell how she got her life back on track, or if she does. She doesn’t tell what really happens to her partner, Lucy or how she will make her life better. She leaves readers in a limbo ending. Overall The Rules Do Not Apply is a story of perseverance, but needed more story telling and less choppy ideas, thoughts and paragraphs.

Mar 27



Blake Shelton has everything a woman desires out of a man; charisma, talent, drive, sense of humor, determination, good looks, he’s wealthy, tells the truth, sells tons of records and to boot he’s tall and has really nice hair. No, I’m not in love, or lust with Blake Shelton, but he does have that certain something most men do not have.

One of the most notable, noticed people in country music and on The Voice TV singing show, Shelton has an irresistible charm that draws you in and may not make women want to get drunk and throw their clothes off like other country singers write songs about. But he does have that certain something women like and men wish they had.

blake shelton3

Even though Blake Shelton is not the best singer in the world, or the best husband in the world—Hello Ladies he’s been married and divorced twice—once to country singer Miranda Lambert. Lambert and Shelton dated for four years, which is what he did with his first wife, and then became divorced after just a few short years. Currently he is dating Gwen Stefani, who appears on The Voice also.

blake shelton2

Blake Shelton has sold millions of albums, charted 24 songs, topped off 15 songs in the number one slot, and has won numerous awards. (Didn’t he beat out Taylor Swift for Entertainer of the Year one time?) On The Voice, Blake Shelton has won FIVE out of 11 seasons and may continue his winning streak. We’ll just have to watch The Voice to find out now won’t we?

Mar 24



Adina Grigore founded S.W. Basics in 2011, starting a line of skincare products from essential oils that every woman on the planet Earth should be using. Grigore talks about essential oils in her book, Just The Essentials in a way as to make it interesting, by injecting humor and valuable information that we would never know if we didn’t read this book.

Adina Grigore knows what she is talking about because she had skin problems until she researched essential oils, the companies behind them and started really taking care of her skin by using essential oils.

Grigore tells us what essential oils are, how they are made, and valuable inside info we truly should know about essential oils. She says there is a lot of misinformation online in blog form already out there, basically stating that she is an authority on essential oils. Yes, she obviously knows what she is talking about. Adina is pushing herself up from the pack of misinformed bloggers.

Just The Essentials is written in an easy to read format, includes the history of essential oils, and exactly what essential oils are and how to use them. She also tells how they are made, which is a long process, where patience and kindness win out. Lavender and vanilla won out for me, from Grigore’s authoritative descriptions. Lavender smells beautiful and helps people relax—worked for me when I was pregnant with my second child and I couldn’t drink any alcohol.

Adina Grigore offers delightful insight into the healing powers of essential oils, to all natural skincare to safer household cleaning products. Just The Essentials is an interesting, informative, oftentimes humorous look at how we need to incorporate essential oils into our lives.

Mar 23


Considering a 14 year old female freshman was brutally raped by one, possibly two illegal immigrants at a Maryland school. I am calling to boycott the State of Maryland, and their schools. This is what I mean–do not buy anything in Maryland. Do not visit Maryland. Do not add any tourism dollars to the State of Maryland.Take your kids out of all Maryland public schools and find other options for them.

The man in question was here in America illegally , going to high school for free at a public high school as 18 year old, Henry Sanchez, where he was placed in the freshman class, due to his poor English skills. Every child and every Maryland parent should protest the school that allowed this, and protest the Superintendent of Montgomery County Public Schools, Jack Smith.

Smith pushed back against the focus on the immigration status of the accused students saying these exact words, “Some try to make this into an issue of immigration,” Smith said at a news conference, “We would like to change the conversation.” While expressing horror at the crime and repeatedly assuring parents that their children are safe at school, Smith said, “We serve every student who walks in the door. It is not only the right thing to do, it is the law.”

I don’t agree, Maryland school offcials allowed an 18 year old illegal immigrant into their school, put him in the freshman class, where he, and a 17 year old male, (also a freshman), dragged the girl into a boy’s restroom and raped her. That means every girl in that school is not safe, because who knows how many other illegal immigrants will rape other girls in that school or at any other Maryland school.

To make matters worse, Maryland is currently going the way of California and becoming a sanctuary state. Therefore all illegal criminals who want to rape Maryland girls can do so!!

White House press secretary Sean Spicer, in response to a reporter’s question at Tuesday’s press briefing, called the crime “shocking, disturbing, horrific.”

“I think part of the reason that the president has made illegal immigration and crackdown such a big deal is because of tragedies like this,” he said.

Henry Sanchez, 18, and Jose Montano, 17, were charged in the assault at Rockville High School. The Washington Post reports that Sanchez lived in Guatemala until he was 17.

Boycott the state of Maryland for allowing illegal immigrants to rape innocent girls.

Mar 22

Everything You Ever Wanted in One Book, The Roanoke Girls Has It All!

THE ROANOKE GIRLS WRITTEN BY AMY ENGEL—Great, fast moving, heart pounding, compelling—-Everything you ever wanted in one book!!

I knew what was going on right away, in The Roanoke Girls, who was doing the disgusting deeds, but I had to find out how this was going on and why it was allowed to go on for so long. Amy Engel’s Roanoke Girls allows some disgusting perverted information to filter out right away, but then she dives headfirst into the actual story, giving us glimpses into what life was like for The Roanoke Girls.

Unfolding compelling mystery guides readers through a fever pitched story into what crimes are being committed to the Roanoke girls throughout the book. Lane is telling the story, completely caught up in the drama of what she is discovering.

The Roanoke Girls live with their seemingly law abiding, respectful parents in their wealthy home in a small town in Kansas.
But what goes on behind closed doors is beyond sick and twisted it is hideously horrifying—which will have you whipping through the book, faster than a speeding bullet.

When Lane’s mom commits suicide when Lane is only 15, she is sent to live with her weird grandparents. She meets her cousin Allegra who has lived in Osage Flats all her life with her grandparents. Allegra, a wild child from the start talks about love, but Lane doesn’t know where exactly she is getting this love from, because Allegra says she is not having sex with her boyfriend. But Lane discovers she knows all about sex and love and quotes her grandfather.

What really makes the story intriguing is that every Roanoke daughter and their daughters all either died in mysterious ways or ran away from their parents/grandparents.

I had to find out exactly who the guilty party was, or is that guilty parties?

The Roanoke Girls is written with continuous action, mystery and drama, enveloped in a small town, surrounded by mystery and fraught with life threatening history. It’s a must read!

Mar 22

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY: Robot Police Patrolling In Dubai Soon. America Next?

WEIRD NEWS WEDNESDAY—WE Need to Hire Robot Cops in Toughest Cities of America.

Hey, maybe they could enforce our borders where thousands of illegals cross over everyday, taking away our jobs and staying for 20 years without applying for citizenship. The robot police arrest people, give out tickets and are able to receive money for tickets etc.

These robots will be in action as soon as May of this year in Dubai. I think we should start them in America in our toughest cities, instead of sending our cops to get killed by an illegal immigrant or a wanted criminal. Yes the robot cops will take away some police jobs, but once they are upgraded they can go into tough situations, instead of sending our cops into harm’s way, send a robot instead.

The first robot police officer will be on patrol in the wealthy United Arab Emirates city by May this year, Dubai Police have confirmed.Right now, they simply seem to ne a public relations ploy, but like I said, with upgrading and new technology , robots could eventually do the tougher jobs of handling a large rebellious crowd.

Right now in Dubai, Members of the public will be able to report crimes to the multilingual police robot using a touchscreen on its chest.

The friendly robot, which can salute and shake hands, can also be used by members of the public to pay traffic fines and submit paperwork.

Dubai Police, who unveiled the prototype at the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition last year, want 25 per cent of its force to be robots by 2030.

Brigadier Abdullah Bin Sultan told Gulf News: “We are looking to have more robots in the future to handle policing.”

“By 2030, we are keen to make robots around 25 per cent of the total police force.”

Mar 20




Believe it or not actor Keanu Reeves was born in Beirut, Lebanon. His father was arrested when he was just a kid, thrown in jail for selling drugs in Hawaii. He grew up and currently resides in Canada. Reeves is currently 52 years old and was born in 1964. He is most famous for his masterful moves in The Matrix movies. Currently he has been starring in Wick flicks, that are painfully very much like Liam Neesom’s flicks where he is a loner with a special set of skills.


Keanu became famous after his starring roles in his Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures movies, where they play two stoners who go for wild rides to complete their history project for school. Reeves has starred in numerous movies, as well as Dracula. Reeves also toured with his rock band Dogstar back in the 1990’s. He played bass, like other famous actors have done—you know like Johnny Depp and Kevin Bacon.

Keanu Reeves is not married, resides in Canada, has a green card to work in America, and was involved with a woman who gave birth to their stillborn child. Soon after, she died in a self involved car accident.

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